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Madonna celebrates 'thrilling' shoe success

Madonna's pop-up shoe boutique in Selfridges has proved an unprecedented success with shoppers - becoming more popular than the temporary retail spaces of Aldo Rise, United Nude, Swedish Hasbeens and Marc by Marc Jacobs pumps.
'It's been thrilling to see our customers' response to this project - the Truth Or Dare collection has proven to be our most commercially successful footwear pop-up this year so far,' shoes buying manager Helen Attwood. 'It's one of the most successful celebrity endorsements we've ever worked on.'
Selfridges launched the Truth Or Dare collection just over a week ago, with some styles already selling out. The range, which comes in a monochrome colour palette, features all from flat brogues to towering platforms and stiletto boots.
'We have already had to re-order on almost half the styles we carry,' added Attwood. 'Bestselling styles have been the Panu studded court shoe and the Cedia brogue in black.'


Below are the Cedia studded brogues - madonnalicious can't stop looking at them!


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Louboutin came out with these a few years ago....the designer gave them to Janet Jackson and her dancers for the VMA MJ tribute performance....and were sold to the public soon after.


Hmmmm. ALL the styles in the range were available when I was in Selfridges at lunchtime today... Just saying!


These shoes are to die for.


these sjoes(black & white version) are worn by her dancers during 'vogue' on mdna tour!!xx


We need a performer not a shoe seller. More songs, less perfumes, shoes and other junk.

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