Madonna album sets new UK No 1 record
'Girl Gone Wild' UK release date

UK Magazines: 'Q'

The May 2012 issue of UK music magazine 'Q' features Madonna on the cover to illustrate an article about 'the real best of' - A greatest hits album can never truly capture what makes the very best bands so magnificent.

This issue of 'Q' also reviews Madonna's 'MDNA', giving it a 4/5 star rating.


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I don't know about this article. Saying that this last decade she didn't stayed relevant is kind of crazy. Confessions was and still is one of her best albums. American Life is one of her most introspective albums. In my opinion is one of her best. Ironically, people are now asking Madonna to write deep and meaningful songs and when she did back in 2003 they ignored it or didn't pay attention. The only thing I kind of agree is that the best part of MDNA is the return of William Orbit.


I cant help but wonder where this journalist has been all last decade, American Life was given a 3.5/5 rating and they rated Confessions 5/5, Hard Candy also got a 3.5/5! In my opinion Madonna's last decade was probarbly one of her most succesful, both creatively and commercially! American Life was genius, to slate it because of a to gue in cheek rap is pathetic! As for Hung Up only being a success because of an ABBA sample, thats just lazy. Confessions has shifted 13 million copies, a lot more than GaGa's second album and it was Madonna's 10th!! Critics only offer THEIR personal opinion, do we actually need them??? Im free to make up my own mind thanks! Especially when any review of Madonna is as biased and incorrect as this one!

Chris Tanasoff

There is a massive error in the review. The lyric Nicki minaj raps is not "More original than gaga" it is " Don Dada" A combination of Don and Dada. Meaning the top pimp, the biggest player, and even one step above mack daddy.
Its a pretty large error.....

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