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French far-right may sue Madonna over swastika video

France's far-right National Front said Monday it might sue Madonna if the US pop icon uses a video in her upcoming Paris concert showing party leader Marine Le Pen with a swastika on her forehead.
Madonna used the video as part of her stage show as she launched her keenly awaited 'MDNA' world tour in Israel last Thursday. The tour is due to take her to France for a Paris gig on July 14 and another concert a week later in Nice.
Louis Aliot, the National Front's vice-president and Le Pen's partner, said when asked by BFM-TV news channel if the party planned to sue the singer: 'We'll see when she plays in France.'
Le Pen, who was a candidate in last month's presidential elections, herself said Sunday that when 'old singers want to get people to talk about them, it's understandable that they do such extreme things.'
The video, which served as a backdrop for 'Nobody Knows Me', briefly showed Le Pen's forehead appear with a swastika on it before her whole face appeared, followed by an image resembling Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.
The tour - Madonna's first since the wildly successful 'Sticky and Sweet' in 2008 and 2009 - will move on to Europe and the Americas, with concerts planned in a total of 80 countries.
It is expected to end in early 2013 in Australia.

From AFP Via Yahoo! News


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I Think I Love You

'Extreme things'?!!! Holding the views that the National Front hold, like dividing people on trivial grounds and other displays of their own particular brand of hatred and intolerance is 'extreme'. Simply showing images of *anyone* during a pop concert is neither here nor there. It's just some pictures on a screen. How stupid of Le Pen not to grasp this before opening her mouth! The word 'extreme' is lost on her. She plainly has no understanding of it. Poor woman has completely lost all sense of scale and proportion. Typically, this is to be expected as 'not seeing the wood for the trees' is a classic blinkered NF trait.


The question is why suing Madonna? Did she made the backdraft? Why they need to sue if its not true?


Le French are being tres silly, perhaps! Need to relax, this entertainment, not to be taken so seriously, gee whiz, lighten from some good west coast friends in Merica! Sibuplez, merci!


What I love about Madonna!


'old singers want to get people to talk about them, it's understandable that they do such extreme things.' what a f-ing joke. when old politicians begin to pontificate as to how the population should live their lives and dictate to them what their morals should be, it makes sense that they get upset when people speak out against them or compare them to a totalitarian regime. Its sort of comforting to know that these people dont only exist in canada or the US. but at the same time, this b*tch needs to grow a thicker skin and if she can dish it out, she better be able to take it.

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