MDNA Fan Pictures: Washington DC (Part 2)
MDNA Fan Pictures: Washington DC (Part 3)

MADONNA: A Transformational Exhibition

Richard Corman, who photographed Madonna a few times 30 years ago but who didn't exploit his exquisite portraiture until recently, has partnered with W Hotels Worldwide, vitaminwater and Rock Paper Photo for a new show called MADONNA: A Transformational Exhibition.

The exhibit combines Corman's work with some by George DuBose in what is called a combination of 'music, photography and pop culture.' It kicked off in Mexico City on Thursday 20 September and will travel to Singapore, Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong and New York throughout the year.

It's not an official Madonna event, but it's interesting to note that Rock Paper Photo is Madonna's manager Guy Oseary's online fine art photography gallery.

Below are pictures of the invite and the W Hotel in Mexico City both pre-opening and at the opening (and pre and post grafitti art).

Thanks to Jerry


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Madonna looks great but really different in both photos. I've seen photos of Madonna with dark hair from that era before, however she used to be very androgynous and looked like the lead singer from 'The Pretenders' (her muse at the time)- here in photo 1 she looks super sexy. In the 80's & 90's Madonna rocked an astonishing array of looks! Not many people can get away with that degree of change (think Julia Roberts with short blonde hair in 1990!)- but Madonna's perfect skin, face shape and nice thick hair allows her to pull off any look. Correct me if I'm wrong, but with picture 2 they used a cropped version of this photo in her 'Borderline' video, as the mock magazine cover of her at the newstand??

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