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Madonna has highest grossing tour, says Billboard

Madonna has had the highest grossing tour since the beginning of June, according to Billboard magazine.
The pop star, 53, has made nearly $50 million (£32m) on her MDNA world tour since it started in Israel on 31 May.
The singer still has concerts to play across Europe and North America before finishing in Argentina just before Christmas.
Madonna has performed to more people then her closest competitors this year with 417,448 watching her shows so far.
In comparison, Lady Gaga has been seen by 180,498 and Jennifer Lopez by just over 20,000.

The top 10 highest grossing tours since the beginning of June are:

1. Madonna - $49.5 million (£32m)
2. Lady Gaga - $23.6m (£15m)
3. Cirque du Soleil's Michael Jackson tour - $5.8m (£3.7m)
4. Rascal Flatts - $2.3m (£1.4m)
5. Jennifer Lopez - $1.7m (£1.08m)
6. Iron Maiden - $1.5m (£959,000)
7. Brad Paisley - $1.2m (767,000)
8. Star Academie - $834,000 (£533,000)
9. James Taylor - $688,000 (£439,000)
10. Foster The People $573,000 (£366,000)

From BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat


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Gilbert U.

Like anyone had any doubt who'd end up on top. Another interesting FACT is that Lady Gaga had 13 June dates versus 11 for Madonna. Even with Gaga's two additional concerts Madonna made an additional $25.9 million and has been seen by nearly 237,000 more fans. Ladies and gentlemen let's hear it for the undisputed QUEEN OF POP, MADONNA!!!!!


Madonna is the Queen !!! Her Superbowl show is nominated for outstanding Ligthing Design/ Lighting Direction for Variety Specials for Emmy Awards.


Lady gag will always be second best...
and you know how madonna feels about being second best....

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