Guy Oseary's MDNA tour message to fans
MDNA Tour: Inside the Wells Fargo Center


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InDaSnatch, wow, I'm sorry, from your small vocabulary and your constant rants on "haters" as you call them, you must be 12 or 13 years old. You apparently have limited reading skills also. Grow up.


@InDaSnatch- Sorry! I created my post after your 6:08am post, and before jeffrey's 2 mean and rude posts appeared and were directed at you! I've learned my lesson- I'm going to keep my posts about Madonna, and not get sidelined in the future. Life fits living, so let your judgements go- thats what my futures will be.


@ JEFFREY, There's a difference between critiquing someone's work and blatantly bashing them personally. Those are the people I lash out at, because again "people should not judge"!! Obviously you're not getting the point lol. So maybe you should open up your mind a little more. Besides none of my comments we're meant for true Madonna Fans, they we're directed to the haters that come on here just to bash Madonna personally and not to review and discuss her work. Why do you even care anyway?? If you're so "keen" on this being a site for fans to "discuss and speak their minds", why are you going around calling people an asshole for doing so?? You better take a look at yourself hypocrite lol. You're the one that sounds bitter with your foul language towards people you don't even know. At least my comments weren't pointed directly towards anyone personally. All of your comments on this post are. For instance myself and JC lol. It's sounds like you're the bully and the one that has no respect for anyone. I haven't used any foul language during this entire discussion, if you want to call it that lol. Remember when you point the finger there are three more pointing back at you. It's so ridiculous how people are so quick to call out "BULLY" these days lol. All and all the public flogging needs to stop. I don't like everything Madonna puts out either but I'm not going to come on here and bash her in front of millions of fans that come here to enjoy the site. Again, "criticising someone's work is different from bashing them personally"!! Get it?? Got it?? Good!! That goes for you too NGL :D Peace


@ Jeffrey, I commend you for standing up to a bully- and we all know what Madonna thinks about bullying! All people should be able to express their views about Madonna, both good and bad, without receiving an avalanche of rude and spiteful comments. @InDaSnatch your second post destroys the assertions of your first post- you sound very bitter and angry- relax dude! And no, I'm not suggesting you should not express yourself- just remember the importance of respect. Lets remember the fact that ALL people on this fan site ultimately LOVE MADONNA- and therefore we ALL clearly have great taste!!!


InDaSnatch freedom of speech goes both ways baby. you are the one who seems bitter with all your rantings and ravings on this site. this is a site for ALL fans to discuss what we each see as positives and negatives in the best selling female artist of all time. I have purchased every MDNA t shirt and accessory from madonna's own website, making sure that she gets a piece of the money. I happen to LOVE MDNA, it has become my favorite cd of hers slightly edging out Ray of Light for me, and I have seen her Drowned World tour, Reinvention tour (both nights, her best tour in my opinion), she skipped my city for Confessions, and I saw Sticky and Sweet tour and I have my tickets for MDNA and frankly can't wait. That being said, it seems that YOU cannot handle the truth or ANY critics that aren't blowing smoke up Madonna's ass. She wants people to think for themselves and not blindly follow her. Those are the TRUE Madonna fans and the kind I am sure that she wants representing her in the world. Not everyone is going to love everything she does nor should they. It seems that Live Nation and Guy Oseary have so badly mismanaged her during this MDNA period. She is hawking this and selling that, shoes, clothing, perfume, fitness dvd, gym, tour. Very poor promotion for this cd, as there should have already been at least 3 MASSIVE hits from MDNA, but she gets no radio play anymore, no promotion from Live Nation, poor releases of the singles, for crying out loud the single Turn Up The Radio was released the beginning of August and Live Nation is seeking radio airplay September 25?!? C'mon, what the hell is that? If Rihanna or Britney had put out this cd the singles would be on the radio constantly. The MDNA tour I feel was put together hastily even before the cd was out. For pete's sake, they did not even have a name for the tour until month's after the announcement she was touring and tickets went on sale. Poor promotion, poor planning all around. THAT being said I will continue to support Madonna and I am looking forward to the show in november. If you can't expand your mind to accept critical feedback then maybe you should relax before you have stroke because you sure are YELLING ALOT and are sounding like a little monster.


