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Win VIP tickets to Madonna Celebrates MDNA Tour After Party

To honour the Queen of pop's ONLY London date 17th July in Hyde park on her record breaking 2012 world tour, Madonnalicious Presents... Madonna Celebrates MDNA Tour After Party held in one of Soho's most decadent venues, Punk.

The general admission tickets to this event are now sold out - but 'madonnalicious' is offering our readers the chance to win entry to the VIP 'madonnalicious' room!

The Competition:
The prize is a VIP Guest List and a table for two in the VIP 'madonnalicious' room with a bottle of champagne! Just answer the five questions below:

1 - Name Madonna's dance teacher?
2 - What year was her West End debut?
3 - Madonna's first single was ..., and in what venue was the first performance?
4 - Who did Madonna present an MTV Lifetime Achievement Award to in 1989?
5 - Who directed Madonna's 'Hung Up' video, and what other Madonna video did he direct?

Email your answers to [email protected] (along with your name and contact number). The competition will end at 18:00 GMT on Sunday 15 July. No entries will be accepted after this time. Terms and conditions are available here.
The winner will be announced on on Monday 16 July 2012.

Tickets will also be available to the VIP 'madonnalicious' room through ticketweb. Cocktail waiter service and table reservations available (minimum spend required), for enquiries contact Tam at [email protected]

ONLY 20 WILL GO ON SALE Monday 02 July 2012 9:00am from ticketweb


Details on 'Golden Triangle' lottery

Live Nation have published this information on their website clarifying the 'golden triangle' lottery that is taking place for most European MDNA tour shows:

Prior to opening the doors MDNA tour staff will start randomly selecting fans from the general admission lines to get a chance to receive a Golden Triangle wristband. These lines include Early Entry (where applicable), Golden Circle and general admission. We ask of you to remain calm and orderly.
If you win, you along with ONE FRIEND will receive a wristband. There are a limited amount of wristbands for the triangle.
For the safety of all, we will ask you to sit in the line while we do the random selection with our Ipad. We appreciate your support with this. We will have the assistance of security to help organize prior to the start of the selection. If the line becomes unruly, we will have to stop the procedure.

Thanks to Darrie

Smirnoff VIP Limited Edition 'Tag' Version

Fans in the UK who are still having trouble locating an 'Experience Madonna' limited-edition Smirnoff bottle can try and get their hands on this version that is stocked exclusively in Tescos.
It does not come in the presentation box but only with a tag attached - although the tag does give you a code to access the special content website.

Madonna at Moscow's Grand Opening of Hard Candy Fitness

Hard Candy Fitness, the global luxury fitness brand will celebrate the success of its newest Moscow location with an official Grand Opening event on August 6.
Madonna, whose MDNA Tour arrives in Moscow in August, will be attending the festivities along with the dancers from her tour. Hard Candy Fitness Moscow , which opened its doors in December 2011 , has quickly become the hottest fitness destination to hit Red Square, boasting 3,500 square meters of top of the line amenities and programming allowing its members to work out hard and relax in luxury. Madonna's influence and design is seen and felt throughout this stunning new facility.
'Moscow is one of my favorite cities and my dancers and I are looking forward to celebrating at this beautiful club's official August 6th opening,' commented Madonna.
Mark Mastrov, chairman of New Evolution Ventures (NeV) who is in partnership with The Material Girl and her manager Guy Oseary in this endeavor, stated, 'The official opening of Hard Candy Fitness Moscow not only enhances the brand's global presence but solidifies our standard for excellence, innovation and distinction in the international fitness market. We're honored to have her attend our official grand opening event.'
Madonna's personal trainer Nicole Winhoffer is also scheduled to attend the VIP gala. Following the festivities at Hard Candy Fitness Moscow, the celebration will continue at a highly anticipated after party at SOHO ROOMS.
'We are thrilled to open our doors to the Moscow community and share the unique experience that makes Hard Candy Fitness not just a gym but a fitness destination unlike any other,' said Irina Razumova, CEO of Hard Candy Fitness Moscow. 'We're committed to bringing Madonna's dedication to fitness, supreme style and 'No Sweat, No Candy' philosophy to life within our four walls.'
Hard Candy Fitness Moscow incorporates high end design and finishes to the brand's signature 'Addicted To Sweat' group programming based on Madonna's own workout regime. Club highlights include a group fitness studio with a specialized dance floor, the first anti-gravity yoga studio in Moscow, a first class pool and spa, and the industry's most advanced workout equipment.
Hard Candy Fitness will celebrate its debut in South America this summer with a club opening in Santiago, Chile. A second location in Russia is planned for St. Petersburg, Russia later this year. The brand is expected to continue its expansion into destination cities around the world. For more information about Hard Candy Fitness Moscow visit

From CNW Press Release

Katy Perry: 'I want to be like Madonna'

