Message from Madonna
Paris concert reports proven false by French FBI and fans


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Trust me - after this MDNA TOUR, she has lost loads of fans including me! Who gives a damn about what other fans think and worship the ground she walks on! You don't treat fans like s**t and make them wait for hours (how can that be childish)??? Have some respect, cause if you don't - you lose out and that clearly shows from reports around the world and of course her music sales figures are fading real fast as its getting very BORING...!


Oh please: stop complaining about the fact that her Vienna concert started an hour too late!!! If you researched more the previous shows, you would have found out that most of them (except for those where there is a curfew, e.g. Great Britain) do not start before 22:00! And anyway....I expect fans to be able to manage this (even if too late - so what?).....Are you a little child that must go to bed????


I have seen the last two shows. Madonna, wake up! You have lost the sense of reality. Don't be such a liar!


To bgooch: Nobody, beside those in the golden ring, had a great time. Do me a favour and read (if you know any other language than English) press reviews in Belgium:) If you are such a "thick and thin fan", maybe you should re-fund the tickets yourself...Just to clean the name of your goddess? :) LOL
To Berry von Wismar: thank you for being honest and writing the truth. These immature kids here, would buy every shit that Madonna says and does.
70 minutes late...Imagine that people in Brussels had to wait this long in pouring rain...


Oh, like you are a true fan ! You just testified you're not a true fan, or a fan at all. "she sucks nowadays" ? Really? Your husbands company paid 600 EUR. Who the hell cares? Good for your husband having a nice boss, who has good taste in Artist/Performers. BUZZ off freak. Oh, and by the way, this will be my 4th time I've seen her in the states. I AM A TRUE, TIRED, THICK AND THIN FAN !!

Jolyon Forsyte

Madonna, you are a true inspiration. The liars and hate-mongers will do themselves in. Madonna reminds me to look for the positive - stay in the positive - and not let the poison personalities of so many sad and pathetic "humans" decide how I think and feel. There seems to be a war of good and evil on our planet, and I believe Madonna is aware of this. I truly appreciate her gentle reminders to look forward and stay in the positive.

Like Madonna, I do not watch TV. I also do not subscribe to any newspapers, and carefully select which magazines, music, and DVD's I allow into my home. I have to take responsibility for my happiness. It's a joy to know that I'm not alone on this quest - there are so many wonderful people on earth, and Madonna is certainly one of them. For me, she remains a great teacher, and inspiration. Walk the walk, and not just "talk the talk".


Indasnatch: would you be so kind and use next time correct english for others to comprehend your very "deep and polite" comment?
You call people, who have balls to speak their mind, trash? And who are you?
I wish I could meet you face to face and then see if you still have enough courage to tell it straight in my face.


The step the fuck off because MADONNA aint in the business of keeping fans that don't wanna be kept!! I would prefer it that way because now when I go to see her new show I won't have to be surrounded by negative, critical, bitter, hateful, jealous trash that just sits there through the whole damn show!!


I have so much fun reading all these comments left by people who would give their kidneys just to be looked at by Mdonna...Before you say that I am not a true fan, think twice, cause you never know how much money I spent on her music, her films (no matter how much they sucked!). She sucks nowadays! And this speech in Vienna...Please.
Madonna, do refund my ticket and the tickets that my husband's company paid 600 EUR for! And I will shut up.


You ROCK !!!!

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