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Events: Birmingham Post Show Party

It's party time! Following Madonna's amazing concert at Birmingham NIA, Eden Bar is hosting a massive Post Party for all us Die Hard Madonna Fans!

Thursday, 19 July 2012
21:00 until 02:00
The Eden Bar, 116 Sherlock Street, Birmingham, B5 6NB

Free Entry all night
Drink Promotions all night
Eden's DJ Dan spinning the tunes all night long

For more information visit or

This is a public event, so please invite others that are attending the concert!

Directions: Head to The Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre, you will then be on Hurst Street, walk down Hurst Street, through the gay village and at the bottom, you will find Eden bar facing you. From the Arena 10 minutes walk. Eden Bar is central.

Arianne Phillips On Working With Madonna

Last night, Persol fêted their annual ‘Magnificent Obsessions’ exhibit at the Museum of the Moving Image in Queens with costume designer Arianne Phillips as one of its honorees.
Mention Phillips’s name to anyone in the music or film industries and you’ll immediately notice a twinkle in their eye - the woman is legendary.
She’s worked as Madonna’s personal costumer for 15 years on top of an additionally long list of film credits. Most recently, she did the costumes for Madge’s current MDNA Tour which marks their fifth touring collaboration.
At the exhibit, which opens today through August 14th, you’ll find an entire section devoted to Phillips’s costumes for the Madonna-directed film, W.E, which focuses on the Duchess of Windsor’s controversial life.
Dutifully holding court beside her exhibited creations, we chatted with Phillips about what it’s been like to work with the queen of pop for over a decade.

You just designed the costumes for Madonna’s MDNA tour - is there a different process in designing those costumes compared with the ones on display here today?
In a way the conversation is very similar. I’ve worked with [Madonna] for 15 years and this is my fifth tour. Working on the film was unique because she was behind the camera with me and that was really great. She is a really aesthetically rigorous and curious person, really forward-thinking and always pushing herself.
I feel like I’m so grateful for the opportunity to have been with her on this journey for the past 15 years and to get to do so many diverse things. She’s such a prolific artist and to be able to collaborate with her in all of these different disciplines is an incredible opportunity that isn’t lost on me. I don’t take it for granted; it’s really been an exceptional experience.

To read the rest of the interview with Arianne visit

Milan (and Monte and Sasha) is ready for MDNA!

Madonna will be performing her second Italian show tonight in the city of Milan, tour dancer Sasha Mallory has tweeted this picture of fans earlier this afternoon already lined up and waiting to go into the stadium.

MDNA tour guitarist Monte Pittman also just tweeted a shot of fans that have been let inside the stadium, and are ready for the soundcheck!

If you are going to the Italian shows, madonnalicious would love you to share any reports or pictures from the show - and hopefully a look at the tourbook!

Please keep sending your submissions to us at

Hands off Madonna (and her nipples)

Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett gives her take on 'nipplegate' in this Guardian newspaper comment blog at

