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Off topic but I'd like to say that we have to pay a hefty amount to be in her fan club and have to wait FOREVER to get the gift i.e. "Broken" record. Every time I renew I never get the gift until a year or more later! Not right to treat her fan this way!


@ JEFFREY Get a life dude and stop taking this thing so seriously lol. I'm just expressing my point of views and my opinions, like everyone else on here. Isn't that what you said this site is about?? Or is it just what you want to hear?? Stop being such a hypocrite please, because you're just making a fool of yourself lol. I have to see everyone elses comments whether I like it or not and I have every right to respond, but as a general comment. I'm not attacking any one individual personally, like you do (myself and JC on another post). So if anyone is being classless it's the one degrading others by passing judgment and calling them assholes, etc. Take a look in the mirror because everything you're accusing me of being, you already are. People don't have to like my comments but the sword cuts both ways :D Hopefully this will end our "wannabe" Lady GaGa/Madonna feud between us LOL. PEACE


everyone is entitled to their opinion, and if Madonna had skipped touring in my country for the past 20 years I would be a little ticked also.

IndaSnatch you are truly a classless person who clearly derives pleasure from ridiculing other people. why don't you go visit another site, for you don't belong on this one.

get the picture?

so, let me get this str8, to make a long story short you guys are sayin -
'f.. u M, drop everything You're doin, to hell with Your life&family, move to Australia this minute& tour for free for at least a month OR ELSE!..'

well, excuuuse her for bein a human after all.. like??

+ what's w 'deleting all my music'??

well ooo kkk, easy then - good luck with Your bitterness..

kinda sad.. in so many levels..


You people act like losing Australia is going to have such a "HUGE" impact on her career lol. You're harsh comments and judgments don't mean a damn either hahaha. As if any of you on here are anyone to judge LOL!! I'd love to get inside of your heads and open up that closet full of skeletons. Then post it all on youtube lol!! MADONNA, I say forget about Australia like yesterday's news and throw France in there too.


Madonna - I have been a fan since 83 - even flew to Las Vegas to see Drowned World Tour - now all I wanna say is - thanks for the memories - I will never buy another album, piece of merchandise (funny how this message was released just when Material Girl clothing was launched here in Australia) - and if you ever do decide to tour here - I won't be buying a ticket. We gave you one of your first number ones - and have always supported your career - by continually giving your no. 1s. Bet you won't have another no. 1 in Australia again. Sorry - hope you understand.


You are right B. Niles - its best to 'unfan' ourselves, cause making promises (how many times she has), which she can't keep, its not worthy for our liking! Good luck Madonnalicious....


Wow!! I was annoyed that she wasn't touring but I could hear it in her voice that she was quite sincere and all is forgiven. I enjoyed the girlie show and her career so much. I think she is an outstanding entertainer and can't wait til she comes to Australia again. I could feel the honesty and sincerity. Please come to Australia again. You have such a huge fan base here.


Sounds like a lament...Irresponsible parent? How about bringing 20 year old boys into your bedroom every now and then? Is that being a responsible parent? it's none of our business what you do in your personal life, but when you unprofessionally and unethically mix politics, religion, sex and personal life into everything you do, then it's kind of ridiculous to even talk about being a parent. What kind of a role model are you to your kids if you screw around with every dancer of yours in front of your kids. Please step back and retire, let all your fans, including me, enjoy the greatest heritage you've given us between 1999-2005. God Save the Queen of Pop!

B. Niles

To add Australia would be to remove another continent/countries from the tour to still complete in 7 months. While that may seem "fair" to many of you, you forget that Madonna, like other performers, is a business (as well as an artist). The "business" which is full of people like her managers, agents, etc deem that it doesn't make good business sense to substitute to accommodate Australia. No offense to Oz but it is geographically out of the way. It's a business decision so get over the incorrectly perceived personal emotion of it. You're at liberty to "unfan" yourself yet posting such comments in this thread seems to indicate that you still want to be a fan. Make a choice.


Just want to point out that people keep saying 'the last time Madonna toured Australia was 1993' but the reality is that the ONLY time Madonna has ever set foot in Australia was 1993, so that's ONCE in a 30 year career. Gaga has managed to come here 4 times in 4 years already, doing both large and intimate shows! Nowhere near good enough!


All music downloaded erased.
All CDs bought dismantled and thrown in bin.
All Videos and DVDs purchased dismantled and thrown in bin.
All images, interviews etc erased.
That feels much better!

Shan't be replacing this merchandise.

For those of you saying we are whining - I presume you've been able to go and see her when ever she tours near you ... and that's wonderful I'm very happy for you - she needs people like you.
Of course her children are important what a silly thing to say that they aren't.
When you run a business and like being The Queen of The Universe, it's a good idea to take into account what the clients/customers of that business think and feel from time to time or you lose them.
I don't Lady Gaga but she sure as Hell is a good business woman!
Yes, I'm Australian and I do understand that Australia isn't liked by certain parties around the world ... can't do anything about that unless you'd like me to lie on this board just to please you.

