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Madonna hasn't been to Australia in almost 20 years, and the 'Girl Gone Wild' star again skipped the country when scheduling her 'MDNA' tour, which kicked off in Israel on May 31. On Sunday, Madge issued an audio message to fans in Australia, apologizing for once again leaving their country off her tour schedule.
'I just want to say to all of my Australian fans that I am really and truly sorry to have disappointed you,' she said. 'I know the last time I was on tour, I missed Australia as well, and I can promise you in my heart of hearts that it was my intention to come again, but like the last time, my children are my first priority.'
Although it was announced in February that Madonna would be performing in Australia, Live Nation confirmed in July that the 'MDNA' tour would wrap in South America in December after traveling through Asia, Europe and North America. Madonna was last in Australia for the 'Girlie Show World Tour,' with a final performance on Dec. 4, 1993 in Sydney.
The Queen of Pop continued her explanation to fans, saying that it was 'a really hard decision' to make. 'Because my children are older, I can't take them on the road with me everywhere,' she said. 'I have to spend more time away from them and at the end of the year I really feel that I would be an irresponsible parent if I didn't stop my tour and spend time with them.'
Madonna concluded her message by asking fans to 'please forgive' her and promising that when she does visit Australia, she will have made the wait worth their while and will 'put on the greatest show on earth.'



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@Corey Peters, you are so right- my thoughts exactly! After all these years of letting her Oz fans down you would think that she would start her tour in Australia first this time around. Why would she prefer to go to Russia, I mean isn't the average Russian dirt poor- I live in Australia and our economy is booming and we have the money to spend on her merchandise, she's putting her eggs in the wrong basket! Madonna was badly advised in making this half-hearted statement to all Australians- she is becoming increasingly irrelevant to the average person (not me!)and in a few years time when she decides to visit us I'm afraid she may be in for a big shock when she realizes how tiny her remaining fan base is. Madonna it is time for you to justify our waning love!


What-ever-haters... I live in Australia and I drag my butt to LA for the last 4 shows (actually have met heaps of Aussies picking up there tickets at will-call).
If you really love Madonna and really are a fan you make it happen. 'Im moving fast can you follow my track' Im moving fast and I like it like that'

Corey Peters

Honestly I think that is bullshit. I am a huge Madonna fan but come on...if you wanted to visit a country bad enough and if your kids are a priority...then schedule Australia at the beginning of your tour or leave out gay hating places like Russia. Really? The same excuse again? She has left out the Aussie's every tour and i am kinda embarrassed for her that she can't come up with a better excuse. Sorry are getting a very bum deal. ;(


Yes too little too late! And not even a video message? A little half-assed late as it is.


Whatever! 2 little 2 late

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