Fan reactions to Madonna at Birmingham's NIA
Madonna's Birmingham Speech: ' What happened to my motel?'

Thank you Birmingham!

Madonna's first indoor seated arena show of the tour at the NIA in Birmingham last night was one of the best shows so far - even if there were several technical problems during the show!

Firstly no motel set appeared for 'Gang Bang', the choreography was changed slightly and no 'assassin' came down from the 'helicopter'.
The screens appeared to be partially stuck open during the 'Justify My Love' interlude revealing the 'Vogue' set.
It appeared that the stage risers failed at the beginning of 'I'm Addicted' as we could hear Madonna singing, but she and the dancers didn't appear up on the catwalk end stage until halfway through the first verse.

None of this made any difference, there seemed so much more energy and despite the issues Madonna was in a great mood, even (nearly) breaking into giggles during the 'Like A Virgin' corset tightening (and boy did he tighten that tight last night).

We got a great speech, containing more f*cks than The David Letterman Show (well we didn't actually count but you get the idea...) - video to follow later!

To experience the show from the tip of the catwalk end is THE place to see the show, you can experience all the visuals, and when Madonna reaches the catwalk end she is really close it is an amazing experience!

Below is madonnalicious' favourite picture from the show last night.


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I've seen both Paris and London gigs and I was blown away but if I had some spare cash I'd love to see Mdna in a smaller venue...just for comparison. this picture too..she looks so beautiful and intense


couldnt agree more!!!! id seen her in hyde park 2 days before-this was soooo much better.she seemed to sing every song,the sound quality was amazing,she was very interactive with the fans.she really seemed in a great of the best times ive seen her live (ive been fortunate to go to every tour.)i took my 9 year old daughter who was just blown away.we saw all of madonnas kids too.mercy & david were bought out & taken to the technical area,then lourdes strolled out & stood next to the stage.amazing!!!!!

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