All the best to all her fans and thank you Madonnalicious for being such an ace fan site for such a long time, you did a fabulous job.

Wishing you all the best,
Jenny, Australia


Madonna - who are you kidding! You are not sorry, its simply that you CAN'T BE BOTHERED to keep your fans happy, as fans are left disappointed (including me) especially with your MDNA tour, and London was a prime example as people were leaving before the show even ended. I remember you say back during your Ray Of Light Promo that India is a place you would love to do a show, and you even promised your fans that you will one day! What happened, forgot what you said??? I really don't blame the Australian fans on how they feel, at least Lady Gaga has the balls to perform a fantastic show for her fans, unlike you! I know this message is harsh, but the fact is you have lost way too many fans who supported you from day one, but when you take the p**s its bye bye baby....


Shame on you Madonna!


I think she is very honest about this, I hope to all of you who got up set with her can understand some day her responsabilities as an artist and mother. I am sad as well because she is not going to my country but I hope some day this dream came true.




To All Australians: I live in Belgium, but I completely understand your disappointment. Don't pay attention about these idiotic remarks made by kids like indahutch or whatever his (or her) name is. I do think Madonna doesn't give a damn anymore, just want to milk her fans. That's it.


Yuck, just yuck.


To those who think Australians are whining - consider this. Every time Madonna announces a world tour, she promises Australia that she will be coming. And everytime without fail, Australia slips off the list. This time, there was a big media announcement that she was coming - confirmed, venues booked, interviews lined up. Aussie fans couldn't believe what they were hearing - was it true? Must be. Because there was a lot of media hype. But no, another cancellation, another round of disappointment. How many times can she lie to her fans? Hard core fan or not, one can only take so much BS. Any fan in the US or Europe can just hop onto a short flight to see a Madonna concert. Australians will have to fly at least 15 hours to see one and pay many thousands more for flights and accommodation. That's not easy for everyone to do. So yes - we are whining. And rightly so. And to anyone who doesn't understand, you can stick it.


You know what? I was mad, but now I forgive her for not coming.

It's been a while since she has talked to her fans like this.

But still think its slack she changed her mind after the rest of the tour sold out. To everyone who is saying we should travel - I have done that before and it was great, but now it's hard to get decent tickets. I am a Legacy member of the fan club! I could have bought amazing tickets for an American show!

Hopefully Madonna's version of making it 'worth it' means small intimate shows - not a single night in the Olympic Stadium. And honestly - with no disrespect intended - if the next tour is in 4 years Madonna will be close to 60. I think we're safe in saying we've missed her at her peak. The reality is she's got maybe two tours left - one at 58 years and another at 62 before it stats getting a bit 'Farewell Tour' and Cher like.

Daniel Smeets

I know i didn't tour Australia the last time... and the one before and and and...
I'm not from Australia, but even i was more then surprised she missed out Aussiland for the 5th time in a row.
Of course it got nothing to do with her not being at home for her kids. What difference does an extra 10 days touring make, when her current tour covering up pretty much every major city in Europe and North and South America and beyond for 7 months!
There's simply a business reason to it. The fact that Australia is a continent on the other side of the world and with relatively small number of inhabitants (recordbuyers). It's easy to see, such a huge undertaken is financially simply not interesting. I think it's a shame, a missed opportunity (again) to meet her austrailian fans and it's all about money money money...!


Oh for Christ sake stop all your damn whining!! I didn't even get to see the Girlie Show because she didn't tour much of the US, so get over it!! I'm still her fan no matter what :D I swear it's like everybody just waits for the next opportunity to be able to bash MADONNA. ENOUGH!! She don't need ya, so step the fuck off!! MADONNA aint in the business of keeping fans when they don't wanna be kept!! If you're sick of her then POOF be gone lol. There are plenty of devoted fans that will be with MADONNA until the day she dies and even long after that. So good riddens to bad rubbish!! LONG LIVE THE QUEEN OF POP!! All the naysayers can go suck it!!


Yeah, yeah, yeah yourselves, she needs to put you before her kids? She Is Very popular and is flying all over the world, If you want to see her so badly, go fly to where she is playing, simple as that. You Aussies already do not have the reputation of being very nice. Such criticisms - are you fans or not? Besides, you have stars there too already, remember?


What?? What kind of BS is this?? Such a poor video no-one's gonna buy into this! I can't bloody believe she's let these people down again. Being based in Europe I can go and attend as many shows as I want but even I am furious about this poor mediocre message!!!

It just doesn't make any sense. Call me stupid but her kids have been on tour all the time. So, if they can be on the tour for 7 months then so can they be for a few shows in Down Under.

Poor is not even the word to describe what I have just seen or rather heard!


I heard she was confirmed for South Africa for Feb/March next year from a source that said all was signed and sealed. This was obviously part of her Asia/Australia/Africa leg beginning next year which has now fallen through. Such a big mistake especially as there was the promise that this tour would go down under. It's only another 3 months after she ends in South America, so really don't understand, bitterly disappointed. Even Lady Ga Ga is coming to South Africa. tut tut

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