'Truth or Dare' in Boots
Aussie nanny's life after Madonna


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Just phone up you local sainsburys and ask do they stock it


Its looking like its not being stocked in all Sainsburys and Morrisons, Ive just rang sainsburys care line and they had no clue what i was on about! Slightly gutted because i really want one. Which store was that picture taken in? The one in sainsburys..


You can buy it on eBay check it out Madonna Smirnoff

Allie m

Ohhh I think I will buy one too and keep it...well I will TRY and not drink it ;-)

Sam (USA)

@ Louis Smith: had you had said you lived in the US, you post would have been more clear! I must say I just read your post and wondered if you had read the article, too!

Louis Smith

Errr..Yes indeed. Please forgive me. You see fellow Madonna fan, I Live in America. I dont know what, who or where this place is. But, let me thank you for being so kind, just like all fellow fans. Madonna would be so F N proud. Nobodys Perfect. I F#@+d up, I made a mistake, nobody does it better than myself.....Its about M. stay focus.


"please where can i buy a box. of this. Need it now.

Posted by: Louis Smith | Wednesday, 09 May 2012 at 10:06 PM "

Errrrrrrr, as the article says, Sainsbury's and soon Morrisons! :-o

Louis Smith

please where can i buy a box. of this. Need it now.


hhhmm I could buy, only to add to my collection, I don't like to drink :)


Are they coming to US too? If so when?


Will it be available in the U.S.?

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