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Madonna kicks off world tour in Israel

Pop music star Madonna treated tens of thousands of ecstatic fans in Israel to the inaugural show of her 'MDNA' world tour on Thursday, performing in a country where she has long claimed a special bond.
The 'Material Girl,' a devotee of a form of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, danced, bumped, grinded and vogued in flashy costumes to a raucous crowd at Ramat Gan stadium near Tel Aviv.
Madonna emerged on stage in a confessional, breaking through its glass window using a rifle, which she then aimed at the audience. She wore a skin-tight black outfit to sing her first song, 'Girl Gone Wild,' accompanied by dancers dressed as monks.
She went on to sing 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' and a mash-up of the classic 'Express Yourself' and Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way,' dressed as a marching band conductor.
While some artists have opted to boycott Israel because of its policies toward Palestinians, the 53-year-old Madonna's ties to the Jewish state have only strengthened in the last few years.
She has made personal pilgrimages in 2004 and 2007 along with other Kabbalah devotees. She wrapped up her 2008-2009 "Sticky and Sweet" tour with two shows in the Holy Land, her first in 16 years.
For years, violence kept musicians away from Israeli stages. Now, with the ebb of the Palestinian uprising over the last decade, performers planning concerts have faced pressure from activists to cancel their appearances in Israel as political punishment.
A number of artists have heeded the call, while others like Madonna, Paul McCartney and Leonard Cohen have performed to gracious fans in recent years.

From AP Via Yahoo! News

Live from Tel Aviv: Concert For Peace

Madonna just spoke to the crowd during her 'concert for peace':

We are all human beings. We all want to love and be loved. Rise above our egos and our titles.
Treat every human being with dignity and respect. If we don't, we will never have peace.
If there is peace in the Middle East, then there can be peace in the whole world.
No conflict can ever be resolved by causing pain to another human being.

Tel Aviv gig kicks off Madonna's MDNA world tour

US pop icon Madonna was to launch her hotly-anticipated MDNA world tour with a show in Tel Aviv on Thursday, kicking off a roadtrip of more than 80 countries in what will be her longest-ever.
When she hits the stage at Ramat Gan stadium on Thursday night with what promises to be an eye-popping extravaganza, the 53-year-old Queen of Pop will be embarking on her ninth world tour, this time in support of her new album MDNA.
Announced in February, the tour - Madonna's first first since her wildly successful 'Sticky and Sweet' outing in 2008 and 2009 - will move from Israel to Abu Dhabi and on to Europe and the Americas.
It is expected to draw to a close in early 2013 in Australia where the singer has not performed in more than 20 years.
During the show, which is due to kick off at 1745 GMT, Madonna was to perform more than 20 songs, most of them from her new album.
But she was also expected to belt out some of her best-known hits from the 80s such as 'Like a Virgin', 'Material Girl' and 'Papa Don't Preach.'
Many online newsites said her two older children - 15-year-old Lourdes, and 12-year-old Rocco - would also take part in the show.
'This show is epic and bigger than anything she’s done before. There are many more costume changes. We’re taking 700 shoes on the road,' her costume designer and stylist Arianne Phillips told the WWD website.
'Madonna changes outfits seven or eight times and the dancers change 10 to 15 times, depending on the dancer,' she said.
Thursday evening's show at Ramat Gan stadium, which has a capacity of 35,000, was completely sold out.
The Tel Aviv show is reported to have cost $3.9 million (3.1 million euros).
As for the outfits, Madge has reportedly signed up a list of designers including Jean Paul Gaultier, Jeremy Scott, Alexander Wang, Dolce & Gabbana, Fausto Puglisi and J Brand.
She will also be wearing Prada and Miu Miu shoes, as well as footwear and lingerie from her Truth or Dare line, with her signature conical bra also set to make an appearance.

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

Madonna meets with Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum

Madonna briefly met with members of the Palestinian-Israeli Peace NGO Forum and handed them 600 tickets for the show.
'We spoke to her for a few minutes and we asked if she would say anything about peace,' Peace Now's Yariv Oppenheimer told AFP, saying it was the forum's first-ever contact with the petite singer, who has largely steered clear of getting involved with issues linked to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
'She told us: I will say much more than a word about it.'

