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Liz Smith: 'Madonna’s Last Stand? Never!'

Liz Smith had this small comment to make on Madonna in her recent column at

And speaking of touring, in the same issue of RS, Rob Sheffield reviews Madonna’s 'MDNA' tour, now in the U.S. The headline: 'Madonna’s Last Stand? Never!' This spectacular endeavor is reviewed positively, and ends with the writer observing, 'Every time we think we’re over Madonna, we end up chasing her down the street...that 'is she over?' question will always keep coming up. And make no mistake, Madonna will always get a perverse kick out of it.'


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Andy, Charleston (SC)

@mansfield - agree totally! After all, she has had no trouble having Rocco on stage with her... especially when the show finishes probably two hours later than most people think it will (i.e. because she always comes on stage so late now)!

Je Taime

LOL to that first comment. I too am Australian and yeah i'm pissed she isn't coming, but i continue to love her... and so will you. Yeah she lied to us yet again, and i am angry at her for that, just like i get angry at my lover when he breaks his promises... but i still love him. And i still love her.

You will forgive her, we ALWAYS forgive her. And that's why we continue to love her. Madge fans are not that fickle, we are not that casual. We are married to her... to her music, to her beauty, to her talent and to her flaws. TILL DEATH DO US PART!


Well, I am over Madonna. I have been a hardcore fan since 1984. Can't count all the money I have spent on Madonna stuff. Cancelling Australia yet again did it for me. She is a lying cow and does just enough to make it look like she cares about her fans. Her kids coming first? Load of crap. She knew when tour dates were announced that she had kids. Duh. I will no longer support her in any way. Thanks for nothing Madonna.

And I agree Muli - she has sold her soul. But not to Live Nation - to the devil.


Madonna has sold her soul to Live Nation - she will have to do some more gruelling tours, even if she didn't want to.


Madonna spent? NO WAY, don't tell Madonna to stop. She'll let us know.

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