W.E. film ticket with 'Truth or Dare' in Belgium
Madonna wanted for 'The Voice UK'


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@ Nicole - perhaps, but again perhaps not. I say this because the film opened in 172 cinemas in the UK and, even taking into account advance screenings, the film took only £183,000 here and failed to make the Top Ten. You would think that there would be enough M fans to have seen the film in the UK to get a decent box office placing and return, but there clearly wasn't the interest... even amongst the fans.

I saw the film and as much as I adore M, the film was a dreadful vanity project that should never have seen the light of day. Had anyone other than M been involved, then I very much doubt anyone would have stumped up the not inconsiderable £18million budget.

I have loved and admired M for years and years but she really now must stay away from film!


The film wasn't released in enough theaters in the US. It was only shown in NYC in a few theaters...she barely released it. I would have gone to see it, but I dont live in NYC. I wasn't able to make the trip while it was in NYC. I don't understand why it was only a limited release. If people had more access to it, i think it would have made more money. I couldn't have been the only fan not able to see it in theaters.


@ Nicole: given the length of time the film ran in the UK and the US, I think that is highly unlikely!

The budget of the film was circa US$30m, yet the film has apparently only grossed US$860,000 to date!!!

M - please stick to making music! That's what we love you for and what we want you to do! (Plus awesome tours, naturally! :-) )


Would it still be in theaters in Paris in July?


Effective graphic design here, better than the UK/US promotional posters

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