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Details on 'Golden Triangle' lottery

Live Nation have published this information on their website clarifying the 'golden triangle' lottery that is taking place for most European MDNA tour shows:

Prior to opening the doors MDNA tour staff will start randomly selecting fans from the general admission lines to get a chance to receive a Golden Triangle wristband. These lines include Early Entry (where applicable), Golden Circle and general admission. We ask of you to remain calm and orderly.
If you win, you along with ONE FRIEND will receive a wristband. There are a limited amount of wristbands for the triangle.
For the safety of all, we will ask you to sit in the line while we do the random selection with our Ipad. We appreciate your support with this. We will have the assistance of security to help organize prior to the start of the selection. If the line becomes unruly, we will have to stop the procedure.

Thanks to Darrie


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get the picture

oh, you whinos wit benjamins.. :)

i for one think the pit lottery is a sweet idea for fans.. smth to liven things up, such an amazing surprise - especially if you've braved the merciless midday sun on Barcas asphalt since noon.. what else is there to say than - 'i was beat, incomplete, i'd been had, i was sad and blue, but You made me feel, yeah, You made me feel SHINY&NEW!' ;)

Thank You M, for such a brilliant show!
Once again You've managed to top the game & Yourself! Keep rocking!

+ shout out to nr1 fan - GuyO! excellent job! abs beautiful & cool production, keep on!

see You in Paris


I also paid for the presale code thinking that I would be able to get great seats in the second tier pricing, ha! joke on me, I got decent seats but if I had waited for tickets to go on sale to the general public I could have gotten better tickets than I did with a PAID fan presale! I am a little ticked also.


the way live nation handles ticketing is atrocious. i don't understand how general admission (standing) floor tickets are less expensive than being in the seats by over half (at least for Atlanta show). General admission tickets are $106 (of course sold out) and the rest of the lower level of the arena is $352? WTF?!?

Moscow guy

the whole ticket sales thing is a mockery of the old fans...
i got a really expensive ticket with pre-sale code and now those are still available for the moscow show and the price has gone down!))
feel screwed). general public gets it easier and cheaper))
livenation sucks and screws madonna fans! can somebody make madonna's management aware of it?


This is utter bullshit! I've paid for Golden Circle standing tickets at Hyde Park so I could be near the front and now someone who's paid LESS money will be NEARER to the stage and Madonna than me!!


Agree with Leighla. Not to mention when the seats in Toronto appeared on the site to be gone, I decided to look elsewhere to get vip seats, so I tacked on trip to NY plus big money for seats. To make things worse, once I checked back again weeks later Toronto VIP seemed to be plentiful for both nights. To top it all off I purchased a passcode to get early access in Toronto, figuring i'd get good seats that way before any of this VIP seats, and despite the code I couldn't get any seats, there were none available. I was out money before I considered VIP seats, and I had almost said to hell with it, im getting ripped off left, right and center.

So take note concert organizers (because I know Madonna has nothing to do with that aspect of the show) it's quite discouraging, and I feel like I've been had.


A lottery mainly for those who is there with one friend only. What if you´re there joined by two friends. Will you choose one of them with you and leave the third one alone, maybe after months of planning to experience and celebrate the show together? I dont think so. But I do understand that some rules and limits are needed for the lottery. So I accept it.


Kind of makes a mockery of all who paid full whack for the privilege. Can you tell I'm slightly miffed !

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