Susan Seidelman praises Madonna's work on 'W.E.'
Madonna album sets new UK No 1 record


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Rene Valtier

In my opinion & those of all my friends, this album "MDNA" is one of her best work yet? "MDNA" is better than "MUSIC" & just as good as "Ray Of Light"? in fact, after listening & speaking with hundreds of people,"MDNA" is very, very good! great! fantastic!


I am liking this album more and more. It is up there with Confessions as one of my fav's. What do you expect from her 30 years in? Everything can't be a masterpiece. Accept it for what it is: fun, VERY catchy, memorable POP music that sounds fresh, current, and yet very "madonna" at the same time.

Rene Valtier

I've been a fan of Madonna's since I first saw/heard from her in New York back in 1981-1982. MDNA is in my opinion & those of friends as well, is her best, most explicit, thought-provoking, best work yet! She is on top of her game in this awesome/increibly soul-searching, pop work up to par in her best work ever. I can see her winning a multitude MTV awards in either late August/early September & then of course an arm full/load of Grammy's next year in Feb.2013.


I'm a huge Madonna fan since forever but this album is weak on so many levels I wanna cry. In my opinion only 3 songs are good (not great - good): "I'm addicted", "Falling free" and "Love Spent". Songs like: "Gang Bang", "Girl Gone Wild", "Some girls", "I'm a sinner", "Masterpiece", Beautiful killer" are just OK.
The rest - "Best Friend", "B-day song", "I fucked up", "I don't give a", "Superstar", "Give me all your luvin" and "Turn up the radio" are very weak songs. It means that I want to skip more than half of an album. It makes me sad. Album sales are great, ticket sales are great and Madonna lives in the illusion that she's made a great album, which is far from true. I think that this album was for her more like an obligation than artistic expression. Decision to work with Orbit again concluded in repeating herself musically, something she says she never wants to do. Hiring Solveig was another mistake - his music maybe sounds joyful but actualy is boring as hell. Hiring benassi brothers was another failure - souless and very primitive club numbers. Shoud I add that inviting Nicki Minaj and M.I.A to do duets has desperation written all over these songs. Madonna was cool when she dicovered Orbit and Mirvais. It was something fresh. Than she lost the link with modern music. Working with Pharell and Timbaland on "Hard Candy" was like a decade too late (although "Give it to me" is one of the greatest Madonna tracks). I think that if Madonna wants to be "cool" again she must stop doing music wchich is cool at the moment in mainstream. She has to start taking risks and do something which is out of her comfort zone. I would be blown away if "MDNA" was a shocking mixture of ethnic, tribal african music (since she's been there, and has kids from there), trip hop "Massive attack" style (which we have almost heard on "Bedtime stories" album, weird and excentric sounds of scandinavian bands like "The knife" or "Royksopp" or even british "Bat for lashes", and danceable rock numbers like music of "Arcade fire" or "Foster the people". That is cool - not in a very mainstream way! Not vocoder hip hop/euro-disco shit. Sorry Madonna. You fucked up second time in a row. If you are intrested in something more than making money than you have to change. You can do it! Still love you M :)
P.S. If Madonna's video for "GGW" was more like Steven Klein's "Blame it on Rio" photoshoot it would be so much classier and sexier than a bunch of oiled naked guys, and gays dancing in high-heels gaga style. But that's just my opinion.

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