Madonna learns to speak Scottish
Madonna Olympia Club Show Online Streaming Details


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I was at the Zurich concert. As expected Madonna was late (so much for her preaching on love and respect for others). Paid good money expecting good entertainment, instead she was coercing fans to chant "free pussy riot". It was to be a rock concert, not a political campaign! Left pretty disgusted. Many acts from new album were too violent, and her attempting to stripped off to her thong for extra "sensation" was at best pathetic.


It's a real pity that she did not finish the whole set. Very disappointing

john Paul Murray

As a life long Madonna fan, having happily spent good money to see every show, I think it's time this forum / webiste reflected more honestly what is currently going on. To come on stage late and cut two songs is completely unacceptable. MDNA the album has flopped (let's be honest again) and Madonna herself never sent the message that we should 'blindly follow' her whatever she does. I, like many others, expect more. In my opinion she is pushing herself too much physically and her body is not able to cope. As a result the fire and determination of her performances has almost completely disappeared. This is what we need from Madonna. I am in no way misogynistic or ageist, in fact I abhor those criticisms. However, it really is time for a reinvention. Many of the reviewers are favouring the concerts but I suspect they haven't actually been. Fans comments below the reviews are more honest. Madonna is a massive talent but she's forgetting the basics on how to entertain. It seems like she is competing with her formal self and trying desperately hard to prove the wrong point. I was bored at the MDNA gig. I was sad that the woman and icon I adore had let it slip so much. I guess the only way has got to be up. I live in hope.

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