Madonna booed in Paris over show length
Fan Pictures: Paris Olympia (Part 2)


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Her first concert tour ever began in Seattle, WA. The second date was in Potland, Oregon. She hasn't performed in Portland (aside from the awful Body of Evidence) since 1991. And this tour marks the first time she's been to Seattle in maybe two decades; I think the last time was 1987. So, when she hardly performs in major cities in her own native country, it's a surprise that people expect her to go to NZ.


I too wish she'd gone to Australia and New Zealand. Each time she's toured I've been so disappointed on the behalf of her fans in that part of the world when it has turned out that she's not touring there after initial rumours that she would.

For an artist of her financial clout, there's no excuse.

At the very least she should, by now, after all these years, have done some smaller scale performances. It costs a fortune to have equipment moved to that part of the world, but it is possible at her level of financial success... and at her level of ticket pricing.

I feel bad for the fans there, and I want you all to know that some of us (many of us? have been wishing for you to be part of her touring schedule, and we don't think that it's right that the part of the world you live in keeps being missed out.

I hope she makes it up to you soon, if making it up to you is still possible after all these years.

In the meantime, from me a fellow fan, a big hello to you all :-)


She could have spent that money to come to Australia
Gee I guess she hasn't done the same for her American, italian or other countries. Yes arrogance does love company

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