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Healthy Hollywood: Sweat It Out Like Madonna!

There's no denying Madonna is in rock-solid shape.
At 53, the pop icon is revving up to launch her worldwide tour at the end of the month. You can bet Madonna is in high gear getting ready for the highly anticipated concerts and that means endless hours rehearsing and getting her body in top condition.
Healthy Hollywood met up with Madonna's primary personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer.
'It's a huge opportunity for me and I feel super blessed to be working with one of the biggest female icons in the world,' Nicole said. Madonna recruited Nicole to work her out prior to the tour and while they're on the road. Nicole, a trained dancer, reveals Madonna will do a series of cardio, stretches, toning, and endurance moves for an hour and a half - AND this is all before the singer's dance rehearsals.
'The biggest challenge is keeping her mind engaged and constantly changing the workouts while still targeting the muscles that we need to go after. Her body picks up really quickly so my challenge is to get those muscles continuously guessing what's going to come next without her knowing or getting bored,' she added.
Once Nicole hits the road, she and Madonna will be sure to schedule at least four or five workouts a week and will do a warm up before each show. 'She gets dressed in hair and makeup and then we'll do a warm up - warming up her joints. We'll do some trampoline work, some ab work, some stretches and just make sure she's ready and feeling good vibes.

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@ The Lion: but worth the effort if you stand to earn $300m........ I think I could live with it!


This looks like a really good workout plan. Madonna will look stunning! Can't wait for the tour to start!!

The Lion

And I complain when I work out for two hours two or three times a week. Makes me feel embarrassed. Gee, doing a tour like this must be exhausting!

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