Madonna Dedicates Golden Globe-winning Song To Elton John
UK Magazines: 'Grazia'


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You (like a pre-pubescent) bang on about "haters" all the time. The only "hater" on here is you, matey.

No wonder you like M's 'toxic irony' and 'sarcasm' - anyone who dares to do anything other than brown-nose M receives a very large dose of your vile and vitriolic "toxic sarcasm". You are little more than an online bully, and you know how M (allegedly) hates bullying. She'd be sooooo proud of you.

Grow up, FFS.


I agree with you, Bill.

I remember when M was on Graham Norton and those guys had produced/made a doll of her based upon her promotion of 'W.E.' It was clearly a labour of love for the guys, but M couldn't help but mock. Just be gracious - it is a far more likeable trait.

I totally love, love, love Madonna, but she seldom comes across as a nice and genuine person, even is she is...


I love her sarcasm and toxic irony as Tepa and Bill put it lol. I think the bitter people of the world that create situations like these deserve to feel wounded and ashamed because then they'll know what it feels like when the shoe is on the other foot. Remember Elton John and all the rest of the MADONNA haters out there, when you point the finger there are three more pointing back at you!! As for Lady Poser I don't think MADONNA owes her shit!! Lady Copycat should be exiled LOL!!


I love her BUT she's VERY sarcastic. This is not friendly, this is only mean. How about forgiving Lady Gaga as well? I don't understand these silly fights at all...


You know Elton John was a real idiot for saying horrible things about her. I think Madonna's speech shows too much irony and is not sincere. She never comes across as a sincere person. I am such a fan but a bit tired of her toxic irony. It always leaves others wounded and feeling ashamed. She needs to grow up a bit. All is not forgiven with those sorts of tactics. She may have been the bigger person if she kept quiet all together. People realise their mistakes eventually when they are not shamed all the time. Shame and guilt and irony is a real weapon of destruction.


Madonna is not really "forgiving" Elton- she is teasing him! She is rubbing salt into his wounds because he's bitter losing an award to her for "Masterpiece".

The Lion

I bet Elton's boyfriend will make yet another silly and spiteful statement soon. But they can go f*uck themselves (if they can, of course) because Madonna is great, generous and indestructible.


He should be shame to talk about girls like that, He forgot he is a Man ? Good job Masdge. so Lets move on , Lets no giving more free publicity to that guy.


One of the many reasons why Madonna is such a smart and shrewd person!!!! Long live the Queen!!!


Elton will be so fuming his wig will fall out! lol. Don't you just love a good old-fashioned celebrity bitch fight! Looking forward to Elton's inevitable bitchy feedback.

Gilbert U.

LMAO I love it. He's got to be throwing his tiaras at the wall right about now. Long live the Queen of Pop, Madonna.


Very sweet and cool of her!


Madonna shows all of us who's the better person! Yet another reason why I love this woman!


She is being more mean than nice.

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