MDNA Fan Pictures: Philadelphia (Part 1)
MDNA Fan Pictures: Philadelphia (Part 2)

The New York Times MDNA Philadelphia Review

PHILADELPHIA - A ritual, a blood bath, slacklining, a partial striptease, drummers in midair, traditional Basque harmonies, a psychedelic train ride - they’re all part of Madonna’s 'MDNA' tour, which started its North American itinerary with an arena concert here at the Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday night. It comes to Yankee Stadium next Thursday and Sept. 8.

Madonna has described the show in a statement as 'the journey of a soul from darkness to light,' and perhaps it is. Near the beginning, after tolling church bells and chanting, a gun-toting Madonna is besieged by assailants from all directions and dispatches them in self-defense as giant spatters of blood fill the video screen. In that opening segment she sings about jealousy, divorce and, in 'Revolver' - with images of guns and ammunition - about sex as a weapon.

Yet the bad-gal nastiness soon gives way to more generous impulses, trading violent shock value for flamboyant showmanship. By the end she’s sharing a big dance party. And the concert is less a story than an excellent excuse for extravagant, perpetually surprising production numbers involving more than three dozen performers, while it turns some of Madonna’s past hits inside out.

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I don't think there's any point to reviews because in the end it all depends on the individual themselves. Not what some journalist says lol. So why post negative reviews?? If you like to show fine, if not that's fine too. But there's no reason to bash an artist publicly. If some of her so called "hardcore" fans are less then impressed then they obviously haven't grown up with Madonna as an artist. So maybe they should exit stage left lol. Take the negativity with you too :D When love becomes boring for someone, there's a serious problem and you should seek help.


Would you publish a negative review? I have friends who've seen this show all over the world and some, even though big fans, were less than impressed. I get that you're a fan site, but the love fest gets a little boring.

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