Madonna MDNA tour in Philadelphia is transformative
Events: Big Band Madonna in New York City


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@Maria G- you've seen every one of her concerts, you're so lucky and yes I'm jealous!!! What an artistic evolution you have personally experienced- Madonna's come a long way baby! Your son is lucky to have such a cool mum.

get the picture?

@Maria Gallagher - so sweet & cool!


@ Drew, I agree with you on both counts. I dislike the "Joan Of Arc" look- it comes from and belongs in the dark ages! What was Madonna thinking- is her clothing stylist (and perhaps too her hairdresser) angry at Madonna about something and this is their revenge! Secondly, I sometimes wish Madonna never learned to play the guitar because it has become a staple on every tour since and when she uses it, it naturally resticts her ability to move and dance on stage. However, in Madonna's defence she is not getting younger and the guitar gives her a legit reason to stand still on the stage and compose herself. Overall, I think she is still a great live performance artist.

Gilbert U.

@Maria Gallagher: Very well said. Your son went to the concert with an open mind and went home feeling awed/inspired. Such a shame that many other "fans" on this site cannot do the same. Glad to hear that you guys had a great time at the show. :-D

Maria Gallagher

I am a life long fan of Madonna and took my 16 year old son to the Philly show. I never miss any of her tours since Live Aid. Madonna gives her heart and soul to every performance and her Philly show was superb. I did not mind the late start because I know that she makes certain to give an exceptional performance everytime. The fans that complained about the late start and of her not doing enough of her oldies quite frankly are Not true fans!! My son is into music production and came out of the show with such admiration towards Madonna. He said it was the Best Night of his Life!!! Sincerely, Maria


I don't care for the Joan of Arc outfit, but maybe it's the hairstyle that really bothers me.

Honestly, I just wish she would go through a tour without the guitar. It was a nice effort the first time or two but now it's old. Leave that to the band and just focus on being Madonna for a change.


I don't mind Madonna's cheerleader outfit- it is nice to see her in something other than black, not that there is anything wrong with black. I find it mysterious that Madonna would wear a cheerleader outfit, given that whenever she speaks about her real life high school experiences she has said that she couldn't (and didn't want to) relate the cheerleaders/jocks and that she was an outsider and found her escape through dance and being a non-conformist that didn't shave her armpits and legs! Is this outfit meant to be an ironic statement on age/ roles? Anyway, despite what Joan Rivers etc have said about this outfit, I like it on her!!! Her Gaultier/Dita outfit looks better when she loses the outer metalic virtual corset- sophisticated sexy. Her opening Leather outfit is very sleek 60's sexy and she looks great. What do you think of Madonna's MDNA outfits and what are your likes/ dislikes?

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