MDNA Fan Pictures: Boston (Part 3)
Madonna window display at Foyle's

Gaultier Pays Tribute to ’80s Pop Stars

Jean Paul Gaultier’s show tonight was an absolute hoot. Paying tribute to pop stars of the 1980s, the designer dressed his models to look like Grace Jones, Madonna, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and Annie Lennox, with hilarious accuracy.
Karlie Kloss was dressed as Boy George, with hair ringlets and a rainbow colored kimono coat. Joan Smalls, in a tight black lace dress, was Sade. Jessica Stam was Madonna, in her 'Desparately Seeking Susan' phase, and Lindsey Wixson, dressed in denim-colored sequins, channeled Jane Birkin and 'Je T’Aime...Moi Non Plus.' So what if Ms. Birkin was from the wrong decade? The show was still a trip worthy of a Vegas act. At the end, there was an appearance by that fascinatingly wacky French character Amanda Lear, wearing a pink bathing suit.
Speaking of the 1980s, Susanne Bartsch, the nightlife figure famous since her parties in the Copacabana in New York, was sitting in the front row, as was a KISS tribute band.
'Vogueing’s back, Madonna’s back,' Ms. Bartsch said. 'Who’s going forward?'

From The New York Times


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Steve (NYC)

Amanda Lear? S/he is amazing!!! Lear's version of 'Back to Black' is wonderfully camp beyond belief!

get the picture?

now, seen this campy show, i must admit, Lear is one tough a.. act to follow.


Gaultier is Madonna's best tour costume designer, D & G are a close second.

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