With her array of playful kitschy style stage outfits and rainbow of hair colours, she is clearly a star who prefers to keeps up an ever-changing image.
And this month is no different for Katy Perry who appears on the cover of Italian L'Uomo Vogue magazine with short curly blonde hair, as she reveals she is keen to emulate another successful pop artist.
'I think Madonna, especially early in his career, when she was laying the foundations of her character, has been able to evolve constantly, managing to give the audience at every appearance a new visual interpretation and concept of herself,' Katy tells the magazine in the accompanying interview.
'She was able to keep up the interest of the people, because you never knew with what she would come out with the next time.'
'And, regularly, has offered a solid and consistent musical product,' Katy added. 'I hope to do the same, to make sure that people continue to be interested in me and in ten years, to find out, looking back, I have produced songs that will never be forgotten.'


Thank You, Madonna, for Still Being Madonna

Michelangelo Signorile has published this great piece at

Daytime TV host Wendy Williams got herself all worked up over Madonna's flashing of her bare breast two weeks ago during a concert in Istanbul, asking, 'Okay old lady how desperate can we get?' The women on 'The View' also weren't having it, and neither were Star Jones and ad man Donny Deutsch on the 'Today' show. But I think they're all missing the point, and definitely not getting the context.
Yes, Madonna is striking out at the ageist critics who say woman of her age should act a certain way. In that sense she's doing what she's always done, pushing buttons about how women are supposed to behave. Now it's simply about how 50-something-year-old women are to behave. And yes, she has great breasts, on a par with those of many 30-year-olds, so why shouldn't she flaunt them?
But more significant is context, lost on the critics entirely. Madonna didn't show her nipple in New York or Los Angeles or Miami. She did it in Turkey, a predominantly Muslim country where many women do not show much of their bodies in public, and where women's rights are under attack by a conservative government, sending many marching into the streets in recent weeks.
Back in the 1980s, when Madonna burst on the scene, the U.S. was in a scary place on the issue of homosexuality. For a generation of gay men, Madonna was our antidote. As our friends died around us during the callous Reagan era, as conservatives like William F. Buckley Jr. called for putting tattoos on people with AIDS, as Senator Jesse Helms was writing laws against us, Madonna was pushing back culturally.
She struck at the Catholic church. She flaunted sexuality. She crashed through stereotypes about gender. She did in those very oppressive years what Lady Gaga does for gays more overtly in this much more gay-accepting time.
So, by assertively flashing her nipple in Istanbul, Madonna was, in the cultural realm, doing something similar for the women of Turkey, perhaps helping to liberate them just a little bit. And what would she follow that up with? A few days later, last week in Rome, she flashed her butt to the crowd. I happened to be in Rome, and I got a chuckle when some in the Italian media actually took note that Madonna's ass was facing the Vatican. Was she mooning the Pope?
Last night I appeared with PR guru Howard Bragman on Joy Behar's new show on Current TV, and Howard made the point that Wendy Williams scored simply by having her name in the same headline with Madonna's.That may be true. But Madonna always scores bigger in these battles, and with her, so do we all.

Mika on Madonna hook-up: 'She wasn't asking for my opinion'

Mika has said that the first time he heard Madonna's 'Gang Bang' was when the record was released.
The singer-songwriter penned the original version 'Bang Bang' with Priscilla Rene but the track ended up on Madonna's latest album MDNA.
'Madonna heard the song because William Orbit presented it to her and I didn't know,' Mika told wotyougot.
'As far as I was concerned it was just a song I was writing for myself. Madonna liked it and recorded her version and in the end she adapted it.'
'I was never in the studio with Madonna. The song got changed countless times and in the end it was called 'Gang Bang' - probably because there were so many people who worked on it!'
He added: 'It's kind of cool - It's my favourite thing off that last record. It's kind of grown up in a weird sort of way. It's got this bitterness about it, which is kind of cool to hear.'
'I heard the finished product along with everyone else. She certainly wasn't asking for my opinion. I don't think she was interested!'