From AFP Via Yahoo! News

Madonna gives concert tickets to peace activists

Madonna has donated 600 tickets to her concert in Israel to Israeli and Palestinian peace activists.
Some 30,000 fans are expected to attend what Madonna is calling a 'concert for peace' on Thursday at Ramat Gan Stadium near Tel Aviv. The performance is launching the pop star's world tour.
On Wednesday, Madonna met with Israeli and Palestinian peace activists, according to Haaretz. She said she would talk about peace during the show.
In March, Madonna had announced her show as a peace concert and said she would invite activists, saying in a statement: 'Music is so universal, and if there’s any chance that through my performance I can bring further attention and enlightenment to honor the peace efforts in the Middle East and help people come together, it would be an honor for me. It is my way of thanking those who are making so much effort toward bringing peace to the Middle East.'
Madonna, 54, twice has performed sold-out shows in Israel, including the last performance of her 'Sticky and Sweet' tour in 2009. She also has visited Israel with her children as part of her devotion to the study of kabbalah; they are with her now.


First Look at Madonna's Costumes

Madonna is set to vogue her way around the world on her MDNA concert tour, which kicks off Thursday in Tel Aviv - and she’s enlisted a cadre of designers to create an array of showstopping looks for the stage.
The Material Girl’s parade of costume changes includes outfits from longtime collaborators Jean Paul Gaultier and Jeremy Scott, shoes from Prada and Miu Miu and pieces from Alexander Wang. Dolce & Gabbana made suits for the band and background vocalists, Fausto Puglisi created menacing bandolier vests and rams head masks for the backup dancers and even J Brand whipped up custom-made jeans.
Bras and panties — including one heart-shaped style from Madonna’s new intimates line Truth or Dare — are incorporated into some numbers, as are shoes from the new Truth or Dare footwear line, at retail this fall. A somber, elegiac version of the usually peppy 'Like a Virgin' will be sung by Madonna in an Agent Provocateur bra.
'It’s a real journey from the first act to the fourth, and the way she constructs her shows is like a theater piece,' said costume designer and stylist Arianne Phillips, who oversaw the entire wardrobe design for Madonna, her backup singers, musicians and 22 backup dancers. Scott, for his part, has been camped out in Tel Aviv this week, working till the last minute on some costumes.

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The day is upon us!

Okay we admit madonnalicious may be getting a little excited at the prospect of the opening night of the MDNA tour today! But aren't you too?!

We will have madonnalicious reporters in the gold circle and golden triangle at the Ramat Gan stadium tonight, sharing reports and updates with our readers.

Don't forget you can always share any show pictures, reports and worldwide magazine/newspapers scans of the premiere with us at [email protected]

Madonna draws 4,000 tourists to Israel for MDNA

This Thursday, tens of thousands of audience members will have the honor of being the first in the world to attend the latest concert tour by pop queen Madonna. The opening show of 'MDNA' comes three years after the singer finished her last worldwide concert tour, 'Sticky & Sweet', with two performances in Tel Aviv's Hayarkon Park. Sticky & Sweet drew revenues of $408 million, breaking records for a solo artist. The current concert tour is Madonna's ninth and also her longest. She will visit 32 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, the Ukraine, and Colombia.
The grandiose show, which is being produced by Shuki Weiss together with Live Nation, is estimated to cost more than NIS 15 million. Setting up the stage at Ramat Gan Stadium, which will hold some 35,000 people, has taken two weeks so far. A special 800-meter stage was built in Belgium. It includes hidden stages and its design will change for each song.
A special section called the 'Diamond' was built to protrude from the stage into the audience. In addition, a tent city was built, including bedrooms, a game area for the singer's children and a lounge in which she can host the American television host, Conan O'Brian, who is visiting Israel especially to cover the show.
Some 600 staff will make up the production team, of which 350 came to Israel with the singer from the U.S. Some 100 performers will appear on stage, not including the pop queen, who landed in Israel earlier this week, rented out 70 rooms in the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv, and, for herself, the presidential suite.
Tickets to the MDNA concert around the world range between $45 and $600 for a VIP package. In Israel, tickets range from NIS 240 ( $62) for a seat in the stands and NIS 2,400 ($620) for VIP package that includes an upholstered seat in the VIP area, on-site parking, a hot meal and a private party. Madonna herself responded to the criticism over high ticket prices in an interview with Newsweek in February, saying 'Start saving now. People spend $300 on a handbag all the time. Work all year, save money and come to my concert.'
Diet Coca Cola, the main sponsor for the Israeli show, offered some special deals on Facebook, the winners of which are given the opportunity to upgrade their tickets to seats within the Diamond area, which actually inside the stage.


One more sleep...

Today is the last day...before the tour premiere!

