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Madonna to release workout DVD series 'Addicted to Sweat'

You can dance... for perspiration.
Madonna is introducing a series of workout videos called 'Addicted to Sweat,' for fans who want to get fit while learning her dance moves.
The dance-based workout, which was designed by the 54 year-old star and her personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer, is designed to promote agility, flexibility, and strength.
No gym required - all you need is a chair and the floor.
The four-disc set, due out on Sept. 5, includes the same moves that Madonna introduced on her MDNA tour, including the 'Drop Down,' 'Hop Forward' and 'Ride the Horse.'
The workout is the latest from Madonna’s entry in the world of fitness since she began opening Hard Candy, her global chain of fitness centers.
She opened the first Hard Candy in Mexico City in 2010 and it expanding to Russia and South America.



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Where can I order the MDNA kitchen towels mentioned above? :D


@indasnatch: Maybe instead of patronazing Sooth, you should check the charts in other countries than U.S. We don't listen to "crap rap" and "hip not" in Europe. We listen to artists like Madonna. Unfortunately, her latest efforts failed (LITERALLY FAILED!) to get any attention. Any of MDNA singles went to U.K. top 10! Any of them went to German top 10! She didn't even make it to the top 50 on WorldChart with any of the recent releases!
So, it's not only the people in the States who don't buy her music...


@Sooth...You obviously didn't understand my comment so I'll reiterate it for you. MADONNA's "singles" don't get much radio ariplay on TOP 40 stations because they are all stuck on the same format as the rest of society. As I said before, it's all about "Crap Rap" and "Hip NOT". It's not MADONNA's songs that suck, but it's the listeners addiction to mediocre music. As for videos and "MTV", which shouldn't even be called that anymore, all they show is ridiculous "so called" reality garbage that just poisons peoples minds. That's why MADONNA's singles and videos don't get heavy rotation, in my opinion. Everybody wants to be ghetto and listen to ghetto music lol. So tired!! You can't deny it either because everytime I go to a bar or club that's all they play. Even when I'm pumping gas I have to hear that crappy music lol!! It's like a freakin plague or something and everybody's infected. It's quite sad because they are a lot of great artist out there new and old that just get ignored. There needs to be a change in radio format and a wider spectrum of music needs to be played!! Then maybe everybody can get out of the ghetto lol.


@Isabelle - agree with you completely! I think LiveNation is screwing M's career and her creativity.

@InDaSnatch - maybe M should put her efforts into making decent music again, then? That way, you would hear some decent music in the Top 40! This is her first flop album - certainly in terms of single releases - which speaks voulmes for me. I have been a fan right since the beginning and I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined a time when M's singles wouldn't be met with fanfare and excitement on the radio (or television music channels). Where are all the hard core fans, then? Surely there must be enough of them still to get singles into the charts? Maybe not...


I wonder how much is all this merchandise stuff really M's idea! I do get the impression that since she has been under Live Nation they have turned her into a complete money making machine where music is an addition rather than the major focal point.

Also, I would pretty much imagine that the memberships in one of her gyms must cost a fortune. Hardly something that an average fan could afford.


Negative negative negative!! Now that makes me YAWN!! This is something good and positive, which the world needs more of right now. Don't you think?? Not bitter negative people like some of you above. Why does everybody want her to be like how she was back in 1990?? Child please, that era is gone so get over it lol!! This is why none of the artist stand out today because they all say and do the same damn thing. Another YAWN!! MADONNA has changed and evolved over the years. Obviously the rest of the world hasn't which is very sad. I think she's doing wonderfully and MDNA is a great album!! It's a hell of a lot better than all the tired repetitive shit I hear on the radio today. Which is I don't lesten to top 40 radio anymore. Everybody does nothing but crap rap or hip NOT lol. Well just like disco that all died a long time ago lol. NEXT!!

Muqaahb Ismail

Shame they used a Confessions photo rather than a new one.

Ron Daigneault

Well Jayne Fonda did this in her early senior years so I am sure Madge will be able to handle this too! Too bad nothing is original anymore, especially with our girl Madonna!


Looks good. Slightly disappointed that Madonna isn't in the video but I suppose that would be too much to hope for.


More retail endorsements, yawn.

How long before the range of MDNA kitchen towels are launched?


Oh dear.

Maybe she'll bring out a vacuum cleaner next. She's really working her way through the Home Shopping Network categories!

I miss the old days when she'd release hit singles and incredible video clips. McMDNA isn't as much fun, somehow.


Looks good, but I hope the Hard Candy team spot the typo on the front cover. Consistenly!

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