UK Press: Madonna's South of France Holiday
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Europe says goodbye to MDNA!

Tonight in Nice the last MDNA show in Europe is taking place...and we are sad to see Madonna and the MDNA crew move on. It has been a great European MDNA summer...even with all the rain!

But as we say goodbye, North America gets ready to say hello! The first show on US soil is in Philadelphia next Tuesday 28 August. For those seeing the tour in North America I bet it seems like you have been waiting forever to see MDNA!

madonnalicious continues to rely on readers pictures and videos from the shows, especially now as the tour is on another continent - so help keep our MDNA dose up by emailing us at


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I saw Madonna last Saturday in Zurich. She was amazing and angry about the Pussy Riot sentencing. Before the "Like a Virgin" song, she got the whole crowd yelling "free pussy riot".

The Swiss media were terribly nasty to her with some high profile newspapers even writing stuff about the show which were complete lies such as blood stained crosses during "Gang Bang" and nonsense like this.

There were 5 of us going to the show and we were between the age of 8 and 62! My 8 year old sister had the time of her life and now wants much more of Madonna. Her next goal is to meet M in person :-)) We've got to make sure we breed the new generation of Madonna Fans! Long live the Queen and may she be richly blessed with a long artistic life!!!

Thanks Madonnalicious for all your amazing coverage!!!


yes, it does feel like it's been forever. waiting for NYC arrival!


Can't wait until Madonna feels like she just got home to the USA! Welcome back QUEEN OF POP!

Muqaahb Ismail

@Jaque: your comment seems to be the same as a lot of people I know who have gone to MDNA concerts in the Middle East and in Europe, both about not Madonna really singing live any more, and lots of unsold ticktes.


Jaque is a total liar and you print the comment!!!! What kind of fan site is this?? ASSHOLE!! There were over 45,000 people there and M did sing live.


hoping she might come back!!! :) great coverage and awesome shows!!! :)


Awesome coverage this summer!


Just came from this show. Nice performance, excellent choreography, good dancers. It is sad that Madonna doesn't sing live anymore, but as a visual presentation it is fine.

only 30 000 from 50 000 tickets were sold.

James Waters

Yes We are so ready for the QUEEN to arrive back home to us

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