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Madonna's Vienna Speech Mentions Olympia

Message from Madonna

'Playing the Olympia was a magical moment for me and it was real treat to do this special show for my fans and be so close to them. Unfortunately at the end of the show - after I left the stage - a few thugs who were not my fans rushed the stage and started throwing plastic bottles pretending to be angry fans. The press reports have focused on this and not the joyous aspect of the evening. But nothing can take away or ruin this very special evening for me and my fans. When I looked out in the audience, everyone I saw had a smile on their face. I look forward to having this wonderful experience again.'



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I m french and was at this (mini show). I have been a big fan for years , attending her shows several times; The show in Paris was so amazing,The probleme was nobody in the audience knew or had been informed this would be so short. Ok she could not do the same show as in Stadium, but a show less than 50 minutes... 3O minutes more would have been perfect. We were all astonished and a lot of people went angry .The show was so great that when it stopped all of a sudden, nobody understood. there was nothing political, lots of angry people shouting were real fans. When you love , you cannot accept everything .Critics an anger is also a proof of love. Sorry Madonna. I ve always loved you and always will but we all felt like being conned . Dont say that these people were "thugs". They were real fans having a great time, having spent lots of money, spent hours and days out . 30 mn more of show, nothing would have ever happened


Unless I'm looking at the wrong speech on YouTube, the speech Madonna made lasted about 7 minutes. There's a video on YouTube that lasts 7 minutes 50 seconds in total, and it begins with Madonna catching her breath and having a drink before the speech started.

I don't mind any artist or performer including speeches or statements in their performances or artwork, I do have a concern that Madonna's speeches on her current tour are actually inflaming the situation rather than keeping a quiet dignity on the matter. I also don't like to see her or anyone give in to trouble-making people who merely seek to draw a response from Madonna and other people. I'd rather see Madonna and others rise above the taunts and proddings of such people.

To put it in Madonna's language, the light shouldn't react to the dark, because then the dark has engaged the light and won some power. Better to just keep on shining unperturbed, steering a steady and dignified course.


I doubt a thug would pay 275 euros to come on stage after the show and throw a few bottles around. These were fans, disappointed by a 45 minutes show, 15 minutes of which was a long rant about politics


I was also in l'Olympia and in Viena and i am really disappointed with Madonna, with the bad organization, the lack of information, the long waits, the high prices (i saw in shops in Vienna the tickets 50% price because the sales were really bad in Austria), the privilege of the people inside the golden triangle and the impossibility of getting tickets for it and the incoherence of her speech talking about the crisis in Greece and then the imperialism of her tour.
I don't believe her speech in Vienna... if she had interrupted the show after 45-minutes people would have also complained (austrian people did it because she started one hour late than expected). I would have preferred just an apology.


How someone who pays $100 up to $300 for a ticket concert can't be considered as a fan ? It's unrealistic. She failed and just showed the gap between her and her french fans. Of course it's just france, but here she is over, be sure that mass media and people will let Madonna at door's step.


It's clear to me that it is easy for folks who are jealous of Madonna's creativity and success to jump on a website/blog and write things so untrue, it's blaringly obvious. I see this happening here (and I'm sure it happens on other fans sites). What is really sad, however, is the sad state of these individuals who can't use their time to do something more productive in life.

- the fans loved the intimate show and they were cheering and admiring the show throughout her time on-stage. Don't pretend otherwise. No one believes you.

- she thanks her fans in the middle 'talk' section of her performances, not the end (I'm surprised to hear this phases some people).

- those unhappy with her views on Le Pen should say that. You are entitled to your opinion but likewise, respect Madonna's. Don't resort to calling her names and spreading false information about her or the concert(s). That's just being childish.


Why people in this site always give their point of view only in bad notices. When there was a great new about being the number one in selling nobody said NOTHING?! Please let´s comment everything the good and bad ones.


Some fans were disappointed cause they expected a longer show, but FANS wouldn't have acted that way if those people from Marine Le Pen's clan hadn't started yelling, calling her names and throwing bottles. And imo, that kind of attitude says a lot about them and their political party.

