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Like A Cleaner in Edinburgh

Madonna's Edinburgh Soundcheck

Fans who were at Murrayfield Stadium for when the doors opened got to see a ten song soundcheck - which carried on for over an hour.

It was an amazing experience to be there, Madonna was very chatty with the crowd. In this picture she is asking a fan to teach her how to count in a Scottish accent, which Madonna then attempted herself.

More pictures and videos from the show and soundcheck to follow!


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When wikipedia says that the concert was sold out, they mean that all the box office tix were sold at face value. Many of those tix bought were done so to mark up and re-sell through 3rd party vendors. So if you see empty seats, someone bought them but couldn't sell at an inflated price.


It makes me say that our voices are not being heard and that we are not getting any formal responce from Live Nation or Madonna.

Arthur Withers

I agree with every word posted bu Claire. My partner had never seen Madonna [ I have 6 times] so i treated us to Edinburgh, with flights, concert tickets and hotel it was over £700.
The sound in west stand was a disgrace, after 20 minutes hald of our section just got up and walked out. I have complained to live nation who are investigating, but from experience at the best i will only get an apoligy. If this is the case i intend to contact trading standrds, has anyone else done a formal complaint?


@Pitbull: I know exactly what you mean re: "sold out"!

I remember going to the "sold out" Sticky and Sweet concert in Cardiff. We bought General Admission tickets, but - to our utter amazement - were ushered into very good seats...whilst various tiers of the Stadium were being covered with black tarpaulin so that when the lights went down, it didn't look empty!!! In fact, The Millennium Stadium had sent it staff out on the streets of Cardiff the morning of the concert, armed with wads of unsold tickets, trying to flog them to passers-by!

Readily available stats:

Tickets sold for Confessions Tour in Cardiff: 55,795

Tickets sold for Sticky and Sweet in Cardiff: 33,460

Both were billed as "sold out", so go figure! I was at both concerts in Cardiff and you could tell Confessions was HUGE - people were standing right to the back of the pitch, literally to the doors; for Sticky and Sweet, it was less than half-way back, and they were moving as many people as possible to the front of the Stadium.

These promoters take us for idiots!


Well, finally somebody says the truth. I just found info on Wikipedia that her concert in Brussels was SOLD OUT...HA HA HA. I wish I took a picture of half empty sector next to us. That's ridiculous. I would also hit the roof if she cut her show in Brussels too.


Julios - I'm tired of people ignoring the fact that genuine madonna fans have genuine concerns about how they have been treated on this tour. I'm tired of promoters and management taking the absolute **** out of fans. To be clear - I am probably a bigger fan of hers than you are and have been from the very start of her career. I will continue to be. So don't tell us how tired you are of hearing the truth. Now let's move on......


@Julios armeni:

I get fed up with people like you who don't think others are entitled to an opinion, unless it is one that is full-on kissing M's butt!


It was the same with Sticky & Sweet at Wembley - overpriced seats in the "Gods" and appalling sound, with loads of people leaving way before the end of the show. The venues on this tour have left a lot to be desired but, now that M is in the clutches of LiveNation, it's definitely all about the money....

Julios armeni

I get tired of people complaining all the time abiut everything......


I love Madonna but I must say how totally disappointed I was with the show. My partner and I spent close to £800 for a weekend in Edinburgh booked only because Madonna was playing Murrayfield. Having forked out £175 for tickets I was bitterly disappointed to find my seat literally on the roof. Yes, that's right if I jumped up I could touch the stadium roof. All I needed was a zip wire and I might have got to see some of the show. The sound was atrocious (muffled to the point it took me nigh on a minute per song to identify what she was actually singing). Added to that, the vibrations sent the roof rattling to such an extent that most people vacated their seats and either left or opted for the floor. The screen was totally blocked by the side screen which was also set at such an angle that it was impossible to view. I still have no idea what Madonna was saying during her speech and felt totally detached from the show as I couldn't see it. I spent half the night patrolling round the stadium trying to see something. By the end of the night the west side was empty-everyone had gone. I wonder if Madonna noticed?? She also cut short the show which is criminal. The support act was on way too long and annoyed me too. All in all a terrible concert, awful stadium and a complete waste of money. I visited the zoo the next day and saw the pandas which were way more entertaining. I love Madonna and nothing wrong with the actual show, just a terrible choice of stadium, set list cut short and no one bothered to check out if the fans could actually see the concert they paid for. Heads should roll for this. I want my money back.

jackie bt

my 14 yr old neice and i were lucky enough to be there when madonna was doing her sound check.she was brill, we had a laugh with her,even although the actual concert was late she was still brill,hope she comes back to scotland,we will nefo be there.


That's amazing that she did that and I wish I had known to be there early. What a shame she didn't make the soundcheck shorter and start her show earlier. That way ALL of her fans could see and hear ALL of the show. I was so disappointed she axed 2 songs and hurried things along. Having paid £125 for my ticket along with my 3 friends, I can't help but feel a bit cheated. Still loved the show and still love Madonna.

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