Madonna speaks out in Zurich
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Muqaahb Ismail

I was thinking that too....... 'riot'... 'free pussy' :-D

Muqaahb Ismail

Good job Madonna displayed her right arm, too... ;-)


@Kelly: I agree with your sentiment completely, but in many countries there is no such thing as freedom of speech, or being able to speak your mind. In the UK, for example, so-called 'freedom of speech' does not really exist in the true sense of the word, since there are too many politcially-correct pieces of legislation that prevent it.

The fundamental difference is that Russia is a far more oppressive regime.

Aurid muskee

Zo goed van haar


I love Madonna so much for doing this. I pray for the members of Pussy Riot the next 2 years or so for having to go to prison for speaking your mind. A right a lot of us take for granted. "Hooliganism" is Russian for oppression of speech. FREE PUSSY RIOT!

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