From Digital Spy

Deadmau5 continues feud with Madonna, attacks David Guetta

In today’s media universe, there are two ways to get big. The first is to put your heart into your craft, work tirelessly toward promoting that art, and associate yourself with like-minded individuals who will help push and challenge you as you move forward.
Or you can just talk to a magazine and say some terrible things about people more famous than you.
In a not-at-all-surprising turn of events, international superstar and electronic head piece enthusiast deadmau5 (real, less silly name: Joel Zimmerman) spent part of his interview in the new issue of Rolling Stone talking smack about Madonna and David Guetta.
For those of you who might not pay attention to the ramblings of a DJ, Zimmerman got upset a few months ago when Madonna made references to 'molly' (slang for the active ingredient in ecstasy) at the Ultra Music Festival. He took to Twitter to blast her, and apparently it still sticks in his craw. 'That’s like talking about slavery at a blues concert,' Zimmerman told Rolling Stone. He also referred to the Material Girl as a 'funky grandma.' 'If you’re gonna come into my world, at least do it with a little more dignity,' he added.
He wasn’t done tearing down other people who have helped make his brand of music profitable and palpable for the pop masses. 'David Guetta has two iPods and a mixer and he just plays tracks,' Zimmerman said. 'Like, ‘Here’s one with Akon, check it out!’ Even Skrillex isn’t doing anything too technical. He has a laptop and a MIDI recorder, and he’s just playing his s-.'
Making friends and influencing people - that’s the deadmau5 way!
What do you think of his attacks on Madonna, Guetta, and Skrillex? Does Madonna owe it to anybody, considering she was mainstreaming dance music well before Zimmerman knew what a crossfade was? And isn’t comparing getting high at a rave to slavery a pretty absurdly facile analogy? Actually, we’ll go ahead and answer that last one: Yes. Yes it is.


Spanish press on Madonna's first night in Barcelona

The Spanish press were full of news about Madonna's first night in Barcelona yesterday - as these internet reports (in Spanish) below show:

El Mundo:
El Pais:
La Vanguardia:
El Periodico de Cayalunya:
Periódico Qué:
La Razón:

Thanks to Juanpe

Players on guard over Madonna's Etihad Stadium plans

Australian newspaper The Herald Sun published this story about a possible Madonna date in Melbourne, and the problems this may cause:

Two years ago players were guaranteed that no pre-season concerts would be taking place at the stadium following the impact a series of AC/DC shows had on the turf, but that deal no longer exists, leaving the Stadium able to host one of the world's biggest pop acts.
AFL Players' Association executive Ian Prendergast said that 'if they were looking at scheduling a concert early next year, that's something we would be interested in being involved in.'
Madonna will visit Australia for the first time in 20 years, and industry sources said she was too big for the city's indoor venues and, while the MCG is an option, the Docklands stadium is the likely fit.
Etihad management is confident any Madonna concert, or concerts, would be held in January, giving it enough time to do any necessary repairs to the turf.
'Of course we would be very interested in hosting Madonna concerts if she chooses to perform in Melbourne,' Etihad Stadium spokesman Bill Lane said.
'We don't think the performances will have any impact on the upcoming AFL season, bearing in mind a deal hasn't been struck yet so we are talking hypotheticals. We don't want to be pre-emptive because we don't know where it's going.'

Vote: Billboard 2012 Mid-Year Music Awards

Fans can vote for Madonna in Billboard's 2012 Mid-Year Music Awards that are taking place online now:

You can vote for Madonna in these categories:

First Half MVP
Favorite #1 Album
Memorable Feud - Madonna vs Lady Gaga
Best Festival Performance - Avicii ft Madonna at Ultra
Best Televised Performance - Superbowl

madonnalicious also suggests adding 'Girl Gone Wild' for Best Video, 'MDNA Tour' for Best Tour, and that the MDNA Tour is the 'Most Anticipated Music Event of 2012's Second Half.' To vote visit:

Thanks to Alex and David

Last few tickets: Madonna Celebrates MDNA Tour After Party

To honour the Queen of pop's ONLY London date 17th July in Hyde park on her record breaking 2012 world tour, Madonnalicious Presents... Madonna Celebrates MDNA Tour After Party held in one of Soho's most decadent venues, Punk.
A party to celebrate Madonna's concert in Hyde Park, with proceeds going to St Stephen's Aids Trust. Hosted by Jonny Woo, with DJs including David Robson, Neil Prince, Kurt Hoffman and more. Plus Madonna raffle with rare and promotional 'MDNA', 'WE' and 'Truth or Dare'. items.

Due to overwhelming demand the organisers of the Madonna Celebrates MDNA Tour After Party have released a FINAL 20 tickets today - if you thought about going and haven't booked yet then now is your last chance!

£8 from Ticketmaster at


Madonna's private art tour

Madonna enjoyed a two-hour private tour of an Italian art gallery at the weekend.
The 53-year-old singer was accompanied by boyfriend Brahim Zaibat and her 11-year-old son Rocco to the Uffizi gallery in Florence and was particularly interested in the pagan works in the art museum, which is home to famous works by Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giotto, Titian and Sandro Botticelli.
Museum chief Cristina Acidini told 'Madonna was very interested in all the works in the museum...
'She was particularly taken by Botticelli's Birth of Venus and spent several minutes in front of the work asking questions and wanting to know all about it. I got the impression she was very interested to hear all about pagan and sacred mythology and she wanted to know all about the philosophy of the works that we have in the Uffizi.'
The 'Hung Up' hitmaker - who is also mother to Lourdes, 15, David, seven, and six-year-old Mercy - visited the museum after hours and was given expert information from museum staff.
Cristina added: 'There is a fee for this but it's something we don't really discuss but the price does include all the services of the staff who have to stay behind and who were able to offer commentary on the exhibits.'