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Fourth And Final NY Show Added To MDNA Tour Itinerary

After 3 sold out shows, (including two at the Yankee Stadium on September 6-8 and one at Madison Square Garden on November 12th) we are happy to announce that Madonna has just added a fourth and final New York show to her MDNA Tour itinerary. The new show will take place at the Madison Square Garden on November 13th!

Tickets will go on sale at 10am local time on September 14th, while a devoted Icon pre-sale will start on September 10th, at 10am local time for Legacy members / 11am local time for Live Pass members.

Please note that Icon will e-mail Lifetime Legacy members with pre-sale codes one hour before the fan club pre-sale begins. If you are not an Icon Legacy member, you may participate by purchasing the Icon Live Pass. All Live Passes will be offered on Ticketmaster for this pre-sale. Simply go to on Monday morning @ 11am local time and purchase the Icon Live Pass Bundle, which will give you access to the pre-sale (4-ticket limit) and the Live Pass tour gift.



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@Ulibert G- I agree with you that the "MDNA' LP is disappointing, no need to apologize! However, I LOVE the 3 MDNA singles/videos and I thought they would do well, with proper promotion! (Also love 'Masterpiece' and 'Falling Free'- thus I like only 5 out of 16 MDNA tracks! And I usually love everything Madonna does musically). Nevertheless, I thought Madonna's single choices from the MDNA album were wise. Especially GMAYL & TUTR- they are non-controversial, light and bright songs and I was sure they would get radio airplay and LN/Interscope would provide wide, prompt physical distribution of her music yet her record label totally dropped the ball on this account and they killed her chances of success. I agree that the money is in the touring, and Madonna knows that, but I don't think a musical artist or their record label should make a half-hearted album and give it quarter-hearted promotion. Madonna should go back to her early-mid 00's approach- release a great album with full promotion for a year and leave the supporting concert to the following year.

Uilbert G

@ngl: I agree with you in that I am also unhappy with the way Live Nation is managing M's career... but from the music perspoective (i.e. Interscope).

M is a savvy business woman - she probably realises only too well that the big bucks are now definitely from touring, not music. (And sorry, but imho, 'M.D.N.A.' as an album totally sucks!) As such, LiveNation is actually probably the perfect partner to swell her already huge bank account with their touring "expertise".


I'm not happy with "Live Nation" at the moment, they are not doing enough for Madonna's career IMO. Shame Warner or some other Big music label didn't sign her up- she's stuck with "Live Nation" for 2 more LPs and future tours- this is a depressing thought!


thanks for explaining jp.


I can shed some light on the ticket fiasco cuz I used to work at TicketMaster's call center way back in the day. When LiveNation says the show is "Sold Out" it means that the 95%+ ticket allotment they released for the general sale has been "SOLD OUT" - so technically they can get away with saying that statement. The remaining 5% of tickets that are left over are for the artist to use whenever they want to invite friends and family to their show, for promotional purposes (radio contests, give-aways, Etc.) , for credit card companies that have special tickets for their customers, and for important figures should their talent agency call in to get tickets. As the concert nears closer and closer to its date more ticket blocks are released as well as cancellations and finally the final block of tickets tends to be released on the date of the show. And to defend Madonna she has little to no control on how ticket sales are done. That is mostly on Live Nation's part.


Ok...I live in NYC and just went on to TicketMaster to try to get tickets for tonights show....
Yes, they show a handful of tickets available...
but they are NOT.
Once you choose these tickets and actually follow thru with the PURCHASE...
it says these seats are no longer valid and UNAVAILABLE.
The show is sold out, Ticketmaster just has to update the SEATING page. No tix left :( So its a glich with TM


It's hard to know what to believe! I read such conflicting reports from people that have attended her concerts around the world. Some also report people leaving her concerts early- I don't understand people leaving early when they have paid so much money and taken the time to be there. This is the first Madonna Tour to take place without any new smash hit singles to entice a new audience. Looking on the bright side, at least Madonna is touring your country!


Make that Thursday, not Friday!


For what it's worth, I didn't see a single empty seat on Friday (on the field or anywhere else). Not sure about tonight. It's supposed to thunderstorm after 8:00 p.m., unfortunately!


Not wishing to reinforce negativity, because I am a life long fan, but Chris I agree. Something odd on that statement - and please fans no attacks we're just stating that it's odd - go see for yourselves...


You's odd....this article says all of Madonna's NY shows are sold out yet when I go on ticketmaster this afternoon, I can purchase tickets on the field in section A2 right by the stage at Yankee Stadium tomorrow night. WTF??? If the tickets aren't selling well just be honest. Don't make the tour something that it is not.

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