Fan Pictures: Vienna Soundcheck
Madonna's Custom MDNA Tour Lipstick To Hit Sephora In August


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I *do* think a lot of fans are leaving her, sadly :-( You only have to look at the fact that only GMAYL barely scraped the Top 40 in the UK. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have imagined M having songs/singles that did not make the Top 40 in the UK, but we have now had
Revolver, Masterpiece, GGW all fail to make the Top 40 in the UK. Will TUTR reverse this trens? Unfortunately, I think No. Surely there must be enough hard core fans to ensure chart positions? (After all, hard core fans do not need radio play to know that a single/song has been released.) Apparently not, it would seem :-(


TF: where in the post does DBS say he/she thinks Lady Goober (GaGa) is more entertaining?



DBS - That's a lot of BS.

What 'fans' are leaving her? And why?? Who cares?

She is better now then she has ever been before. Selling out tours around the world as usual, making kick-ass albums, as usual.

If you think the likes of Lady Goober are more entertaining, then that speaks volumes.

Bye Bye Baby!


I agree Fernando, all the photos sent in from the fans around the world from the different shows are wonderful. Definitely one of the highlights of this website, and many kudos to the webmaster for uploading them all so consistently and diligently. I enjoy looking at them all.


I agree with you F3rnando


thats honestly because nobody really cares anymore! she is letting fans down! people are leaving her!


You see? As I said before, NOBODY writes or talks about the show given. Nobody comments the pictures, nobody says how much people went to the shows, etc. I think it´s great when I look pictures sent by other great people from other countries and I thank them. Please keep sending pictures of the show and tell more, PLEASE there are many people who write in this site and many of them are not Madonna fans, they only are lady shit fans, and for all of them, thank you for visiting this great site.

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