MDNA Fan Pictures: Boston (Part 1)
Martin Solveig Misses Madonna Show


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Honestly, I thought Yankee Stadium didn't work as a venue at all for this concert. I had a floor ticket on Thursday (B6 within the first 6 rows) and although this would be considered close, the actual viewing was much harder than in a more traditional venue like MSG because a huge part of the floor is completely flat and the stadium is oddly shaped (for a concert). The floor seats are just folding chairs held together with plastic rings -- nothing sturdy or anything like that. The screens also are way too small.

Overall it felt far too big and impersonal, if you can say that about such a massive concert. If I'd known she'd play the Garden back in February when I shelled out nearly $400, I would have definitely waited. I'll never forget Drowned World 2001 - even though I had a seat in the 100 level (not orchestra), it felt far closer and more intimate.

Johnny, Avicii played from 8:30 to 9:30 and Madonna didn't come out until 10:15. The concert ended just before midnight, and it then took another 30 minutes (minimum) to get out of the venue. On a Thursday night, to have to get home at 1:30 a.m. and be at work early the next day, it was a total drag. Really disappointed that the concerts are running so late this year -- again, going back 10 years, she'd be out by 8:05. It's also a pain because she doesn't do concerts on Fridays anymore and you wind up with a lot of weekday dates.

Anyway, I'm still glad I saw her, she was in great form and the concert is really a visual extravaganza, but these are factors I'm going to be taking under account next time. It's just too hard and not everyone has the means or the stamina to wait for over two hours for a main act ... especially at those prices. It's just common courtesy. I would have understood coming out at 9:00, but not after 10:00. :-(


I like the idea of stadium seating when the ticket prices get high. We're all getting too old to be pushing and shoving for a spot!

Johnny Glasser

What time does Madonna actually perform?


cool pic.

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