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Deadmau5 continues feud with Madonna, attacks David Guetta

In today’s media universe, there are two ways to get big. The first is to put your heart into your craft, work tirelessly toward promoting that art, and associate yourself with like-minded individuals who will help push and challenge you as you move forward.
Or you can just talk to a magazine and say some terrible things about people more famous than you.
In a not-at-all-surprising turn of events, international superstar and electronic head piece enthusiast deadmau5 (real, less silly name: Joel Zimmerman) spent part of his interview in the new issue of Rolling Stone talking smack about Madonna and David Guetta.
For those of you who might not pay attention to the ramblings of a DJ, Zimmerman got upset a few months ago when Madonna made references to 'molly' (slang for the active ingredient in ecstasy) at the Ultra Music Festival. He took to Twitter to blast her, and apparently it still sticks in his craw. 'That’s like talking about slavery at a blues concert,' Zimmerman told Rolling Stone. He also referred to the Material Girl as a 'funky grandma.' 'If you’re gonna come into my world, at least do it with a little more dignity,' he added.
He wasn’t done tearing down other people who have helped make his brand of music profitable and palpable for the pop masses. 'David Guetta has two iPods and a mixer and he just plays tracks,' Zimmerman said. 'Like, ‘Here’s one with Akon, check it out!’ Even Skrillex isn’t doing anything too technical. He has a laptop and a MIDI recorder, and he’s just playing his s-.'
Making friends and influencing people - that’s the deadmau5 way!
What do you think of his attacks on Madonna, Guetta, and Skrillex? Does Madonna owe it to anybody, considering she was mainstreaming dance music well before Zimmerman knew what a crossfade was? And isn’t comparing getting high at a rave to slavery a pretty absurdly facile analogy? Actually, we’ll go ahead and answer that last one: Yes. Yes it is.



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What a foolish man. The Blues has roots in slavery.
And Madonna's title song is based on Molly/MDMA/Ecstasy.


Really, is this silly mouse is still talking about that? Really?

"Nobody's Perfect" - even M sang that...

@Cj - agree with you totally. There are a lot of 'obsessives' around at the moment who think it is their right to shut down debate if anyone does anything other metaphorically lick M's derriere.


I am by no means a madonna hater far from it, I think she has done alot for women since coming into the spotlight. BUT just because I respect her & have enjoyed her work in the past doesn't mean I have to lap up everything she does. Madonna herself has said her children are her best critics because they are truly honest if they don't like something and she respects it - that's it I don't like what she did - doesn't take away from the other 20+ years of work I like, so those getting a little too hot under the collar - take a deep breath and calm down & show some respect for people who have a different opinion to you. I wasn't being nasty or rude about her & its ok to disagree.


The only reason any of you know about it is that this deadmouse person keeps bringing it up, otherwise it would have been this obscure thing she said at a concert that would have gone right over most people's head, except those who had large dilated eyes.


Screw the haters on this site. It's a Madonna fan site and obviously you are just posing as fans to come on here and trash her. GET A LIFE. He's the one that's still going on with this NOT HER. Poor guy has no notoriety, so he has to keep on bringing this OLD story up, just to get some sort of press for himself. Sad, really.


As an ex-hardcore fan I have a right to articulate my dissapproval considering Madonna's latest efforts. Her album and tour is just disappointing. There's nothing fresh about her music and her show. Before the tour (after the Super Bowl) she confessed herself that she hasn't got any new ideas for her show. She is on tour because she had to go on tour - she has obligations. That's ok. She's a working girl but she lowered her standards. She isn't innovative. In her show she repeats herself, in her music instead of searching for new sounds, she hired producers who are on demand at the moment. Their mutual job is crap. Only "Love Spent" isn't annoying but still a repetition of lil' bit of "Hung up" and Orbit sound. And it has a chorus which is almost too catchy.
What happened to "Raising Malawi"??? What happened to all this money that went for the cause. Now I'm almost convinced that Madonna established that foundation just as a cover-up for her difficult adoption.


I wonder if he called her 'reductive'.


Anybody that follows Madonna's fan site, states that they're no longer on board with her....please walk the plank and take a dive off of the Mothership. Okay. That is all.


I agree with him!
Once again Madonna showed that she is a major hypocrite. She said many times that she is against using drugs and yet she wants to be "cool" among younger crowd and makes a reference to a drug name. Stupidity!
The same thing with her show. She shows violent video and kills her dancers on stage and sings "I want you to die bitch!" How disturbing is that??? and then suddenly she preaches about peace&love. What's the message madonna???
She just tries too hard to please everyone and to be relevant.
I was a huge fan - not anymore
There are much grater performers and much grater music out there.


Madonna has always talked about other artists, whether positively or negatively. Just Sayin'


Actually as a fan since 85 I am with him! I find it a little crass that a mother of 4 who has always taken a strong anti-drug stance (we know she tried e & didn't like it) to make a comment like that really naff! As for his comment on DG he has a point. I have always been a fan of Madonna but of late I am struggling with some of her antics, don't get me wrong getting old is a strange thing & its not for me to judge, just my opinion.

Gilbert U.

What do you think of his attacks on Madonna, Guetta, and Skrillex? I think he's desperate for some attention and needs to focus on his craft a bit more. One day the tide will turn and peeps are going to start talking crap about him. Oh wait a minute, he's still a "nobody" to the masses. Never mind.

Does Madonna owe it to anybody, considering she was mainstreaming dance music well before Zimmerman knew what a crossfade was? No, Madonna does not owe it to anybody to either apologize or even entertain this silly stuff.

And isn’t comparing getting high at a rave to slavery a pretty absurdly facile analogy? This is by far the dumbest comparison I've heard in a long time. Oh, wait. I heard some Republican pundits on CNN the other night sounding just as stewpid. Maybe deadmau5 can be a spokesperson for the Republican Party since NEITHER make any sense.


I think that was pretty fucking dumb of madonna to reference a drug that she doesn't take and will not take and says she doesn't condone taking just to be cool.

However, get over it! Everyone does X at those things and it wasn't that shocking.


She was pretty idiotic asking for molly, and her trying to cover it up was even more pathetic... Ive just lost the love for her, but can't help watching the train wreck get worse.


His immaturity alone, how can be so ignorant as to insinuate that everyone at a blues show would be black?? I personally think he's right about Guetta though. The man just uses generic beats.


Zimmerman is a retard, plain and simple. Almost everybody is on some drug or another when they go to see him, so what the hell is he even being all uppity about Madonna saying anything about Molly. And "my world?" Electronic music is not his world. Electronic music was going strong long before the loser was on this planet. He's a visitor to the world of electronic dance music, a crappy one at that. He needs to shut his mouth, once and for all. There's nothing quite like a bad DJ with an attitude problem.


Tell Zimmerman to take his mousemask off or shut the f*ck up! Did anyone ever see him as a person? Madonna is a person and she's not hiding behind some silly mask... Tell Deadmau5 to take of hís mask and say the same thing... Love you Mdna!


Zimmerman needs to shut his damn hole already and stop using Madonna's name to further his "so called" fame!! He's just another arrogant, self centered, pretentious child but what do you expect with someone who calls themselves "Deadmau5" LOL!! I'm fed up with all the youth today and their ageist attitudes!!


They ALL have their down tactics. They ALL call kettle black.

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