Madonna's Vienna Speech Mentions Olympia
Fan Pictures: Vienna Soundcheck

Paris concert reports proven false by French FBI and fans

For the past couple of days, the media has enjoyed a field day reporting on how Madonna's career is over with since she was booed off stage at a private Paris concert. They have been doing this despite the fact that videos show the crowd having a great time and dancing. To make the story more believable, the media emphasized how after the show, 'fans' threw bottles at the stage and called her a 'slut.' Until now, nobody looked into the allegations.
It turns out that many fans did feel shortchanged due to lack of communication on how the show would be shorter. But the actual riots and the screaming were started by supporters of Marine Le Pen, the leader of the far right National Front in Paris. Apparently, they are still upset that Madonna compares Le Pen to a Nazi in her tour. Even though Le Pen isn't a Nazi, the National Front has been accused of having Nazi ties and until recently, denied the Holocaust existed.
The French DST (equivalent to FBI in America) reported that a disturbance was planned, whether Madonna left early or not. There were several people holding up signs that made fun of Madonna's age, sexuality, and political affiliations. Once the show stopped, they started calling her rude names, rushed the stage with bottles, and encouraged others to boo. They took videos and uploaded them to YouTube immediately.
But Le Pen's supporters aren't the only ones involved. On several sites, many of Lady Gaga's 'little monsters' are asking each other to post messages everywhere to say they can confirm Madonna is a liar since they were at the show. They are even posting false pictures of themselves at concerts and saying it was Madonna's Paris show. It's doubtful Lady Gaga would approve of this.
One fan emailed us and explained that he and his friends had an amazing time, but were certainly disappointed about the show's lengh. 'Madonna was in top form. It's a shame she left early, but we still had a great time. I can tell you from being there that her own 'fans' did not start any riots. That is just media spin. There are people negatively commenting on Twitter who claim to have been at the show, but weren't. I can tell you 100 percent of what happened because I was there.'


Below is a picture taken by madonnalicious of one of the lines of white police vans around the corner from the Olympia Music Hall - if we had known what was to happen later we would have taken more pictures - and much closer!


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Well I just want to clarify that I'm not same person using different "user names"!

Everyone is entitled to say what they feel, and I'm certainly one of those.



I feel alot of the peope Posting Negativity here are the SAME person...
just using different "user names"

Their wording and american phrasings tell it.
There are some haters here who pretend to be MANY people in an attempt to make it seem like a general concensus...
when it is obvious it is the smae person posting the SAME thing and statements over and over.


Hello Christian

Thanks for pointing that out about the DST.

Maybe some people still are in the habit of referring to it as the DST since it had the same name for so long, but surely any official communication from the authorities would not refer to itself as the DST? I'm speculating on that though.

Regardless, Liz Rosenberg and Guy Oseary are mishandling it in my opinion. Then again, I don't think Guy Oseary handled Piers Morgan well either - Madonna should rise above people of that ilk otherwise she goes down to their level and panders to their reaction-seeking provocations.

Christian Torres

The real problem with this article is that the DST doesn't exist anymore in France. It was disbanded in 2008! Also, I'd question the legitimacy of the It's not a news site but a blog that anyone can post on.

The real issue here is that in France the Olympia gig was advertised as another MDNA Tour stop and the fans went crazy when they just got 7 songs. Team Madonna is trying to point the finger elsewhere rather than back at themselves for having put out incredibly misleading advertising about this show.


Hello Randy

Glad to see someone else saying that they don't think the inclusing of 'Born This Way' was a good idea. When I saw it I felt that Madonna had lowered her stature a little bit, which saddened me. Better if she'd risen above the fray, which is mostly media-manufactured anyway.

On her S&S tour when she played concerts in places she'd never visited before, I think her fans and her got a big boost, and a fresh perspective on her body of work. If she wants to stimulate her creative juices, that's one way that might help.


It is sad to report that Madonna is upsetting lots of people. I have been a fan for 25 years but I have to say I will not spend another penny on tour dates ever again after Edinburgh. 9.15 start and missed two songs. I spen nearly £600.00 on tickets accomodation and travel to hear her say she does not take her fans for granted. No she is just taking our money and laughing


As a lifelong Madonna fan, I am starting to feel more concerned about some of the things that have gone on with this tour, and prior to it. Her choice to use "Born This Way" did nothing but fuel more fire to the whole Lady Gaga fiasco. She preaches love and peace, but yet seems intent on letting the whole Gaga episode continue. I have been to all of her concerts since DWT, and each time, she puts her heart and soul into her shows, and makes it super memorable for her fans. Her concerts have always stood out more than any show that I've gone to. Her S & S tour had a nice balance of her old and current songs, and she was able to interact more with her fans, but with this tour, she seems to stray away from all of that, and even her reworkings of her old songs have fallen flat and haven't impressed her fans so much. Her Olympia show should have at least ended with a stronger hit like "Music" or "Like a Prayer" and at the very least, she could have said goodbye to her fans. Her broken promises to tour in Australia and other markets have soured more of her loyal fans. Overall, Madonna is still a first-rate entertainer, and has made her mark in music history, but this is the first time in a long time that she has started to alienate a lot of her loyal fans. I really hope that Madonna starts to understand this, and her management too. This should have been a great year for Madonna, but somehow there's been more disappointment since.


