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Fan Pictures: St Petersburg (Part 1)

Hard Candy Fitness - Now in Australia

A Hard Candy Fitness centre has now opened in Sydney, Australia.

Madonna works out daily, even during her world tours. She has used thousands of fitness centres and trained with some of the top personal trainers and dancers in the world. From this experience, she has developed a strong vision of the ideal exercise, dancing and workout environment.
Welcome to Hard Candy Fitness.
Enjoy the huge assortment of unique training programs and signature classes at your new club!
'You Can Always Change' - Madonna (Founder of Hard Candy Fitness)

For more information visit or

Thanks to Marcus


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I know "Mer Girl" is a Madonna 'ROL' song- but what exactly does the term "Mer Girl" mean??? Poor William Orbit, back in the day, was under pressure from the 'suits' to drop this song- that was until Artist Madonna heard about this and told Orbit "Fuck Them! This song is a piece of Art and it's staying on the record, end of story!" Anyway, You Go Material Girl/Mer Girl/ Who's That Girl/ Candy Perfume Girl/ Bad Girl/ What It Feels Like For A Girl/ Girl Gone Wild!!!



and HOW exactly does your name show respect? It is a total diss to another artist and by the way, soooooo original. MerGirl's name sounds like a tribute to Madonna, not a rip off. Sounds like you are doing alot of judging yourself.


@LadyWho?? and others:

If you care to look back on this site over the many years it has been running, you will see that people/fans have always been very highly supportive and enthusing about Madonna, her music and her tours. When Madonna has produced what people/fans consider to be good material, tours, etc., then the praise has - quite rightly - been forthcoming and glowing.

Many fans (check out other fan sites, if you want validation) have felt that M has been in a sort of decline since Hard Candy/Sticky & Sweet. Many fans also feel that both MDNA and the Tour have been very substandard for an artiste of M's calibre and standing - I agree on this point.

Many fans also feel that M's collaboration with LiveNation has been a disaster both for M and for the fans. I also agree on this matter.

All you are seeing is fans expressing their disappointment. Is that a bad thing? If it is, then there is no point in having any discussion on any issue, when it is shouted down by fervent fanatics.

Sensible people learn from their mistakes. Although M will utterly rake it in from the MDNA Tour, I also believe that M's "people" read sites such as this and I have no doubt that feedback is given to M.

Madonna likes people who think for themselves, so I also hope she welcomes constructive criticism. I would be bitterly disappointed if a woman as business-savvy and intelligent as her does not.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion whether you agree with it or not or whether you consider it valid. Check out some of Madonna's recent speeches where she has espoused the value - and necessity - of freedom of speech/expression to see where M stands on this very point.

Let's respect everyone's right to have a viewpoint/opinion whether it meets with yours or not, and not shout others down. Debate constructively and openly, like adults should.



@ Mer Girl, Tula, Jeffrey and plenty of others on here...InDaSnatch is right!! I'm sick of coming on here and seeing the same kind of comments. It's not a point of view or open discussion if all your going to do is tear someone to shreds publicly and that's what I see a lot of. Maybe you all should go and create Madonna bashing sites. That way you can release your anger away from the people that actually want to enjoy Madonnalicious. Just as much as you want your point of view respected everyone else deserves the same. No matter what!! I've read most of InDaSnatch's comments, which at times are a little harsh lol, but they are valid. Nobody was ever singled out personally unless provoked. Which a lot of people on here like to do to others. Their comments have always been directed towards a majority not an individual. However, all of you above have attacked them personally. So they have every right to come back at you. The sword cuts bothn ways Mer Girl. So before you start acting self righteous and calling out someones karma you better take a look at your own. I can see you ripped of your name from Madonna lol. At least InDaSnatch is original, no matter how vile you think it is. If you took the time to find out the facts before you judge you would know that they got their name from the Guy Ritchie film "SNATCH". You see people are bitter and love to judge lol. Love to you InDaSnatch and don't listen to what the people have to say because you're OK!! :)


Amen MerGirl.



Gym Bunny

RUBBISH web site for the gym! Much of it is still under construction.

Very sloppy, Madonna. Must try harder! Very disappointed that your usual perfectionism is slipping...


