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Criticisms of Madonna are a victory for ageism and misogyny

Charlie Alderwick has published this article on 'The Independent Blogs' where he talks about the MDNA show, Piers Morgan, Gaga and pretty much tell Madonna-bashers what's what!

On Tuesday night Madonna brought her MDNA tour to England, performing a show in Hyde Park that was witty, narrative and relentlessly energetic, as well as the ridiculous spectacle you would expect from the Queen of Pop. After emerging on stage from a confession box brandishing a firearm, she wasted no time in introducing slackline walking, video screen cameos from hip-hop heavyweights, a troop of military drummers suspended from the ceiling, and much more.
My friends and I were enthralled throughout the two hour experience, screaming and clapping at Madonna’s various gymnastics, jokes and the moments of meritable vocal performance, agreeing in the post-concert buzz that the vibrancy and cleverness of MDNA leaves her previous tour lying in the dust.
Aside from the fair point that the sound could have done with being a great deal louder, criticisms of the concert have been overwhelmingly predictable. Renowned antagonist Piers Morgan, whose never-ending throwing of cheap insults at Madonna in a bid for column inches to boost his plummeting American TV career, is echoed by others who seem to have adopted his trite view that Madonna is too old to attempt business-as-usual in her pop career. This view fatally overlooks the artifice of any pop personality.
You do not go to a gig to find out about a real individual, their favourite food, their personal details - indeed, their age. When Eminem murders his mother in a music video, do we really think he is at high-risk of committing matricide? When Rihanna sings 'chains and whips excite me' do we really believe that she is a depraved frequenter of S&M dungeons? No, we do not.

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Gilbert U.

@Fitsy82: "At least GaGa tries to improve on herself and delivers... Madonna? Feels like shes just going through the motions now."

Well, Fitsy82! Isn't it much easier to improve on oneself when you're coming from the bottom up versus when one has already reached the highest level(s).


Fitsy82: Congratulations on an amazing comment and thoughts! Please email Madonna and her management!!!


@fitsy82: again, I agree with you 100%!

I couldn't have written your comment any better myself!


The album is half genius half average... And thats the issue, in the past we've had an over riding theme but with MDNA it felt rushed and allover the place! No coherent themes, no direction or anything to unify the record! It felt like a production put out by Kylie, she is very good at putting out allover the place albums with no consistent theme! Madonna on the other hand was the master of it, until now! Frustrating still was her managements decision to go with a mediocre pop tune to launch the album, they aimed it squarely at Superbowl whilst on the rest of the globe this theme was totally lost, here in the UK poor promotion and management have cist her dearly! MDNA's chart failiure and its subsequent singles fiasco, were flops that she could really have done without! I mean what better way to kick start a 4th decade than with a 14th number 1 single and 12th number 1 album? Not to mention her golden globe and tour... Instead Interscope messed up! Stats like that are LOVED by the media, they find it impossible to criticise her when she statistically is hitting the mark, so after her golden globe win, it just slid down hill from there, every slight failiure the press just went with it until any achievement in this era became lost in her magnified failiures!

And now we have her total disloyalty to her Australian fans! Never thought i would say this but it wont be the press her bring her down, it will be her own ruthless, greedy self! In my opinion she has rushed the whole era, putting money above her artistic integrity and her fans desires. Her management are totally out of touch with her fan base, and Madonna? In it for the cash now. Its sad when you hear William Orbit complaining that she spent more time promoting perfume, shoes and movies instead if focusing on her music... He hit the nail on the head, and its sad. MDNA could have been the album of the decade, sadly it wasnt because of her investments elsewhere... For me this gave rise to a slightly average tour, it was good, but it lacked consistency and spectacle, it was not what we were promised considering that her manager stated we were to expect her biggest tour ever! Maybe in revenue but not in the artistic stakes! It annoys me even more to think we were told her album promo got put on hold so they could focus on giving us the best tour ever! It wasnt, and in my opinion that sentiment reflects the whole era... Its just about the money, and thats sad. At least GaGa tries to improve on herself and delivers... Madonna? Feels like shes just going through the motions now.


Finally an intelligent article that speaks about the truth. You can't permanenty be the most innovative for decades but the point is M still keeps on going and doesn't give a s..t about those saddos who would love her to be gone ages ago. I think the more she has to confront this type of ugliness the more she has the will to continue! Go girl!!


Life goes on darling...I do miss the 90s and 2000s as well but they've long gone. There always been things she has done I might have disliked but at the end of the day she's always been at the top. How many female artists can claim to have filled stadiums in their thousands over 4 decades? Can't hear you...


@Jesse: when on earth will people like you realise that your comments are like those of a 12yo One Direction fan. criticising M's work constructively does NOT make you not a true fan.

Some of these obsessive fans really need to grow up a little and accept that you do not need to constantly kiss M's butt to be a fan.

Even M herself is critical of some of her work. Just look at her retrospective comments about the DWT tour and how she wasn't really that happy with it.

Obsessives - get over yourselves and accept that ALL opinions are valid... Even if they don't line up with yours. It's part of being a mature adult.

Jesse Santillano

Then you are not a true fan. We won't miss you.

B Mala

with do all respect I have to say that from Hard Candy and most of the songs of this album I feel so disappointed. There's bunch of unreleased songs that really suit her and I feel that the "girl role" is not for her anymore. I like Madonna the woman, I dont like Madonna the one competing w Rihanna, or Britney or Gaga. I like the Madonna that never care about all those bitches and still perform a show her way, not a manager's way, nor her kid's way. Im sorry but I miss the Madonna of the 90's and 2000..

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