So well said DBS, that is exactly how I feel! She does not give a damn about her fans, and that clearly shows. She just wants to make money, charge her fans a fortune, and moves on without taking any feelings on what we want and feel! She promised a few years back that she will go to India for her loyal fans and do a show, what a surprise that was all talk yet again!

I went to the show in Istanbul, like I said before, was very angry when she made us wait 2 hours (who the hell does she think she is)??? Was it really nessary for her to expose her breast (desperate) for attention yet again, but its getting BORING! Went to the show in London, again very bad set up and lots of people were leaving before the show finished (that says it all)! I've even got tickets for Toronto, which I'm cancelling as I've experienced enough crap from her, so am not simply interested...!


hmmmmmm i personally think they are in damage control! felt let down as they do all over the world! .....the press release said a few people (not fans) stormed the stage, ..... i have seen the footage, its more than a few people! half the crowd where clearly upset!....... the past 10 years Madonna has been full of false promises! i am a (was) a huge fan till she let Australia down one more time! ... i watch her clips, she is not that great anymore! ...... she stands on stage, talking the talk, walking the walk but honestly these days she is verbal diarrhea! ......... if your a artist standing on stage preaching at-least back up what you say....... she was talking about people in Greece going without food, the world in economical disaster yet she was happy to pocket over 200euro a ticket from people (young people) that may have worked a week to see her! - slept in tents for days!
Honestly she is about the $$ and not about the fans!


I'm so over all the whining from these 'fans'. It's almost like they WANT to take responsibility for the 'rioting'. Please. Why would you want people to think that you are responsible for something so stupid???


I really don't believe what Madonna has to say any-more as she knows she screwed up BIG TIME. I was there in London, and fans were very disappointed with the song choices, stage set up, and lack of communication with her fans. I was also in Istanbul where she kept us waiting over 2 hours for her to come on stage!

She has let so many fans down, and I am one of them and to be honest, I am losing that Madonna vibe as she has done it to herself!


This is total misinformation from Madonna's management team in a pathetic attempt at damage control! The Front National far right wing party has nothing to do with the Olympia fiasco. Stating this is adding insult to injury. I think they should start taking responsibility for this matter instead of falsely putting the blame somewhere else. Again the real problem was the outrageously high ticket prices for an 8 song showcase (which was not advertised as such). Madonna's management need to stop using her fans as cash cows! Again this is not to criticize Madonna's performance which was excellent. This is just to set the record straight. It's a sham,e this event could've been truly legendary & magical. A missed opportunity gone bad! Thank you Guy Oseary!


Madonna - The speech you gave at the Olympia was one of the best I've ever heard in my life. It was breathtaking in its brilliance. Very smart, with a big open heart.


Looks like the media and others are still going to blow something like this out of proportion by using words like "riot". True people were throwing bottles and shouting and some were fighting, that doesn't necessarily constitute a "riot". Sounds more like a fight or two. And I didn't see Madonna being "booed off stage," which implies that she was still on stage when the booing started to make her go off stage, that's not the case. She left the stage and that's when things went awry.

And of course Gaga fans have to involove themselves to bash Madonna. They seem to think by doing this constantly, they make Gaga look better, when the opposite is true. Little Monsters are just that, monsters filled with hate and ageist fallacies against Madonna. They're simply threatened by Madonna's influence upon their idol, Lady Gaga.

Sad they have to inject themselves and her in to this. One had nothing to do with the other.

It was about a show that didn't live up to people's expectations and effort.


Whatever. The truth always comes. And it's obvious that she shaked the world of haters and monsters full of rage, she shaked their asses and they are responding, proving what they really are.


Never at the EDinburgh's gig. But I thought she did come out and explain about it during rehearsal?


Were the police present after being tipped off that there might be trouble ? It seems like authorities could have moved in immediately and figured out what happened instead of taking days for the truth to come out.


Doesn't make sense that comment on top, One thing is clear there are some people that are trying hard to put one of biggest artist in the World down, is very sad how direspectful these people can be. Real fans of Madonna know the type of concert she does. This is no a conventional rock show,Her show has always been like a story from beggining to end. If you are not familiar with her music you don't have Nothing to talk about. To remark one thing is Madonna performing no any funny girl diva wanna be.

I just saying !

Ste lloyd

I Reported that the Edinburgh show finished early. I to feel short changed but you cannot get a balanced view on things as people ate afraid to rock the boat. I live madonna however I also can feel sissapointment.

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