So Madonna flashed a nipple during a performance in Istanbul. Good on her. Why shouldn't older women flaunt their stuff?
Oh Gawd. Madonna's at it again. By which I mean being provocative, as everyone who has given the media even a cursory glance in the past 30 years will know. She has a bit of a back history with this stuff, after all: dry humping a black Jesus in the Like a Prayer video, snogging Britney, saying the f word on David Letterman, hanging out on a crucifix. Now she's gone and flashed her old lady nipple. Oh, the humanity! It seems Twitter twits such as Piers Morgan think her lady-nubs might not be entirely age appropriate. Cue internet outrage, articles in the Daily Mail, angry feminist backlash, and this piece.
Older women simply can't win. And despite the fact that Madonna is a veritable goddess of excellent pop campery, she is, to her detriment, also 53. Which is about the same age as my mum. Now, I'm not suggesting that my mum should start flashing people in Buckingham Waitrose, but that's because she's not a multimillion-dollar recording artist under pressure to keep things saucy. Madonna is, and if she chooses to flash her half-a-century-old nipples, by God, I defend her right to do it.
If you're a middle-aged woman, it's often said that, in the eyes of the media, you are invisible. However, proponents of that theory are forgetting one key fact: the Stifler's Mom/Mrs Robinson paradigm. Post-menopausal women recast as sexy older cougars who rob horny young men of their sexual innocence. In light of this, the message that Madonna and women her age are receiving is clear: go hot, or go home.
If you're an older man on the other hand, like Iggy Pop or Bruce 'The Boss' Springsteen, you can carry on doing your thing – which in Iggy's case is getting his crinkly bollocks out through the recognised medium of transparent trousers. Much to my disappointment, the perpetually hot and youthful Bruce is keeping his under wraps, but Iggy, despite the fact that he begins to resemble Frank Gallagher more by the day, is still flying the flag for pre-geriatric nudity. And why not?
There's an assumption that aged bodies are somehow shameful, that they cease to be sexual vessels, especially where women are concerned. Madonna, in her own way, is giving that cultural assumption a pretty categorical V sign.
I don't want to assume that Madonna flashing her nipple is some kind of post-modern commentary on patriarchal gender norms. Maybe she just wanted to experience the feeling the cool breeze of a thousand gay men's sighs caressing her nip. But since 'nipplegate' has officially become a thing, it's worth remembering that women's bodies and their activities are still regarded as common property.
What's even more ridiculous about this whole furore is how Madonna doesn't even look 53. Do you have any idea how hard she works to please you people? I read in Closer magazine the other day (and before you start, it's my job), that she covers herself in £500 moisturiser and sleeps in a plastic suit. And what does she get in return? All-round twit Piers Morgan saying it was 'the most desperate attempt in the history of music'.
Madonna is not desperate. She is sensational. Morgan is forgetting the myriad desperate moments that have graced musical history over the years – not least the Steps comeback tour. And in a world of quasi-pornographic pop booty shaking, Madonna's nipple is hardly shocking. It may not be my world, or my mum's world, or your world, but it's Madonna's world, and she's not letting go of it just yet, nor should she.

Madonna Flashes Butt in Concert Days After Nip-Slip Scandal

She's not sorry, indeed!
In Rome on Tuesday, during the latest stop for her MDNA tour, Madonna gave concertgoers a glimpse of something special - nearly mooning the audience in barely-there skivvies.
Days after exposing her nipple to fans in Istanbul - outraging some - during her song 'Human Nature,' the 53-year-old pop legend and mother of four pulled a similar stunt during the same number in Italy.
Clad in a sexy lace bra and trousers, with her blonde locks swept up in a dramatic retro 'do, the Grammy winner yanked down her black pants, revealing her posterior in a lacy, G-string bottom. (Appropriately enough, the 1995 song 'Human Nature' is all about Madonna's unapologetic stance for her explicit, edgy Erotica album and Sex book of the early '90s.)
The icon was criticized in some corners for showing her breast in Istanbul last week during the striptease routine.

From Us Weekly

Madonna's MDNA triple treat for Italian fans

Madonna's MDNA tour reaches Italy tonight with a show in Rome, followed by stops in Milan (Thursday) and Florence (Saturday)!

If you are going to these shows, madonnalicious would love you to share any reports or pictures from the show - and hopefully a look at the tourbook!

Just send your submissions to us at

Picture by @Speedylegz of the stadium in Rome ready for the show tonight!

Fuse's Ultimate NYC Concert Experience Sweepstakes!

At the end of the MuchMusic Video Awards show, Fuse will be giving away a trip for two to attend the concert of your choice at Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, The Theater at MSG or The Beacon Theatre in NYC.

Madonna is playing at Madison Square Garden on November 12, 2012, and if you enter you could win tickets to the NYC show!

To enter visit

Fan Pictures: Istanbul (Part 1)

madonnalicious reader Tommy attended the Istanbul show on Thursday 07 June. Here are his pictures and report from the fourth show of the tour:

The Istanbul show was amazing. The energy was so much better than Abu Dhabi. I could not help but notice Madonna was smiling more, dancing more, talking more. Of course it was probably 40 degrees cooler that night. The stadium was sold out and everyone had a great time. I did notice for Like A Virgin and Erotica she was a lot more sexually suggestive than in Abu Dhabi for obvious reason. I was in the pit in Abu Dhabi and in general admission for Istanbul and enjoyed Istanbul more!

Madonna Celebrates MDNA Tour After Party

To honour the Queen of pop's ONLY London date 17th July in Hyde park on her record breaking 2012 world tour, Madonnalicious Presents... Madonna Celebrates MDNA Tour After Party held in one of Soho's most decadent venues, Punk.

