Fan Pictures: Milan (Part 2)
Florence 'Celebration' and 'I'm Addicted' soundchecks


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was expecting another treatment - where its about a younger couple --- and in the end, it's actually an older couple surviving decades of a relationship --- just Madge with her fans. :D


Let alone the press giving her shit on a daily even the self-proclaimed "fans" are bitching about everything she does. How can you judge a video before its release? I'm not saying I approve/like anything she does (i.e. flashing her nipple in front of 70.000 people)but if you look at the greater picture it's all part of her history - which is partly our history too. I feel blessed and proud to be a Madonna fan...I never got bored in the past 25 years. Long live the Queen!


@Fitsy: your comments - which I agree with - are totally different from those you post on The Daily Mail web site, where you defend M and this "era" to the hilt! Hilarious!


Fear enough about the above comments! At the end of the day, we live in a country where "freedom of speech exists"... So, do not go to the MDNA tour, do not buy the forth coming single "Turn up the radio", do not listen to Madonna if you believe she is no longer relevant!... please do not be a dick!


so much bitching about this, how are some of you madonna fans? She's been doing this 30 years, her artistic peak has passed. Sit back, relax, enjoy the music and enjoy the show. Almost NO artist with her longevity has a huge fan base that wants to hear NEW music. Imaging going to a Paul McCartney show or even a U2 show and hearing 5-10 new songs? BLAH! Be happy she does more than 1 new song per show and puts effort into their performances, and stop bitching!


It be awersome if she did gang bang n had guy in the video. like pink did with so what of at. A lookalike the song has so much depth pain love n angry i mean they must speak they share children that would draw lots of a attention and amazing video the concert version is amazing


WHY is she even bothering with another single from this album?!?! We all know it will recieve NO promotion, haphazard release schedules for the physical formats and just about no interest from the media! Shes got her ticket sales, do us all a favour, save the fans the heartache and just wrap up this disasterous era! Im so tired of all this commercial failiure from her! Its incredible how little i feel for this tour and album because of Guy Oseary's dreadful ignorance toward the fans opinions, he just keeps blundering along ranting on about money and ticket sales. That is NOT why i became a fan, this video will also be yet another yawnfest like Miles Away, Give it 2 Me and Celebration... Shes so uninspired its untrue! No wonder her lack of interest gave birth to the likes of GaGa! And she criticises GaGa fir plagiarism?! Maybe Madonna should be focusing on her own artistic integrity instead of calling into question those around her! She has become lazy, money obsessed and totally uninspired!


Of course we cant expect much from her. Give herself a credit though. She's 54. Move around like 18-year-old-virgin is almost impossible. Anyway, hopefully this will turn up to be the most successful single from MDNA (Mr. Manager, do your part to promote this. I don't want it to be one of the underrated album).

Sebastian Perez

Third single...I must admit, "turn up the radio" is not my favourite song in the album...Gang bang as a third single? I love the song but let's be honest... it would not have any airplay at all due to the lyrics...So, I have to agree that "Turn up the radio" is the best choice as a third single... Madonna not making good videos? Well, how about all the videos made throughout her career...She has always established the standards on the MTV channel...Doesn't she move? Shoul I remind some people what she is like on the stage? Have you ever read the reviews of the superbowl halftime? I bet you did not..."BEST SHOW ON THE PLANET"... Does she need another number one? Does she need another hit? Does she need another number one album? Check how much money she will make after this world tour! Who would another number one then....? With all my respect, Miss Gaga has produced good music...And she deserves a lot of respect as an artist like other female singers such as Kylie, Britney, etc....Who is still filling massive venues? Who is still the best female recording artist? I do not need to answer this question... For many people, when I turned 54, I will not have do this and that because society dictates so!I am glad I will be enjoying life for another 16 years before I turn 54!!!....How pathetic! I wish I will look as good as she does right now when I turn just 40!!....


I resonate with V - what really happened to Madonna? When did she manage to forget how to dance? She can barely walk on those high heels, her facial expressions are painful. The very last videos where she really danced were hung up and sorry. There is absolutely nothing catchy or artistic about what she is doing right now. Her singing sucks, reminds me the first Like a Virgin vocals, she doesn't do any public interviews, and when she does, she can't talk, her last two tours are damn boring and repetitive. She should have stuck to WB, which made sure she makes good music first, then tours. Just sad...very sad.


now everyone needs to bombard their radio stations with requests for this song. let's get Madonna back on top!


Yay the 1st single off the album I like! Follow it up with love spent and gang bang and the album might have a second chance. ;)


Woohoo coolio!


Awesome!! I can't wait to see the finished work. It looks like they're having a blast though lol. Wish I was there too!!


oh god another video where she just stands there and the dancers do all the moving around
like jump,celebration,Give it to me,and many others.the only reason she is not doing Gang Bang as a video is cuz she knows just sitting around behind a blue screen would show how she is going through the motions at this stage in her career. she puts effort into her first video maybe second of her latest albums.. by the third its over video wise. I'll cut off my tongue is this video shows her doing anything besides just sitting in a car or walking around while everyone else does something cool. I hate lady gaga but at least she bothers to do a good video. I wanted gang bang but that vid would require alil effort on her part and that would be silly for her so she will just mouth lyrics barely move and the dancers will have all the fun .. ugh.....What happend to her!? its like she does not care ..


Looks like fun times! :)

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