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Madonna backs Obama, literally

Provocative pop star Madonna revealed more than skin when she pulled off her top at her New York concert Thursday - showing off black letters on her lower back spelling 'OBAMA.'
'Tonight I'm not going to show my ass,' she said, according to US media. 'I'm going to show my feelings. How's that for living dangerously?'
Photos of the singer - standing with her back to the 40,000-strong Yankee Stadium crowd in a black bra with the letters painted below - were immediately tweeted by concertgoers.
Right around then, in a different arena in North Carolina, President Barack Obama was officially accepting his nomination and launching his re-election bid at the Democratic National Convention.
The Queen of Pop also talked about the 'scary things' she's seen during this concert tour, referring to incidents like when Russian punk group Pussy Riot was jailed for a political stunt at a concert.
These incidents 'have made me realize how lucky I am to be living here in America,' the singer said, adding to loud cheers 'thank God for Michelle Obama and her good-looking husband too.'

From AFP Via Yahoo! News


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Uilbert G

She may get her man/men, but she doesn't seem able to keep them...


Better watch out Michelle Obama, Madonna usually gets her man! Madonna has always said that power is a great aphrodisiac.

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