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Katy Perry: 'I want to be like Madonna'

With her array of playful kitschy style stage outfits and rainbow of hair colours, she is clearly a star who prefers to keeps up an ever-changing image.
And this month is no different for Katy Perry who appears on the cover of Italian L'Uomo Vogue magazine with short curly blonde hair, as she reveals she is keen to emulate another successful pop artist.
'I think Madonna, especially early in his career, when she was laying the foundations of her character, has been able to evolve constantly, managing to give the audience at every appearance a new visual interpretation and concept of herself,' Katy tells the magazine in the accompanying interview.
'She was able to keep up the interest of the people, because you never knew with what she would come out with the next time.'
'And, regularly, has offered a solid and consistent musical product,' Katy added. 'I hope to do the same, to make sure that people continue to be interested in me and in ten years, to find out, looking back, I have produced songs that will never be forgotten.'

From www.dailymail.co.uk


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Lady Gaga has said she's Madonna biggest fan, and yet people want to say she pretends she doesn't know Madonna - - on the other hand, Madonna pretends not to know Lady Gaga. Hmm... Ignorance?


If only her voice wasn't ear splitting.


It's amazing how many of these people are delusional. Pop stars are great and all but come on now...

Sally sherhandra

Clap, cl fitsy to your moments. Thy all wannabe queens ,but they need to respect current ruler. Only Katy s capable of this anyway!


She needs to join the que because so does Kylie, Britney, Xstina, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, Beyonce, Cathy Dennis (that was), Beth Ditto, Shakira and any other female who came after her... Katy was being honest here, i like and admire that. Some performers use Madonna to get where they are but deny any influence or inspiration. Thats just lazy and rude, and to be honest in the long run, it works against them, check GaGa!!!

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