InDaSnatch (vile name, btw):

All that is happening now to you is what you have been doing through your posts to other people for a long time now : sl@gging off. You have been rude, shouted other people down, not respected their views, and now people are doing the same to you.

Not nice, is it? But nor is your negativity towards others, either.

But what you give out, so will come back... Many times over.


@ TULA (isn't that the girl from MBFGW??), You would think that someone in their twenties and obviously part of
"modern society" would be happy with Madonna becoming "The Madonna Corporation, Inc.", as you put it lol. Isn't that what the music biz is today?? With all the copy and paste wannabes that everyone seems to idolize lol. I think it's just because she's MADONNA and everyone is so used to being cruel to her publicly. Like I said before and if you really did read my other comments you would know, that there are things that Madonna has done that I just flat out didn't like. But it's not my place to publicly flog her. I don't think that's kissing someone's ass. It's called decorum and respect. But you obviously don't know what that is lol. I'd rather be the better person and be kind instead of mean. If that's considered kissing someone's ass then so be it :D If I have to continue to see nasty messages I'm going to continue to respond, whether anybody likes it or not. I don't see much of constructive criticism or discussion going on. It's more like a website for people to come on and release their hatred and bitterness. What do you think that says for those individuals on here?? Yikes!! I think you and a few others on here are just hating because someone is actually speaking out. So I don't think I should have to get over myself when it's obvious I'm not the one with the problem lol. Someone recently responded to one of my comments and clearly stated that I should "leave the site" because they were tired of my words. Well now you all know how I feel. PEACE

@ MIFFED DOWN UNDER, I wasn't a hardcore fan until 1986 so I missed her first tour. But my first Madonna concert was in 1987. Then I missed Blond Ambition because my parents were going through a divorce and I was only 14 at the time. The Girlie Show didn't really tour the states so I missed out on that one too. But "Australia" got to see it! I didn't get to see her live until 2001's Drowned World Tour. So Australia shouldn't be so quick to bash her. If I could wait 14 years to see her live again and still go on with life, they will too lol. I've seen every show since 2001, but family issues and responsabilities come first before a Madonna concert. Just as Madonna's family comes first before Australia lol. I'll have to wait for the MDNA DVD, which is just fine :D I'm still a fan and I'm not bitter at all about the high ticket prices. I'm just enjoying her awesome new album and the wonderful fan footage of her show that I do get to see :D PEACE


Madonna doesn't have the time to bring her concert to Australia, won't visit, yet she has the time to 'indirectly' open a gym here! I have just one question for Madonna regarding her decision to open a gym here- WHY? No wonder her musical career is suffering, she is spreading herself into too many directions- Film Director, Material Girl Clothing line, H&M Tracksuit line, New Fragrance, Shoes, A Gym Franchise!

Miffed Down Under

~InDaSnatch: I find it hard to believe that a "devoted fan" would miss four of her tours. As for MDNA Tour, as M would instruct you, "save up; (she's) so worth it". Your Queen has spoken, so surely you must act?


How very odd. It's not as though her brand is trading at an all time high here at the moment.

Booked in for a tour of the gym. Must say - she's opened it in an odd part of town. It's a very small space. There was another gym there that went bust - unless they have just rebranded the old gym to get some Madonna fans in there.



You love kissing M's butt without exception; others don't. Both are valid viewpoints. Having read loads of your threads, I think it is YOU who maybe needs to get over yourself a little and realise that, as M sang herself, "nobody's perfect". You want to love her no matter what she does, but others choose to be not blinded by what has now become The Madonna Corporation, Inc.

And, for the record, I am 26... so definitely not the oldie that you seem to think anyone who criticise M must be.


I guess I spoke to soon lol. I wish people would just enjoy a positive thing. It's just getting old and so are negative people. Maybe that's why they don't age well lol. I can't even afford the ticket prices right now, so I probably won't be able to see MDNA Live. But I'm not going to sit here throwing a fit like a little child lol. I've missed four of her tours, but I'm not bitter and I'm still a devoted fan. Like Madonna always says, "Life is too short to be bitter"!! PEACE

Kylie Showgirl


Can't/won't tour 'down under', but happy to open "her" gym there! The gall!

Bet she won't be at the opening of this particular gym!

You could choke on the irony (but M doesn't 'do' irony)!


Awesome!! Now hopefully there's no flogging like the last Australia post lol.

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