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Events: Shaun's Gay Bar - Mitzvah

Shaun's Gay Bar - Mitzvah
Saturday 29 September 2012, 10pm - 2am
Mary's Attic - 5400 N Clark St., Chicago, Illinois 60640

This Summer's hottest viral video jumps off of You Tube and into Mary's Attic for one night only. With well over a MILLION views of his 1992 Madonna themed Bar Mitzvah video, friend of Mary's, Shaun Sperling, has had a whirlwind ride taking him from Perez Hilton to The Today Show, Jimmy Kimmel and now Ellen in October. Before heading out to Hollywood for Ellen, we're seeing Shaun off with a party taking you into a modern take on the day he became a man.

Midnight sees Shaun's full recreation of the viral number as well as 'modern' takes on the traditional Bar Mitzvah format, RARE Madonna prizes and DJ Moose spinning the best of prime era Madonna and other dance hits from 1992, plus the very best live concert footage and videos from the era.


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