MDNA Fan Pictures: Washington DC (Part 3)
Video: Washington DC Second Night Speech

Madonna Endorses President Obama

Madonna brought her MDNA Tour to Washington, D.C. on Monday night, and added a bizarre dose of politics to the show.
'Y'all better vote for f--king Obama, OK? For better or for worse, all right? We have a black Muslim in the White House. Now that's some amazing s--t,' she said. 'It means there is hope in this country. And Obama is fighting for gay rights, so support the man, goddamnit.'
Her comments came in the middle of an extended speech that touched on Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy and traced the civil rights movement from America's inception to Obama's election.
This is not the first time Madonna has mentioned Obama during her live act. Earlier in September, she thanked the president and unveiled a (presumably fake) back tattoo of his name.
'I've seen some scary things,' she said at the time. 'I've seen people being locked up and put in jail for speaking their minds, for being gay, for not practicing the right religion, for not dressing the proper way. Yeah, it's scary. But what it made me realize is how lucky I am to be living here in America. It doesn't mean that this is the perfect country. We have a long way to go.'
She also expressed her gratitude for the First Lady: 'Thank god for Michelle Obama.'
The popstar has made waves all along the tour, by covering Lady Gaga and thanking the young singer for 'imitation,' putting a swastika on Marine Le Pen's forehead, supporting Pussy Riot and gay marriage in unfriendly territories.



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And that is exactly why I asserted MY right NOT to spend MY $350 on going to see yet another Madonna Political Fundraiser - aka The MDNA Tour - this time around! Love M, but bored with HER politics and religious posturing.


Madonna has a captive audience and if she feels like using such an incredible platform to try and make a difference in peoples minds she's certainly earned that right. The choice to make never stops being yours regardless of what she says so who cares if she freely expresses herself? So be it


Well said ngl. My freinds and I went to the first concert at Yankee Stadium and she started with her politics. Many people that sat around me, including myself booed when she started talking Obama. We go to her concerts to have a good time. To dance and sing along. Escape the everyday madness. And she brings politics in. I still love her and her music but I don't like to be preached to.


I am in awe that people actually thought--well before Madonna clarified what she said--that Madonna sincerely believes that Obama is Muslim. Seriously, I find it confusing: it seemed perfectly obvious to me upon watching the video that Madonna was not being literal, as was, if anything, mocking those who believe that Obama is Muslim.

I love when Madonna gets political at shows myself, and hope she keeps it up. It seems very undemocratic to suggest that anyone should refrain from expressing their political views publicly.


I'm still with Madonna and voting for Obama. Romney is a lying scumbag who cares only for the rich. Madonna's "Muslim" comments were uncalled for, but she has the right to speak her mind, but she really needs to get her facts straight. I thought better of her. I'm glad she supports Obama, but not knowing he's a Christian is beyond my comprehension. GO MADONNA GO OBAMA! Romney sucks.

Greg (Washington DC)

Going to a Madonna concert now is like going to a political fundraiser, with Her Highness ramming - yes, ramming - her political views down the audience's throat. I wonder how much she actually donates to the Democrats? I'd hate to think that any of my hard-earned cash goes to ANY political party via any direct donations she may make.


Is Obama a Muslim? I thought he was a Christian.

Josh, Chicago

Hey, Madge! Obama ain't "black". He may have darker skin than yours, but he is mixed race.

Your posturing and lecturing over political issues in your concerts is becoming ever more boring now... and you're making yourself look utterly ridiculous with incorrect comments about a person's race/colour.

And don't even get me started on the "Muslim" comment!

Stick to the singing (lip-synching) and dancing! Oh, and maybe treat your PAYING fans with less than contempt once in a while and come on stage ON TIME.

Steve (NYC)

Madonna has now backtracked on her comments about Obama being a "black Muslim". (Not the first time in recent months she has had cause to backtrack, is it?) She claims she was being "ironic": more like she is 'in the know'.

Whatever Obama's credentials in relation to his first term in office, there are still too many fuzzy areas in relation to Obama's background. Personally, I have never encountered nor know of anyone who is NOT a Muslim who has 'Hussein' as a name... Just sayin'.

Pat Bradley

He's not muslim

Richard Trester

Dear Madonna,

Stop spewing about stuff you clearly know nothing about. Politics are not your strong point. I have been a huge fan of yours for a very long time. However, as of late, your antics (political posturing) are wearing thin my defense of you. Vote for Obama? A muslim? Really?
People paid hundreds of dollars to see you perform, not subject people to a political rally. People see shows like yours to escape reality. You're beginning to intertwine those two worlds and the end result is never good.

Start doing what you know how to do----PERFORM!

Thank you


Madonna ,you can support Obama all you want..I and many others need GOOD PAYING JOBS,your loaded with tons of money and more power to you(YOU EARNED)....Obama has done nothing to help,My Vote will go to Romney!!!


I like Obama, but I live in Australia and so I don't really know him or how his actions really impact on the average American. Correct me if I am wrong but Obama isn't a Muslim, so what's Madge on about??? I'm not sure that Madonna should curse at her audience and basically demand they vote for Obama- her fans should have the freedom to vote for whomever they like without a powerful, very wealthy, white lady forcing them to vote for who she likes! Madonna should leave political endorsements out of her show- she has a high paying captive audience that she is preaching to, and I imagine her audience has different political prefereces so why upset them when she is there primarily to entertain them. Madonna's Obama pro-government views conflict entirely with her 'American Life'/ 'RIT' views which were Anti-any-government/establishment etc. I'm curious to know how Madonna's US fans REALLY FEEL about her giving political endorsment speeches in her shows- do you enjoy it or do you wish she would just focus on being a musical performance artist that you have spent a lot of your hard earned cash to see??

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