Good MDNA Day America!
Madonna's MDNA Philadelphia Tour Speech

Guy Oseary's MDNA tour message to fans

With the completion of the European leg of the MDNA Tour and the US opening this evening in Philadelphia, I have been reflecting on things from my vantage point as Madonna's manager. This has been a magical and incredible journey thus far.

One of the great highlights has been the chance to spend more time with Madonna's fans every night.
Many of you have come to show after show, again and again. Many of you have flown across the world to see the show.
I have met thousands of you personally and even photographed thousands more.
Your support and dedication is greatly appreciated.
I've truly enjoyed listening to your thoughts each night. I've agreed with many of you and even argued with some. I loved all of it. You've shared with me your positive opinions and even in a few cases some criticism. Both are coming from the same place: your LOVE for Madonna - Thank you for sharing!
In just a few hours MDNA tour begins a new chapter in Philadelphia with the start of our sold out U.S. and Canadian dates.
I look forward to meeting more of you there, taking your photos and hearing what you have to say.

Enjoy the show!
Best - Guy Oseary



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Very well said NGL!! :D I agree with you totally. The younger generation doesn't support the artists anymore by actually buying the music. That's why I refer to them as the "Gimme Generation" lol. Ever since I was a kid I always but the complete album with cover/liner artwork. I still do this day lol. To me that's part of the package.


I think most music managers (and Artists) are having a challenging time these days- the music industry is really suffering, not helped by the fact that the younger generation don't believe in paying for music! And they don't continue to support artists over time- loyalty is a concept alien to them. Madonna spoke about my 2nd point in an interview- saying how in the past she knew she could look forward to a singer's 7th/8th album, it was a given. The sales of cd's across the board are plummeting, a 'big' album these days sells around 350,000 copies! Furthermore, Madonna is definitely the victim of 'ageism'(this problem is getting worse, strange considering that the average lifespan is getting longer!)and this seems to be the reason she is not getting airplay. And there is the 'sexism'. The media always mentions her age and then her appearance,scutinizing her appearance in such a detailed way- they never do this to a man. Her perceived crime- remaining in shape and looking good despite her age!! You would think that Madonna's 30 wonderful years of artistic achievements would afford her some Respect!! She deserves the support of a big record label that makes her a priorty once again, a great manager (Freddy Demann, or someone else that's capable), and radio station airplay, album and single say the least! Madonna works extremely hard, she is talented, but she can only do so much- support & respect from the industry are vital.


I don't think anyone on here making negative comments would be able to handle the job Guy has. It's easy to judge when you're on the outside looking in. If you're not happy with MADONNA now, then leave!! Don't spoil it for the true MADONNA fans :D


Guy O'seary must be doing one helluva job, or else Madonna would fire him.
Keep up the good work.
Thanks for keeping us happy, Madonna!

get the picture?

oh well, i for one think Guy's doin his best managing the chaos that is M in todays short-sighted, mostly clueless & viciously attention-hungry media-& music-bubble. Truly believe he's a cool & humble dude with a special spark in his eyes still after all those years, one that has also helped M shine through. Witnessed it live @ barcelona show.. had a brief chance to applaud him in person on the abs beautiful production he's helped to put together for mdna just in the midst of him filming M's 'LAV':)
no matter the haters - in this day & age this tour's gotta be The best story telling through music & visuals that is out there.. well,it' IS! everything M's right there.. She owns it.
as She owns Her career & where She's at today.. &, for better or for worse, She'll be doin Her thing - no matter how many managers pointing Her to the next best thing.. That's the reason to love Her. the reason some hate Her.
i choose love.
yes, 'maverick' years where the coolest, i agree, yet things evolve - She's 4 kids now .. that may also explain the more fun-lovin, lyricly light-hearted take on music etc ventures lately imho.
She's got much on Her plate, yet nite after nite She & Her crew are rockin'& rollin' it like no other!
& i have an utmost respect for M, Guy & the whole crew for that. simply amazing...
I hope M has time to catch Her breath at the end of December, recollect & reflect..
believe there are countless more adventures ahead in music, film & life in general!

Rock on!



