Fan Pictures: Birmingham (Part 3)
Thank you Birmingham!

Fan reactions to Madonna at Birmingham's NIA

Queen of pop Madonna may have been slated for peeling off her clothes in her latest show, but that didn’t put off her Birmingham fans.
Many thought criticism of her Hyde Park show in London was unwarranted and declared “Madonna will never be too old to strip”.
Ishi Khan-Jackson, 22, of Loughborough, said: 'Madonna is an inspiration. People are quick to judge on age but she is an icon and if we didn’t know her date of birth, we wouldn’t care. I think its great for the Midlands that she has finally come here.'
Customer service advisor Sue Martin, 43, from Wolverhampton, added: 'I’ve been a fan for a long time. But I’m a Madonna virgin when it comes to her gigs. I’m really excited.'
Fans began queuing to see the Material Girl at around 4pm, despite the rain.
Lifelong fan Cyndee Davies, 37, of Bewdley, couldn’t wait to hear her sing 80s hit Express Yourself.
'I love the song, and Vogue is my second favourite. I dont care if she strips off in the show. I wish I had a body like her and I’m 13 years younger. Even though I’m a fan I’ve never seen her in concert before so I’m so glad she’s come to Birmingham.'
Paul Ferns, a dancer, travelled from Liverpool to see the star.
'It’s my ninth Madonna gig,' he said. 'And she’s definitely not too old to strip.'

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Agree fitsy82: Hyde Park is an appalling venue for someone like M, who puts on a SHOW, as much as a concert.


Most critics havnt even seen the show! Daily Mail hates her anyway so they dont count! Hyde Park WAS a let down but only because of the small set compared to the vastness of the venue... Livenation HAVE to address this because for many fans whom Hyde Park/MDNA was their first live Madonna experience, they wont be going back in the future! Disasters like that can ruin her reputation pretty much the same way the terrible album promotion has messed up her impeccable chart legacy!

Madonna has a lot of work to do to re address that artistic mishap with her album, certainly if she is to stay one step ahead of the likes of GaGa and Kylie who are forever riding on her coat tails, taking notes and improving on Madonna's failiures!


Alex is another who only accepts the positive! ALL opinions are valid, even if they don't meet with the approval of the Obssesers! I think Madonna would be very disappointed that some of her fans stifle criticism.


And in London Hyde Park tens of thousands fans stay during all show because, as relevant critics said ( 4 stars out of 5 for the show!), MDNA is the greatest show on earth!

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