This being said, Madonna was amazing, the show was brilliant, and FANS had a great time. Glad she decided to pay tribute to our country the way she did :)




unfortunately Madonna's camp are trying 2 put spin on this. I reckon there is some truth to the whole National Front aspect to this story. But at the end of the day she charged people a lot of money to see a very average, very short set. And the fans who were there have a right to be upset. The biggest problem I have with all this is the obvious lie about the show costing one million dollars to put on. Just man up Madonna and for once in your life admit you are in the wrong and apologise to your true fans who were at the show.


@InDaSnatch - wouldn't your "Queen" be so pleased to have you as a fan, with a stinking, intolerant attitude of other's opinions like you have! The irony, when MDNA Tour promotes equality and freedom of thought!

Oh, and "haters" - you must be twelve years old if you use that ridiculous phrase.


All the haters can go suck it!! MADONNA does not need negative trash like you as fans. So go on with your bitter lives and let the real fans enjoy the music!! Love you MADONNA and you're still THE QUEEN!!


Let's be honest for few seconds! This was a promotional showcase, not a step of the MDNA Tour of course.But it was not the expected event it sould be! Real fans (and so am I) were disappointed, some angry!The speech was a cliché, too long and unapropriated.No need to comment or deny the facts: it won't change anything, it's was neither a good performance nor the fiasco reported by media.WE CAN BE FAN AND SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE !!!!No need to be rude or pro-madonna to say that.


Why can't her fans get angry with her ? Why can't we disagree with some of her points in herr career ? The fact is that she CHARGED for a 40 minutes club show without even saying goodbye (notice that every promotional club show was for free before). What was the reward of the intimate aspect of the show ? Just because it was a small theater doesn't mean it was intimate. It was just the same stage set for a stadium, but closer. The speech wasn't bad, but...should Madonna teach the french about their culture ? Is she a global teacher now ?

Daniel Smeets

She did a great show and speech, but i don't blame the pissed off fans. They're simply expecting the whole mdna experience and where outraged, when she disapeared after 40 minutes, not even saying goodbye.
Even me at home couldn't believe what was happening. I was certain she'll come back, that can't be it. Imaging if i'd 200 Euros for that show? I'm sorry...!


Dear Madonna..

Could you be any more selfish and arrogant ??

You only care about urself and you did the Olempia show for cleaning your name from the swastika law suit thing.

How about you do a free show for the same fans who were there..??
Making it up for them , paying money to see you "talk" and "lip sync"..


That's it Madonna, anyone unhappy with your arrogance is a thug. Get over yourself.


Am glad that she realises it wasn't her fans. :o) xxx


To me Madonna fell off her pedestal after this 'concert'. I was at Olympia, and made quite some efforts to be there. This statement is not presenting the truth. Sorry to say, since I'm a big fan for more than 25 years, but Madonna failed to deliver and really treat her fans the way they deserve. She sold a PROMOSHOW as a special concert. I'm done with her.

Lina Morgana

Even though Le Pen isn't a Nazi, the National Front has been accused of having Nazi ties and until recently, denied the Holocaust existed.

The French DST (equivalent to FBI in America) reported that a disturbance was planned, whether Madonna left early or not. There were several people holding up signs that made fun of Madonna's age, sexuality, and political affiliations. Once the show stopped, they started calling her rude names, rushed the stage with bottles, and encouraged others to boo. They took videos and uploaded them to YouTube immediately.

But Le Pen's supporters aren't the only ones involved. On several sites, many of Lady Gaga's "little monsters" are asking each other to post messages everywhere to say they can confirm Madonna is a liar since they were at the show. They are even posting false pictures of themselves at concerts and saying it was Madonna's Paris show. It's doubtful Lady Gaga would approve of this.


You were Amazing ! the show was perfect !!!America is waiting for you ;-)

Anne Marie

Totally offensive.


I think the speech was brilliant. I loved the show, too. Madonna wanted to do something special for her fans--an intimate show--and it came back to bite her in the ass. People can be so ungrateful.

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