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Fan Pictures: London's Hyde Park (Part 3)

A pistol-packing Madonna sees off the young pretenders

UK newspaper The Daily Mail shockingly gives Madonna's Hyde Park show a good review (apart from complaining about her baring her bottom):

Her current world tour has so far been noteworthy for the controversy she has whipped up in various European cities.
She flashed her right breast in Istanbul, the left one in Paris, and, when in Rome, even lowered her trousers to bare her backside.
So it was no surprise that Madonna was up to some of her old tricks again last night as she began the UK leg of her MDNA tour in Hyde Park.
But while the 53-year-old singer gave fans another brief but wholly gratuitous glimpse of her derriere during the song Human Nature, she did at least put the onus back on her music with a spectacularly accomplished open-air show.
Unlike Bruce Springsteen at the weekend, she also finished her set before any local council curfew and thus avoided having any plugs unceremoniously pulled.
The Queen of Pop’s latest album, also titled MDNA, provided the bedrock for a two-hour show that sent out a powerful message to any young pretenders eyeing up her crown.
That album reiterated her credentials as a dancing queen, and the singer got immediately into the groove as she opened the show with the shuddering electronics of Girl Gone Wild.
But, her desire to shock aside, Madonna didn’t become the most inventive female pop star of her generation by turning herself into a human jukebox recycling old hits. And, on this showing, she remains one of the greats.

For the full review visit www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/reviews


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That she is! Madonna is one of Rock's greats
-whether mourning the loss of youth and innocence in Like a Virgin or remaining a brilliant rocker in newies like Celebration and latest hit Turn Up the Radio-Her Madgesty Ciccone gives everything she has and that's why we love her. The Tree of Life is there for all of us! Madonna=Brilliance!


Yada yada yada

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