InDaSnatch you are the one who creates negativity on this site you asshole.


@ JEFFREY, You're obviously one of those bitter idiots too that just can't handle hearing the truth, like the rest of the world lol. Well deal with it because I'm not going away!! You and the rest of the haters are going to hear it whether you like it or not!! Welcome to AMERICA and FREEDOM OF SPEECH BABY!! Who are you to judge me anyway?? You don't know me as a person, nor do you know whether or not I have respect. That's why people should not judge!! This is why I made the comment I did, along with all my other comments. It's not a "pleasant" site for me as a MADONNA fan when I come on here to show my support and all I see is horrible hateful comments. THAT'S NOT THINKING OR DISCUSSING!! I come here to admire her work, but it seems more like a battlefield of words and negative energy. SO MAYBE YOU AND THE REST OF THE BITTER FOOLS SHOULD GO AWAY, "PLEASE"!! LOL!! Peace :D


InDaSnatch you have shown in this post and others that you have no respect for anyone. Why don't you just go elsewhere, that would surely make this site a much better site for discussion among thinking individual Madonna fans. I believe that Madonna would be ashamed of the attitude that you have shown all over this website. Go away please.

get the picture?

U said it again, InDaSnatch!

keep it up & U'll have a fan-club of Your own :)


jc you are an asshole


Nag nag nag!! Bitch bitch bitch!! That's all I hear from everybody. My God has the world reached an all time low?? Why can't people just have fun, feel good and enjoy?! I wouldn't even mind her being late because I'm usually having drinks, laughing and having a great time with friends!! Maybe you all should try it sometime and leave the damn attitude at home for a change :D Just because the rest of the world is bitter doesn't mean you have to follow suit. Your world and energy is what you make of it!! So stop the bashing and just leave because MADONNA don't want you hangin' yo shit on her!! LOL!!


oh CALM DOWN PEOPLE ! do you think that She is starting her show late because she is shooping or having dinner some where ? Do you people realize all the effort that is behind to put a show like that, all the Technicals issue that have to be resolved at the last minute to show you a quality of Show!

Negative comments just bring negativity in your life, so move on and stop putting this as an excuse and ambition to the haters out side to create drama. Gosh like you never being in A concert that start late. Who can compare Madonna live with a show like this? Who? so sorry for the 2 hours late but don't you forget that you went to see the Queen of pop.

At the sticky and sweet tour at the dodger stadium was the same issue because the big part of the stage wasnt working right, Two choices or cancel the concert or fixed the problem as much they can and the show must go on !Did I cry or being bitchy about it? SO EVERYONE CALM THE FUCK DOWN.


LOL... Last night was my 36th Madonna concert experience, and she was NEVER late until she had kids. It is annoying, but she was really only 1 hour late. Laidback Luke (since Nero was a no go) was planned to be the open, and she came on an hour after him.


She did the same thing in some venues in Europe and its very irritating! We waited 2 and a half hours in Istanbul, and in fact people were leaving before the show even finished which was really embarrassing. Madonna, you have lost your status and am afraid to say that lots of fans too (including me).


Doubt many people will be leaving after spending $100 and over for tix, but I am sure she'll take your suggestion :)


the fact that she kept people waiting for 2 1/2 hours, starting at 10:30pm instead of 8pm is really starting to irritate me. I am a HUGE fan and have tickets to see her in Atlanta, she better start getting her show started on time or she may start seeing empty arenas as people start leaving. I know for one there is no way I will be sitting around for that amount of time no matter how much I love madonna. That just is rude to keep her fans waiting for that amount of time and seems to show a lack of respect for the fans who have ponied up big dollars to see her. just my opinion.

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