As fan anticipation builds, the last dress rehearsal ('friends and family' show) takes place on the eve of the opening night.
Costume designer Arianne Phillips tweeted a short while ago:

High energy day 4 everyone last rehearsal b4 the big day SUPER PSYCHED 4 opening nite 2morrow @mdna #madonna #mdnatour #openingnight

Guitar guru helps get Madonna into the groove

Constant presence on stage, in studio with Material Girl for years, Monte Pittman speaks to ‘Post’ about career.
Sometimes all it takes is some luck and a good break. Nobody joining Madonna onstage Thursday night at Ramat Gan Stadium for the debut of her MDNA world tour will attest to that more than her guitarist Monte Pittman.
Pittman already had oodles of a third ingredient - talent - when in 1999 at age 24, he left his home in Longview, Texas to pursue a music career in Los Angeles. Like many struggling musicians, he ended up making ends meet by first working in a guitar store and later giving private guitar lessons.
'It was hard to leave my home and everybody I grew up with, but I thought I would try to make it and just come home if it didn’t work out,' recalled Pittman last week in a phone call from New York where he was participating in exhaustive rehearsals for the tour.
'What I discovered though is that every time I got to the point where I thought it wasn’t going to work out and I’d have to quit, something amazing happened.'
The pivotal amazing development occurred when a novice who had just received a guitar as a gift from his girlfriend approached him about giving lessons. The novice was filmmaker Guy Ritchie, and the girlfriend was Madonna.

To read the full interview visit

How Madge will beat the heat (and will she tone it down in UAE?)

We remember when we first heard about it. A Time Out colleague, complete with wide ‘I’ve-got-a-secret’ grin, murmuring that someone ‘immense’ was coming to Abu Dhabi; so immense, that no one in the building was supposed to say the artist’s name yet because it was all still very, very, strictly confidential. We knew instantly it could only be one person. Who else lives up to the hype? Well, who, bar perhaps Stevie Wonder, Prince, Metallica or a Beatle, all of whom have graced us with their presence already.
No, it had to be Madonna. It had to be the best-selling female artist of all time. Love her, hate her, shrug your shoulders at her, obsess fanatically over her: the 53-year-old US star has made cultural and artistic history with her chameleon-like image and musical styles. This, along with her knack for enlisting the right co-artists at exactly the right time, and her ability to both flout social codes of acceptability and outrage religious leaders and authoritarians the world over – often during her live tours.
Right now, however, all anyone wants to know about her estimated 50,000-strong two shows is how event organiser Flash is going to keep us all cool, outside, in Abu Dhabi, in June. So here we bring you the inside track on the Madonna shows, direct from the horse’s mouth: aka Lee Charteris, the man who runs Flash Entertainment operations...

So, those ‘H’ words: ‘heat’, ‘humid’, ‘hot’. The weather forecast at time of going to press was a high of 44°C on Sunday June 3. ‘How’ are you going to stop us all going ‘hysterical’?
‘We’re bringing in a whole series of fans, water and cooling stations. The du Arena [formerly Yas Arena] is not far from the water, so there’s always a fair amount of breeze up there. Misting stations and cooling domes will be in place around the arena, there will be a two-for-one deal on bottles of water (Dhs10 for two), and ice lollies and other cool items will be available at the food stands. Our message is: drink lots of water, dress accordingly and, if you’re coming in a group, make sure you look after each other.’

And what about Madge herself? Fit she may be, but coping with 85 percent humidity while dancing around in five-inch heels would be tricky for a woman half her age...
‘There will be special air-conditioning units and large fans on stage blowing at the star and her performers throughout the show.’

Didn’t anyone think that putting on an outdoor concert in the UAE June might not be a good idea?
‘When Madonna announced her world tour, we had the opportunity to book her in June. It was either these dates [or no dates]. So we made the decision to take them. Why would you not want to bring an artist of this stature to the UAE?’

Hear, hear. So that’s temperature tackled; next we want to know what’s going on with all those cranes we saw at the arena when we sailed past last weekend?
‘We’re installing new grass areas and tarmac roadways. We decided to upgrade the venue’s infrastructure prior to the arrival of the Madonna technicians. Even before the start of the build-up to the concert, there are already about 200 people working on the site.’

How much of the show is micro-managing Madonna organising?
‘She’s bringing everything, including the kitchen sink. For most concerts the promoter invariably provides the infrastructure (the toilets, the fences, the bars, the barriers – all the bits that make up the workings of the show) and the artist will bring their own musical instruments. Madonna is bringing three 747s full of equipment in the next three days. There will be hundreds of people working at the airport prior to and after the event loading all this stuff on and off planes. That in itself is a gargantuan effort.’

