Events: Big Band Madonna in New York City
Liz Smith: Fearless. Fabulous. Still The Queen!


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What does she ask Rocco?


@ NGL, I totally agree with you. Although I think she's presently more comfortable with showing that side of herself then she ever was before. I always thought that she kind of did that on purpose just to prove how judgmental people can be lol. But I also think a bigger part of her was afraid to show that sweet side. Anyways, I love it :D

Sandi patti Olsen

She looks cute in the beret!


It's a bad hat!

She's looking better in that leather dress in America for some reason. Maybe it's the new hair?


True! Madonna has great sense of humour, and I love the sound of her laugh. When Madonna lets down her guard we get to see this real & beautiful side- sadly Madonna doesn't let this side of herself be seen too often in public. Thus, so many people have this incorrect idea/notion about Madonna- that she is a cold-hearted bitch, when she is not that way at all! She's a mother to 4 kids, 2 adopted- further proof that she isn't a selfish bitch.


I love her humor lol :D It's nice to see an artist be relaxed, happy and real for a change!!

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