A party to celebrate Madonna's concert in Hyde Park, with proceeds going to St Stephen's Aids Trust. Hosted by Jonny Woo, with DJs including David Robson, Neil Prince, Kurt Hoffman and more. Plus Madonna raffle with rare and promotional 'MDNA', 'WE' and 'Truth or Dare'. items.

ONLY 200 tickets will be available and go on sale 9am 12th June 2012.
£8 from Ticketmaster at


Fan Pictures: Abu Dhabi (Part 4)

madonnalicious reader Willi was at Madonna's second MDNA show in Abu Dhabi show on Monday 04 June, here are his pictures and report:

It was such an incredible experience to be in the Golden Triangle. Such luck! Madonna looked incredibly beautiful and she kicked butt. What a star with loads of smiles for the crowd.
It was an unforgettable evening as we waited patiently for her to appear, which she did at 10.45 pm only. I don't think anyone in the world can better this production. It is epic.
Madonna is the world's greatest and most hard working stage performer. She won't disappoint.

Madonna performs in Istanbul

Madonna hit the stage in Istanbul as part of her European MDNA tour on Thursday night.
Over 55,000 fans queued for hours outside the Turk Telecom Arena to see the pop diva perform for the first time in 20 years.
Judging by the crowd's reaction, it was worth the wait.
'I am very excited to see Madonna again because I was in her first concert 19 years ago, now I am on my 30s and I am really excited to see her again.'
'It's great that Madonna is at Turkey in Istanbul for a concert, I think it's going to be once or twice in our lifetime it's a great crowd today, and we're really curious about what she will say about women in Turkey, Will she give any messages for women in Turkey.'
Istanbul was the latest gig on Madonna's world tour, next is Rome.


MDNA Tour 'Amazed And Shocked' Martin Solveig

Martin Solveig is going to be one busy guy for the next month. Most recently, the French DJ got the 2012 MTV Movie Awards crowd on their feet when he wowed everyone as the house DJ, remixing themes from classic movies like 'Star Wars' and 'Jaws.'
Solveig had a tight schedule during Movie Awards weekend, coming straight from overseas to Los Angeles for the big event. So what was Solveig up to? Well, he had just kicked off Madonna's MDNA Tour in Tel Aviv, Israel, as her opening act.
'I'm doing the opening so this is a completely different thing and so I discovered the whole show,' Solveig told MTV News. 'I was really amazed and shocked and there's so much going on.'
Solveig will be joining Madonna for several stops as she hits 26 European and Middle Eastern countries before returning to the United States on August 28 in Philadelphia. Solveig admitted that the idea of performing in front of massive crowds each night isn't the only exciting thing about being on tour, it's seeing his music come to life.
'To see the music that we made in the studio all of a sudden play to a massive audience with all those productions and sets, dancers,' Solveig said. 'Coming from France...we do shows and stuff, but it's not to that level. For me it's a shock.'
Solveig worked with Madonna on several songs off her chart-topping MDNA album, including the lead single, 'Give Me All Your Luvin.'
'We were working with no limits. I think the only thing that she said when we started was, 'I just want people to be able to dance to my music and connect easily with my music,' and also probably to take some risks at some point,' Solveig told MTV News in March. 'Other than this, it was open to any kind of experimentation.'
On Tuesday, Madonna announced that London dubstep duo Nero will open for her on the North American leg of her world tour.


Events: 'Madonna Undone'

MADONNA UNDONE, featuring world class impersonator Melissa Totten. Take a stroll through the extensive music vault of the Queen of Pop one week before she hits Hyde Park with this unique all live show. It's jazz. It's disco. It's acoustic. This is a one-of-a-kind, 100% live celebration of the music of the Queen of Pop covering the hits and uncovering those obscure songs that we never get to hear live or on the radio.
Acclaimed by Live Nation as a 'must see' for Madonna fans, you won't want to miss this.
Luis Camacho (Dancer, 1990 Blonde Ambition World Tour) says, 'Ms. Totten is the closest thing to the real Ms. none!!!'