Goodness. Does she carry a lot of spares?
‘There are allowances for breakages, of course. But when Madonna is out on tour, with all her bells and whistles, the message is that every element of her show is the same in every territory. The show that people see in Abu Dhabi will be identical to the show they would see in New York, London or wherever.’

She’s not been told to tone down her lyrics, dancing or outfits for Abu Dhabi audiences, then?
‘We don’t talk to artists about these things; we don’t impose on artists what they can and can’t do. That’s the art of the performer.’

So what does Madonna herself have to tell us about her show?
It’s a little under two hours long, and the choreography is entirely new,’ the star said recently. ‘I’ve been training to slack-line [a type of balance on a nylon rope] for the tour. There’s a lot of violence. I work out some aggression during the first part of the show, before it gets to the happy part.’ One word: immense.


Madonna Celebrates MDNA Tour After Party

To honour the Queen of pop's ONLY London date 17th July in Hyde park on her record breaking 2012 world tour, Madonnalicious Presents... Madonna Celebrates MDNA Tour After Party held in one of Soho's most decadent venues, Punk.

This is the sixth year of Madonna Celebrate throwing a legendary event in the name of an icon, which has previously garnered acclaim in The Times 'Top 5 Clubs'. 2012 is set to be the best yet. 'We reckon it'll be a tad more fun than the real thing' The Guardian.

Backed up by a trio of the UK's leading pop club DJ's, the night will be hosted by alternative cabaret superstar, Jonny Woo. 'Like the bastard love child of Kenny Everett and Marlene Dietrich.' - The Sunday Times Style.

David Robson, resident at the historic G-A-Y/Heaven and fresh from playing with the Ministry of Sound with 'Example'. Prince Nelly, hot off the red carpet from playing a set at this year British Soap Awards. Also Kurt Hoffman, one of the founders of Madonna Celebrate and has worked at MTV and with music legends such as Soul II Soul and James Lavelle.

Included on the night is a special MDNA raffle to raise vital funds for the St Stephens Aids charity. All monies will go directly to our chosen charity who works very hard in the fight against HIV and AIDS. The first prize is the ultimate Madonna goodie bag filled with MDNA , W.E. & Truth or Dare promotional and rare items. All kindly donated by Polydor, Barbara Charone (Madonna's UK Publicist), Studio Canal UK, Coty Prestige and Live Nation.

ONLY 200 tickets will be available and go on sale 9am 12th June 2012.
Price £8 from Ticketmaster.


And stay tuned to madonnalicious for the chance to add your name to the guestlist, and enjoy a table for four in the VIP room with a bottle of champagne!

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Abu Dhabi stage core already built

Tour promoters 'Think Flash Abu Dhabi' have published this picture of the MDNA stage on their facebook page earlier today.

This is the core setup of Madonna's stage. Overnight on Friday 01 June all of the lighting, sound and video screens will be rigged to make what's set to be a spectacular show.

Madonna causes controversy with 'stage gun sequence'

Madonna has courted anti-gun criticism after being snapped wielding a firearm during rehearsals for her forthcoming 'MDNA' tour.
The 'Girl Gone Wild' singer is currently gearing up to launch the upcoming tour in Tel Aviv, Israel on May 31.
Fans have now taken photos of the star's rehearsal on stage at the Ramat Gan Stadium.
WENN reports that one sequence of the show finds the singer brandishing a pistol and aiming into the crowd, while her dancers wield machine guns and rifles.
In 2008, Madonna faced criticism from the anti-violence group Mothers Against Murder And Aggression, when she wore a pair of Chanel shoes with gun-shaped heels to an event.

From Digital Spy

Are you ready? madonnalicious needs you!

With only days to go until the MDNA tour premiere, madonnalicious is asking our readers to help us provide the most comprehensive coverage of the tour.

As during previous tours we need your tour reports, reviews, pictures.
Scans of your local press coverage (magazines or newspapers) is also wanted.

If you capture a video clip of a special moment on tour - then send us the link to your clip and we will share it with fans all over the world.