@ get the picture?, you have some wonderful creative suggestions regarding Madonna's future direction, what a shame you're not her manager!! I think the reason Madonna was so cutting edge and original musically in the 90's/early 00's was due to the fact that she was the head of her own record label "Maverick" and therefore she was coming across lots of interesting new artists/demos etc and this helped inform her sound.


Thanks Ng and Jim. I'm tired of the fans that just think she's wonderful with everything she does. I just think it has become really obvious what she's doing and it shows extreme desperation. I just want the real Madonna. This version of her is reacting to the stupidity of Gaga and what's out there now!- her competitors. Yeah they are younger and??? They will be forgotten soon. She has paved the way and doesn't need to do so in a manner that is degrading. She is sabotaging her fans, career and most of all her creative talent. She needs to be managed better. I just think she is the best performer. Her voice and its limitations, her image, her persona make her who she is and she is the whole package. I don't want her to lose her confidence. She is the BEST!

get the picture?

so with U, Bill... my thoughts exactly..
i have a feeling tho the next venture in music for M shall be a bit of a depature from putting Herself up for a race with the (mostly)hideous ra-ra-beats of todays 'charts'..
She deserves a breather..
there's still so much to discover, even if She wants to do bring it to the dim lights of nightclub scene.. bits & pieces of Her Africa ventures, jazz, deep, tribal, chill, U name it..


Thankyou Guy Osery for doing absolutely nothing positive for Madonna's career! Madonna, its time to sack Guy!@Bill I agree with a lot of what you have said. Madonna is talented and she is selling herself short with her nonsense to be viewed as down with the kids! The MDNA Tour is poor 'cut and paste' job from previous tours- she is capable of better than this. Her back catalogue is amazing- why doesn't she ever perfrom "Take A Bow", "American Pie", "You'll See", "Bedtime Story" etc instead of crap like "Candy Shop", "Human Nature"??? Madonna maintains that she doesn't like to repeat herself, but this tour blows this assertion to bits. MDNA Tour pales into nothingness when compared to "The Confessions Tour 2006"- now that tour was BEYOND AMAZING!


I am pretty sure I can see no more than a couple of women in that crowd... ;-)


Hello Bill, well said!



Guy she is the best performer ever. She is such an interesting artist. I truly believe she has a huge career ahead of her in music. I would truly love it if she stopped trying to be cutting edge in dance music. Her collaborations need to be meaningful. Her best collaboration ever for her was "Take a Bow" with baby face. Her songs of the past are unforgettable not just because of her image but her music was innately who she was. The controversy is really a boring tactic now for her 'globally'. She has mastered it and anyone that imitates this tactic - we recognise that Madonna has perfected this way before them. When she uses this tactic now it seems like she is hiding her talent and does not have faith that her talent alone can maintain the limelight. She writes beautiful songs and has such an emotional voice that captures such intimacy. Nobody does great pop songs and ballads like Madonna. I really miss the talent that she has left behind to keep up with the popular culture that has become so monotonous and boring. I wouldn't be writing this if I didn't believe in her talent.


Dear Mr. Oseary

Why is it I can still get tickets for the tour on Ticketmaster when you say "In just a few hours MDNA tour begins a new chapter in Philadelphia with the start of our sold out U.S. and Canadian dates"?

Maybe you didn't mean that all the concerts sold out? Maybe you have succumbed to the PR spin process, forgetting that Internet access reveals a different story very easily?

Maybe you and LiveNation should start getting your management/promotion act together, rather than the shoddy way in which MDNA and the tour have been handled?

Love you, Madonna - good luck with the US and Canadian stage of the tour xxx


Dear Guy, can you get her to start her shows on time. Thank you, THE QUEEN!

Dee Watling

We had a fantastic night at concert in Edinburgh and did speak to guy who photographed my 16 year old Daughter and her friend as they were dressed desperately seeking ;he posted photo on twitter (Edinburgh photo 2)

British press still trying to bring Madonna down this week saying teenagers don't relateto her,well these girls beg to differ and they are teenagers they absolutely loved MDNA and cannot wait for the next tour.
I just wish I had half the energy Madonna she is as relevant now as she was 20 years ago there isn't anyone that can take her crown.

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