Madonna to release workout DVD series 'Addicted to Sweat'
Europe says goodbye to MDNA!


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If she is avoiding tan lines then why are her calves exposed? And wearing trainers into the water? On a serious note, Muli, you're right about the Vitamin D problem- now sceintists have discovered that low VitD is behind many health problems and the bodies ability to absorb Calcium and bone density. However, Madonna is very smart and she treats her body like a temple, so I imagine she is taking Vitamin supplements...the only problem is that the sun is the optimal way for Vitamin D to be produced in the body. Madonna can't win, she can't afford to get sunburnt because she would then look dreadful on stage in her skimpy outfits, unless of course she decides to cover up! However, Madonna covered up big time on the drowned world tour 2001 and she looked like she was about to die from heat stroke, plus it resticted her dance movements for that tour.


She always does this while on tour to avoid getting tan lines. That way her costumes look good on her and she doesn't look like a farmer lol. I don't know why this is even in the news because if you look back at the last few of her tours you'll see her dressed like this. Tired media!!


I hope M ensures she gets plenty of vitamin D in her diet, since she doesn't expose herself to sunlight. Vitamin D deficiency is a problem strict Muslim women have when they wear the Burkha and the niqaab/hijab.

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