Please send your submissions to us at [email protected]

Don't forget you can keep up to date by following us on twitter or get more news content and join in discussions with fellow fans on our facebook page or come and join in our busy and lively discussion forum at

Madonna Prays at Kaballah Center Ahead of Show

Madonna flew into Israel with her entourage on last Friday afternoon, spending the holiday in prayer and Kabbalah study before starting rehearsals for her Thursday concert in Ramat Gan Stadium.
Along with her 70-member crew, she is accompanied by her partner Brahim Zaibat and her four children, including the eldest, Lourdes, 15, who will appear on stage as a dancer.
To avoid the press, Madonna and her children traveled in three separate taxis from Ben-Gurion International Airport to Tel Aviv’s Dan Hotel. Teachers from Tel Aviv’s Kabbalah Center secretly arrived at the hotel, while Madonna’s children spent most of Sunday on the beach, close to the hotel.
On Sunday, Madonna held her first rehearsal on the special stage set up for her scheduled Thursday concert at Ramat Gan Stadium. A special play compound has been built for her children in the stadium area, complete with a private pool and playroom.

From / Haaretz

Buying Madonna's house: A tale of family, fame and misfortune

Years before Karolyne Smith sold Golden Palace Casino ad space on her forehead for $10,000, and long before an image of the Virgin Mary was toasted into the buttery crust of a grilled cheese sandwich and hocked for $28,000, there was a little family in a little town in Michigan that imprinted their names onto the awkward pages of eBay infamy with another strange sale.
That family is mine.
Just about everyone in my hometown of Rochester Hills knew Madonna had grown up there, but I would guess there weren't too many who could point out which house had been hers. That is, until we bought it and put it on national TV.
It all started when I returned home from college after my freshman year to find my newfound freedom again weighed down by daily parental oversight. It was that awkward juncture between childhood and adulthood, and one muttered phrase to my dad - 'Did you know Madonna's house is for sale? You should buy it and put it on eBay' - sent us down a path that would become the story of something much bigger than us, even bigger than one of the world's most famous celebrities.
My older brother Matt almost never tells the story. It was my dad's money of course, but in his mid-20s, Matt became the face of it all because my dad doesn't love attention and youth sells. He and my father have decidedly different takes on the whole ordeal. My brother says he's embarrassed at the outcome and disappointed that in some circles he may always be known for this one stupid thing. My dad chalks it up to a 'great learning experience and a lot of fun.'
It was a 30-day auction that just happened to bookend one of the biggest events in U.S. history. At the time, eBay was a relatively new phenomenon, and celebrity worship was at an all-time high. When you watch this video, you may judge us harshly, but I want to share this story because I believe it says a striking amount about one of the starkest cultural shifts our country has ever experienced. It's perhaps the least important story you'll ever see on the subject, but I hope you'll find it interesting, because I had to beg to get my family to tell it again.


Madonna in holy land to kick off world tour

Israelis are gearing up to get down at Madonna's show as the pop diva landed in the holy land ahead of her world tour which kicks off here next week.
The Material girl's motorcade entered the Tel Aviv Dan hotel parking lot Friday as guards shielded the superstar from the media.
Fans are dressing up as the superstar at Madonna theme parties in Tel Aviv clubs and bars.
Madonna isn't Jewish but she has adopted the Hebrew name of Esther and studies Jewish mysticism. She is known here as 'Queen Esther' and Israeli media announced that 'the Queen has arrived.'
Madonna is expected to visit holy sites in Israel ahead of her 'MDNA' world tour that will kick off May 31 in Tel Aviv.

From Associated Press Via Yahoo! News

Win Golden Triangle Passes for Tel Aviv

Madonna's official fanclub Icon are offering fans the chance to win 'golden triangle' tickets to the first show in Tel Aviv:

Iconers! The wait is almost over...The opening show of Madonna's MDNA Tour is just days away!
Gotta find the perfect way to celebrate this special moment, right? Wait, we have 10 pairs of Golden Triangle passes waiting for you!
Already have field tickets for the Tel Aviv show (General admission or Golden Circle)?

Just visit Madonna's official website for more information, entry form and rules (closing date is 11:59pm GMT on Monday 28 May 28).

Georgia May Jagger 'Thrilled' To Work With Madonna

Georgia May Jagger is 'thrilled' to be working with Madonna and her daughter Lourdes on their fashion line.
The model was announced as the new face of Material Girl Wednesday and says she is delighted to work with Madonna because the 'Gimme All Your Luvin' singer is one of her style icons.
Georgia told 'To be handpicked by Madonna and Lola as the new face of Material Girl is truly amazing.'
'It all came together rather quickly. My agent received a call from the Material Girl team saying Lola and Madonna wanted to work together with me.'
'From talking with Lola, she and her mum liked my style and thought it would be a good fit. I've always admired Madonna's style and I'm thrilled to be working with her and Lola. I dressed up like her for a school dance once!'
'The campaign will break this summer. I'm sworn to secrecy until then, but we shot in New York and it was great fun.'