Fashion Is Still Madonna's Passion

Madonna's MDNA Tour which opened in Tel Aviv on May 31st includes over 700 costumes elements, six costume changes for the Material Girl and costume changes for the dancers with each song. The show is already being heralded as her most stunning and grandest extravaganza ever.
Longtime Madonna stylist, Arianne Phillips, and her staff of 25 have put together an array of big name designers and emerging talent including Jean Paul Gaultier Couture, Brooks Brothers shirts and canes, Prada/MiuMiu shoes, club and street style innovators Jeremy Scott & Adidas, Dolce & Gabanna and several new creative partnerships, as well as her own Truth or Dare line encompassing lingerie and shoes that are scheduled to come out in the Fall.
The Material Girl's MDNA tour essentially runs the gamut from long time collaborators and new partners, fashion designers, retailers and artists along with dazzling elements of Swarovski crystals. 'I see Madonna as one of the greatest performing artists and entertainers of our generation,' commented Phillips, a two time Oscar nominee, who has collaborated with Madonna for over 15 years and four tours.
The wardrobe reflects new twists on familiar themes including spirituality, prophecy, light, super-vixen, Americana/sassy, majorette with a message, masculine, feminine, redemption and celebration.
With styles including Truth or Dare lingerie with crosses, colorful metal mesh tee shirts, specially designed accessories including gargoyle and bunny masks, Brooks Brothers shirts and canes, swords, gun holsters, jeweled accessories, mirrored track suits, Lord of War tee shirts, Phillips designed Joan of Arc ensembles, a majorette costume with a 1940's inspired silhouette and Shaolin warrior costumes, fashionistas will easily find a wide range of styles and likely some new trends.
Madonna's infamous attention to every last detail has called for each costume to be painstakingly assembled by Phillips and her team to match Madonna's vision of making each song an entity on to itself.
Madonna and pal Jean Paul Gaultier have taken their longtime gender-bending provocation of male and females roles to new heights and together have created a specially designed cage corset. 'They still have plenty to say,' said Phillips.
'In the spirit of having the opportunity to create characters and further inform the narrative of the show, I purposely choose to collaborate with not just fashion designers, but also with artists like Desi Santiago, Michael Schmidt and Erik Halley,' added Phillips. Madonna and Phillips also looked toward emerging fashion designers including Fausto Puglisi, Gio Diev, Paul Seville and Chromat.
Madonna's own fashion line, Truth or Dare including intimate apparel and shoes is well represented on the tour. 'It was super exciting to create pieces we have always wanted and needed, and that reflect the fashion 'DNA' of who Madonna is. And it's so great to create designs that people can buy and have a little bit of Madonna in their own life,' remarked Phillips.

From PRNewswire

Madonna's New Tour Wardrobe Salutes Female Warriors

Madonna kicked off her ambitious MDNA world tour in Tel Aviv last week, unveiling a whole new era of provocation that challenges the present and winks at its own past(s). The original Queen of Pop kept a lid on the visual elements of the show before the kickoff, creating a mystery with major payoff for her legions of international fans. The looks are as bold as any she's worn, and clearly pay homage to a pantheon of powerful female archetypes - including, of course, a nod to her own past glories.
The MDNA show kicks off dramatically: Madonna is cast as a holy crusader with rifles and a hijab, converging both the militarism of the Reinvention Tour era and the singer's ongoing interest in religious conflict. She's a 'sinner,' she says, and she likes it that way. She soon breaks into the murderous fantasia 'Gang Bang,' from the new record, which sees her assailing a series of wrongdoing males. Well, she did promise us couture, blood, and bruises! Of course, though, she prevails, ending the first set with a shattered crucifix and vanishing into a blinding white light.

To read the rest of the article visit:

Fan Pictures: Abu Dhabi (Part 3)

madonnalicious reader Engineer waleed alawadhi was at the second Abu Dhabi show on Monday 04 June, here are his pictures and report:

I was in the golden circle area, it was too hot, Madonna was sweating all the time, they were cleaning the stage from humidity during the whole show even when Madonna was performing because they were afraid she might slip! Despite all this Madonna was full of energy, she was at her best, I don't know how she handled the whole thing, but she said during the show that she is doing this for her fans, and it was just spectacular.

Monte Pittman on World Tour with Madonna

When people hear about Monte Pittman the first thing they usually think is Madonna AND Prong? Monte has established himself as an incredibly versatile artist and his primary secret weapon is the guitar he designed with Jarrel Guitars called the MPS. This guitar gives a ton of tonal combinations with our P-Rails, Vintage Hot Stack Plus & Custom Shop Dimebucker.
From Tel Aviv to Istanbul, Monte has been travelling with Madonna to provide powerful guitar lines to her hit songs.
Seymour Duncan’s Evan Skopp just recently returned from seeing Monte Pittman play with Madonna in Israel and had this to say:
'Watching a show like this was really amazing, even for someone who spends a lot of time attending shows. Everything, from the dancing and choreography to the lights, the video, the multi-media, the staging, and, of course, the instrumentation and guitar tones, were extraordinary.
These were the highest production values I’ve ever witnessed and this was the first night of the tour. Oh yeah, and Madonna was amazing in her own right. I was really proud to see her playing a guitar with our Custom Shop pickups.
And then there was Monte. He played his Jarrell MPS throughout the show, except for a couple of numbers which he played an acoustic or a Jerry Jones sitar.
His guitar was clear and present, right up front in the mix, and he had an incredible variety of tones, from classic rock to sludgy metal to synth pop sounds. It was amazing that one guitar could have so many voices.'

