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Works for me :)


Love the "Justify My Love" video! Absolutely brilliant, sexy and smart!


I agree, this is only a back drop for the show and I still think it looks amazing, how beautiful she looks no matter what age. It's a new version of Justify my love and it looks great. Well done Madonna and not damn it


David H:

Yet another obsessive who shuts down all debate whenever anyone posts any criticism of M.

Where have all these people come from? They never used to populate this site like they do now....


Umm yeah the point being if this was released now it wouldn't be a classic just crap because that's what it is......

David H

amazing re-work of Justify My Love!! LOVE IT!! very Stanley Kubrick/ Helmut Newton if feeling...

yet again more "but Madonna has done this before... let it go " BULLSHIT!! SO WHAT??!! this is a NEW UPDATES version of a CLASSIC..

is she supposed to sing it while crocheting or walking thru a field of wildflowers??!!!??

get a grip Madonna "fans"... you are all gonna be very miserable old people....[if you are not already]

Madonna looks amazing in this video... does she look 30 years old?? NO... however she looks like a AMAZING 53 year old woman who knows what she wants and how she wants it and isn't afraid to go for it!! I admire that quite a lot!!


I agree it's a load of shit what is she doing? She's been here before whips, leather, leather hats, I am bored by this. Love spent, girl gone wild, addicted, mastepiece AMAZING songs


beautiful, HOT, sexy, WOW.


She totally ruined the fabulous Justify My Love doesn't make any sense nor sound like a great song as it used to is all about fuck me, put it in me and fuck me...Damn it, Madonna!

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