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Smirnoff VIP Limited Edition 'Tag' Version

Fans in the UK who are still having trouble locating an 'Experience Madonna' limited-edition Smirnoff bottle can try and get their hands on this version that is stocked exclusively in Tescos.
It does not come in the presentation box but only with a tag attached - although the tag does give you a code to access the special content website.


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alcohol is not inherantly bad for you except in excess. if you drink in excess that is on you, personal responsibility. cigarettes on the other hand are cancer causing agents, that is a known fact now. alcoholism has to do with addictive personality not a disease. everything is not a disease and you can't blame everything on everyone else. take responsibility for your own actions.

I Think I Love You

'CircusNY' - I've worked in the entertainment business for more than twenty years. Yes, that's right. Movie makers, TV commercial makers, pop promo makers and other music makers have all paid me to work with them. Don't you think I know promotion and sponsorship is part of this business? Thanks for assuming otherwise... (That goes for 'Guy' as well - I used the term "THIS promotion" because I'm not so happy with THIS particular product - not because I'm against the financial reasons of promotion per se, obviously!! And anyway, she's been in adverts and promoted products both before and after good work like Ray Of Light, so your "artistic excellence and integrity has now majorly taken a back seat, in favour of endorsements" statement is totally groundless - rubbish). I'm trying to start an intelligent debate on morally questionable products tied in to Madonna's tour, when there are so many products out there that have no such stigma, that could have been used instead. 'Jeffrey' is the only person so far to have seen where I'm coming from and taken up the mantle. But I disagree with you and I have this to add: Yeah, a lot of people drink, and I'm sure we've all sipped vodka, but how many people have ended up glugging it as alcoholics, further down the road? It's not a great example to set, promoting this. A lot of people smoked back in the 60s and 70s, and there was a lot of sponsorship on motor racing cars from cigarette companies. That's all changed now hasn't it? Some things are bad for a lot of people, and those products shouldn't be promoted so readily. Give me a good reason why they should. A *GOOD* reason. Not a "most people do it so it's fine" sort of reason. That's a bit "the dog ate my homework" sort of a reason - not good enough.


madonna may not drink, but most people do so there is nothing wrong with this promo.


and when she does drink its vodka lol


@I Think I Love You:

As a lifelong Madonna fan and supporter, M is now well and truly in Jessie J territory:

"It's all about the money, money, money".

It would appear that artistic excellence and integrity has now majorly taken a back seat, in favour of endorsements.


relax guys...

we have ALL sipped some...
whats the big deal?

EVERY artist has a PROMOTER for each tour!
Its business....

dont take it personal:)~

I Think I Love You

I can't believe this promotion. Madonna comes across as a very moderate drinker indeed, preferring mineral water to alcohol mostly, it seems. And here's her name and image attributed to one of the strongest spirits you can buy - vodka!!! It's like the Dalai Lama or the Pope putting their names to and promoting the next book by Richard Dawkins!!


What a she is a queen of vodka? Why is she selling herself so bad??

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