To read the full interview visit

Red carpet arrival for Madonna in Istanbul

Madonna arrived in Istanbul at about 8:30pm local time on Tuesday ahead of her Istanbul concert on Thursday 07 June after some 19 years.

Madonna came to Istanbul from Abu-Dabi with her children, and was welcomed at the airport with a red carpet arrival. Three planes brought Madonna's team to Turkey, along with dancers and musicians of 200.

Madonna’a plane was set to land at Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian part of Istanbul, but it landed instead at Ataturk Airport after obtaining landing permission.

From - thanks to Uygur

Charity Auction for NYC Madonna VIP tickets

Want to score seats in the Sold Out VIP section at either of Madonna’s performances at Yankee Stadium? Friends of Hudson River Park is auctioning VIP passes for her September tour dates. These sections are already sold out, so place a bid and support the Park!

All proceeds go directly to support operations and park programs, both of which receive no public funds. Head to Charity Buzz to bid on theses seats and help support Hudson River Park at the same time.

Fan Pictures: Abu Dhabi (Part 2)

madonnalicious reader Tommy was also at the second Abu Dhabi show that took place on Monday night - here are his pictures and thoughts from the night:

I am so lucky. Went to the second show in Abu Dhabi on June 4 also and while in line, we won Golden Triangle tickets again! I should have played the lottery yesterday!
Just like the first Abu Dhabi show, she came on at 10:30 and it was even MORE humid than the night before and Madonna was not happy with it. About 20 minutes into the show, she said, 'Shit, it is too fucking hot. You guys have to help me out singing. I hope you appreciate me being here.'
I think she then realized what she said and caught herself and made up stating, 'I am here for you because I appreciate my fans'.

Nero To Support Madonna On Her North American MDNA Tour

London's premiere dubstep duo NERO is pleased to announce that they will join one of the biggest tours of the fall: Madonna's MDNA Tour. Nero, which is British-born producers, remixers, DJs, and artists Dan Stephens and Joe Ray, will open for The Material Girl on the North American leg of her eagerly anticipated tour in support of her most recent album, MDNA on select dates including New York's Madison Square Garden, and Miami's American Airlines Arena. Nero will open the show with a DJ set, featuring live vocals from Alana.

Check for the list of North American MDNA dates Nero is playing at.

MDNA Tour Book Update

The wait is finally over! We are happy to announce that you will be able to get your copy of the MDNA Tour book as soon as the tour stops in Italy!
Get ready for some amazing photos by Mert & Marcus and special design by Giovanni Bianco!!


Are you going to the Rome show? Then please send scans/pictures/opinions of the tourbook to us at to share with other fans.

French far-right may sue Madonna over swastika video

France's far-right National Front said Monday it might sue Madonna if the US pop icon uses a video in her upcoming Paris concert showing party leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.
Madonna used the video as part of her stage show as she launched her keenly awaited 'MDNA' world tour in Israel last Thursday. The tour is due to take her to France for a Paris gig on July 14 and another concert a week later in Nice.
Louis Aliot, the National Front's vice-president and Le Pen's partner, said when asked by BFM-TV news channel if the party planned to sue the singer: 'We'll see when she plays in France.'
Le Pen, who was a candidate in last month's presidential elections, herself said Sunday that when 'old singers want to get people to talk about them, it's understandable that they do such extreme things.'
The video, which served as a backdrop for 'Nobody Knows Me', briefly showed Le Pen's forehead appear with a swastika on it before her whole face appeared, followed by an image resembling Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
The tour - Madonna's first since the wildly successful 'Sticky and Sweet' in 2008 and 2009 - will move on to Europe and the Americas, with concerts planned in a total of 80 countries.
It is expected to end in early 2013 in Australia.

From AFP Via Yahoo! News