A chilly Dublin waits for Madonna to warm them up
Madonna explains use of swastika during MDNA tour

Madonna to get into the groove for Dublin - but only until 11pm

Madonna can flash any body part she wants in Dublin tonight 0 but she'd better be off stage before 11pm.
The Material Girl has been busy flashing her nipples and buttocks to audience members during her world tour. And the 53-year-old caused further controversy with her use of guns and swastikas on her MDNA tour.
But promoters MCD have confirmed that the superstar has not been issued with any guidelines about her performance - or state of (un)dress - for her only Irish concert at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.
However, she has been warned that the show must wrap up by the 11pm curfew.
Under the terms of the Dublin City Council licence, Madonna must finish her performance at the venue before 11pm, or incur a large fine.
Bruce Springsteen closed his marathon three-hour-plus concert at the RDS last Tuesday at 10.46pm, well before the 11pm curfew.
In July 2009, Springsteen and his E Street band racked up an estimated €50,000 in fines when they breached the curfew by 15 minutes at the RDS with their first concert, and 19 minutes at their second gig.
Fans have been warned not to expect a greatest hits setlist.
Although she will play some '80s material, much of the set is drawn from her new 'MDNA' album.
Some concert-goers in Dublin may get an extra helping of Madonna if she decides to let fans in early to watch her soundcheck.
At other dates on her 26-city world tour, fans turning up early to get access to the pit area in front of the stage were invited into the venue to see her rehearse.
Madonna will take to the stage at 9pm.
Tickets for the concert are still available and are priced from €54.65.

From www.independent.ie


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ignore the irish independent & the Irish press in general as regards getting a balanced & fair truthful article about Madonna - I was at the show & it was amazing - it pissed rain all tru - but madonna just got on with it & gave a fantastic performance - I didnt take any pics because I wanted to watch the her - her dancers are the best I've ever seen - the sound was perfect - she was in great form & chatted away throughout the gig - the new songs worked really well live - the opening was amazing as the entire stadium shook when the bells began ringing - not a full house -


This is over-all ok, but has some complete inaccuracies!

Firstly, it's the MDNA Tour! Not the 'lets just listen to 20 yr old songs' tour! Why should fans 'be warned' about the songs?? Are the fans stupid?

Secondly, Madonna doesn't, and hasn't, 'let fans in early'! Fans can purchase "Early Entry" tickets which gains them EARLY ENTRY where they can see the sound check.

Finally, "Early Entry" does NOT get you into the pit! That has been decided randomly at previous shows before the show, or given away as prizes to contests!

Really! You should make sure your facts are accurate before commiting to print!

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